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By God's direction,with easy yoga and purity,New World is created as per the eternal world drama.

22.03.11 Murli
Essence: Sweetest serviceable children, don’t perform such actions that they would cause obstacles in service.
Question: At the confluence age, children have to become completely accurate. Which children can become accurate?
Answer: 1. The children who remain constantly honest with the true Father can become accurate. It should not be that internally you are one thing and externally something else. 2. Those who don’t involve themselves in anything other than Shiv Baba (The Benefactor Father). 3. Those who follow shrimat (Godly Directions) at every step and don’t make any mistakes, can become accurate.
Song: Don’t forget the days of your childhood…
Sweet Children,
Sweet Sweet Children know that the Unlimited Father gives the unlimited inheritance, hence you have to follow the direction of One Father. Otherwise, although you come in heaven, you never attain highest status.
Golden age and silver age together are known as heaven. Those who receive this knowledge come in heaven, those who belong to heaven. Others come (from soul world) later in copper and iron age.
Make effort and attain the unlimited happiness through the One Highest on high Father.
The happy-comforting message is that Unlimited Father, Ocean of knowledge, Purifier, the God of the real Gita is transforming the iron age of 100% impure world to the Golden age of 100% pure world.
You spiritual children, according to the eternal world drama, through the direction of One Father, by means of easy yoga (remembrance of One Father) and by purity, are transforming the impure world.
Here, you say that you become self-independent by your own mind, health and wealth.
The residents of Bharat become ones with the double crown (crown of light-purity and diamond studded crown of kings), now you do not have any crown.
You serve the well known members of the society, because no one listens to the words of poor ones.
Bharat was heaven, 5000 years before. Now it is the end of iron age (confluence age).
There will be the war of Mahabharat.
After world war I and II, there will be third world war. The bombs are being created, no one stops creating them.
If there is no transformation of old world, how the New world will be established?
Your job is to remember the One Father and become honest with the True Father. Whatever you have within (your mind) and out must be the same, otherwise you lose your elevated  status in every world cycle.
You have to become very accurate at this time. To the possible extent follow theGodly direction. At the end, you will have, only the remembrance of One Father.
When you have attachment towards anyone, you will remember them at the end (at the time of leaving the body), instead of One Father. At the end you will receive visions that you have done these actions. Those who experience visions of disservice undergo punishment-pain. They cry out loud because of hundred fold pain-punishment.
At the end, everyone will have visions, those who create obstacles feel more pain. This role of giving visions belongs to the God and the right hand of God is the Supreme Judge.
Father is explaining every point in different ways because, no one should say that they are not informed about it.
Many stop following the direction and become a beggar (not feeling content). Whatever been taught has to be followed in a study.
There are rich people and poor ones. Like this there will be different status in golden age. The royal intelligent children make effort to receive complete inheritance from the One Father.
Many fail even by following the Godly direction.
God says, lust is the greatest enemy. Even worldly Gita-scripture says this. Instead of God’s name, they have mentioned Krishna’s name. Krishna is a deity, not God. Deities are human beings with divine virtues. The ones with demoniac nature praise the virtues of deities.
Here you have to imbibe complete virtues. Your food has to be very pure. Deities are not fed with impure food.
When there were pure kings-deities, they used to have many  varieties of food. But now in temples they prepare only cooked rice. They never even use ghee.
There is difference of day and night between the plan of God and human beings.
There will be natural calamities, there will be famine, the rainfall never happens properly. Sun will also hurt more. These are fixed in the cycle of world drama.
You have loving intellect towards the One Father and not others.
According to the service you do for the world especially Bharat, you attain elevated status of liberation in life (golden age-land of peace and happiness) and others attain only liberation (soul world-land of peace).
After the cries of sorrow, there will be drums of victory. There will be river of blood along with mass deaths.
You have to take complete inheritance. Become serviceable and faithful for One Father.
You will see the visions of what you have done, like the same you have done in the previous world cycle. You have to look at it being detached.
Now, you all have to return home-soul world. Let there be remembrance of One Father, Home and the golden age.
Now, you are becoming masters of heaven, Kings and Queens of golden age. There should be the intoxication that you are becoming deities. Tatatvam – You will become that.
You children have lost the kingdom and you are receiving it again for a period of 21births.
You are becoming it once again. By remembering one Father, you become masters of heaven.
After this study, every one will attain their status according to the study.
Some surgeons or barristers who are intelligent earn a lot, but there are others who wear a torn coat. Here also it is like that. Hence Father says repeatedly, children do not commit any mistakes, always follow the Godly direction. You are becoming elevated through the direction of Sri Sri God.
You experience happiness for 21births. Achcha.
Essence for dharna:
1. Remain honest inside and out. Never become careless in your study. Never have a doubtful intellect and stop studying. Don’t become an obstacle in service.
2. Tell everyone the good news that we are serving Bharat to make it elevated and double-crowned by following shrimat and helping with our own bodies, minds and money and with the power of purity.
Blessing: May you be a master knowledge-full and donate jewels of knowledge through your words.
Those who donate jewels of knowledge through their words receive the blessing of being master knowledge-full. Their every word has a lot of value. Many souls are very thirsty to hear their every word. Their every word is filled with essence. They experience special happiness. Their treasure store remains full and this is why they remain constantly content and cheerful. Their words are very impressive. By donating through words your words become filled with many virtues.
Slogan: Become a master of self-sovereignty and you will claim a right to your full inheritance.

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