Monday, 28 March 2011

You have become the child of such a Father (God) who does not have a Father of His own.

Murli 29.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, save yourself from the influence of company and pay full attention to the study. Then, no storms can come. Don’t blame Maya-Vices.
Question: To what one aspect should you constantly pay attention so that your boat can go across?
Answer: “Baba (God-Father), whatever Your orders are!” Constantly continue to follow the Father’s orders and your boat will go across. Those who follow orders are protected from being attacked by Maya. The locks on their intellects open and they experience limitless happiness. They never perform any wrong actions.
Song: Having found You, I have found the whole world.
Sweet Children,
Om shanti  (I am a peaceful soul).
Sweet  Sweet children of all the centres listened to the song. You are receiving the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, every cycle you receive it.
The Ocean of knowledge, Purifier, Liberator is your Father, Teacher and the Satguru (the True Guide).
In study, you cannot say maya or storms disturb you.
When your features-attitude is not good, Teacher says the conduct is not good.
Some children were loved by the father (in physical world), others become vicious.
You children know, God is teaching you, not any human being. By studying well, you become masters of heaven.
There are many children who come into the influence of company and stop the study.
Whatever directions you receive from the Father, Teacher and Satguru are to be followed.
Children know that you are studying, to attain the inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father.
Those who belong to the deity sweet sapling ( trunk of the world human tree) will come here.
There are many who remain in the household and live a life of surrender. The single ones cannot be called as those who belong to the household.
No souls cannot attain liberation, go back home (soul world) on their own.Only God is the One who gives liberation and liberation in life. Every one does not go into liberation in life (golden and silver ages), many only receive liberation (soul world).
You children (both brother and sister) have the right to receive inheritance from the GodFather.
Those who do not study well attain less status.
Everything is based on your spiritual effort. Your spiritual effort cannot remain hidden.
Those who remain in household do not come under more influence of maya like the one who remain here (in Mount Abu).
Many run their own centres but the students move faster than the teacher, based on the spiritual effort.
You have become the child of such a Father (God) who does not have a Father of His own.
Children get entangled in the company and blame the Maya-vices.
By getting angry, stealing, you lose your elevated status.
You come into subjects even by listening to a very little knowledge.
Those who got converted to other religion will come back to their deity religion.
Those who belong to other religions can also attain elevated status by remembering the One Father and the world of silence.
Those who have less attention on study attain less status.
If there is in the fate-fortune, day and night you will make effort.
Many never listen even to God, they become confused  due to the body consciousness.
By soul consciousness, you understand that, what is said by God has to be followed.
By coming into body consciousness, you forget the Father and God never becomes responsible for it.
God says, I give you the elevated directions, Remember Me, whatever knowledge I give, imbibe them and make others practice.
You have to say to the Father, whatever You say, I will follow them.
Father says, practice remembrance, so that your intellect opens up, you will not do any wrong action.
Many are there, who do not remember the Father and sins never get destroyed. And hence they experience the karmic bondages.
You have to follow the Father and Mother (Brahma-Adam) to attain the throne.
God is the Creator. Here Mother and Father give you directions.
If you do disservice, you will lose even the little that what you have attained.
There should not be any ego, taking help from others is also body consciousness. Otherwise you will have to face the tribunal at the end.
Many does service and make their life worthy like a diamond.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow the teachings you receive from the Father, Teacher and Satguru. Don’t blame Maya, but check your own weaknesses and remove them.
2. Renounce arrogance and remain intoxicated in your study. Never take any personal service from others. Protect yourself very well from the influence of bad company.
Blessing: May you be full of all powers and become free from all bondages with the awareness of a being a companion and a detached observer.
In order to be full of all powers and free from all dependence, always remember two things: Detached observer and companion. Through this you will easily become free from all bondages. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority Father you automatically attain all powers, and, by moving along as a detached observer you will not become trapped in any bondage. Simply carry out your task for name’s sake while in that body and become a detached observer. Specially increase this practice.
Slogan: If there is still a battle between purity and impurity going on inside you then, instead of being a Brahmin (spiritual child) you are still a warrior.

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