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No one else can become truly praiseworthy other than the One God, the Purifier.

Murli 21.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, you have to follow the shrimat (Godly directions), and serve the whole world and the elements, to make them pure. Show everyone the way to happiness and peace.
Question: What is it that you children don’t need, since you are making effort to forget even your own body?
Answer: Pictures. Since you have to forget the image (body), why would you need those pictures? Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the bodiless Father and your sweet home (soul world). These pictures are for small children, that is, for new ones. You have to stay in remembrance and inspire others to have remembrance. Carry on with your business and practise staying in remembrance in order to become satopradhan (completely pure).
Song: I have come, having awakened my fortune.
Sweet Children,
Sweet children have to become more happy by hearing this song. You have come here to receive the inheritance of heaven. Not just become resident of heaven but to attain elevated status in heaven.
Father is teaching you and so you have to become very happy. Father has come to benefit the devotees.
It is said Father comes to release the devotees from the chain of Ravan-vices.
This world cycle is an eternal fixed drama.
Father creates the New World on His directions, Ravan-vices creates the hell.
No one else can become truly praiseworthy other than the One God, the Purifier.
You know that 5000years before, the heaven existed in Bharat.
You lived in Bharat, other souls lived in soul world.
Heaven-Golden age is not called peaceful world but it is a world of happiness (along with peace). Soul world is called the land-world of peace.
This is the Godly University, the highest in the world, through which, you receive the inheritance of peace and happiness from the Father.
Only One Father gives you peace and happiness.
You receive the inheritance and others live in soul world.
Christ and religious founders establish religion, but along with followers, they climb down.
The praise of One Father is sung in devotion (of all religions).
You have to understand the secret of this world drama.
Everyone has to go back (to the soul world ) and you come into heaven.
You children are the most fortunate ones.
The Father cannot be called as being happy, if He becomes happy, he has to become unhappy too. He is beyond happiness (blissful).
You know Father is the Ocean of happiness.
You receive the inheritance of heaven , Father is teaching you the elevated actions.
No one in the world knows how the deities attain their kingdom.
You are becoming the deities now. Father is teaching you the secret of action, sinful action and neutral action. By this you become deities.
In golden age, everything is elevated, nature remains neutral, there is happiness.
It is sung constantly to follow the Mother and the Father.
You have to show the right path to every soul.
Now it is your final 84th birth.
You have the aim object of becoming a deity.
By looking at the image of Krishna, you cannot remember Me. You must not take any support of any images. You have to even forget your own image-body, consider yourself as a soul.
You are all beloved of One Father. Father says, keep remembering Me. Let your stage at the end be such that, you are going towards your Father leaving this old world.
Father makes you understand, Remember Me alone.
You have taken this physical body to play your role on earth.
This body is like an old shoe, you soul have to go back home – soul world. In the beginning, you become prince and princess, later sit on the throne in golden age.
People do not know how the deities attain their status.
The earth quakes will happen, you children will receive visions that you go home and come back, and the visions of different status that you attain in golden age.
Only by remembrance you become completely pure.
By remembrance, your alloys of sins are removed. Remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance, do your work, let your intellect remain up above.
You have to become pure and later become masters of heaven.
Father never gives you any other difficulty, just remember the Father.
Father is the Almighty Authority, He is the Seed form of world human tree and hence He is called the Ocean of Knowledge.
Saints and holy men cannot know the beginning, middle and end of the whole world drama.
No one knows the right path to reach the soul world.
You have to win over the lust which gives you sorrow in the beginning, middle and the end.
Remember the Father and the inheritance. By remembrance, your sins will be destroyed.
You will come into heaven, but you have to make effort to attain elevated status.By listening to even a little knowledge, anyone can come into heaven.
Those who wake up many souls, they attain elevated stage in golden age.
This Godly university makes the souls, attain an elevated stage.
In Golden and Silver ages, there is no celebration of any type of  festivals like what is being celebrated now.
The world becomes New within the 100 years, of this most elevated Confluence age.
According to the world drama, Golden age has to be established. After darkness, day has to come certainly.
You even get rid of the karmic bondages without difficulty, being light, in happiness.
Your day of happiness is coming near. Business men keep their account of income. Here, even a  small act of  charity earn you a lot of income.
Now, make use of your wealth, you will receive inheritance for 21births.
Remember the One Father and the inheritance of heaven (golden and silver ages)
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become as praiseworthy as the father, follow the father.
2. This is the last birth. You now have to return home. Therefore, drums of happiness should beat within you. Settle all the suffering of karma in happiness with karma yoga, that is, with remembrance of the Father.
Blessing: May you truly be loving and surrender (by intellect) everything of yours to the Father in all forms and all relationships.
Whomever you love, out of love for that person, you put aside everything else and surrender everything to that one. The Father has love for His children and therefore enables His loving children to attain happiness for all time. He makes everyone else sit in the land of liberation. The proof of love of such children is that they surrender everything of theirs(by the intellect) in all forms and all relationships to the Father. Where there is love, there is yoga and where there is yoga, there is co-operation. Then, you cannot waste even one treasure by following the dictates of your own mind.
Slogan: Follow Brahma Baba – Adam in your physical actions and follow the incorporeal Father -God in becoming bodiless.

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