Friday, 1 April 2011

You are listening to the World Father, World Teacher and World SatGuru.

Murli  02.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to salvage Bharat. At this time you children become the Father’s helpers. Only Barat is the ancient land.
Question: What trivial matters obstruct you from climbing up to the high destination?
Answer: If there is the slightest interest in anything, if you don’t have an attitude free from attraction, if your intellect is engrossed in wearing good clothes or eating good food, then those things obstruct you from reaching the high destination. This is why Baba (Father) says: Children, have simplicity. You have to forget everything (by intellect). Even your body should not be remembered.
Sweet Children,
Father explains that the Bharat is the ancient land. The real name is the Continent of Bharat. Bharat is known as the Spiritual Continent.
Bharat was known as heaven or New World.
Supreme Soul, Heavenly God-Father is the creator of heaven-golden age.
People think heaven is somewhere up above. This Bharat was heaven but not now.
Knowledge is known as complete day-light and ignorance is known as complete darkness.It is known as the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma-Adam, who is the father of humanity.
This new knowledge of Heavenly God-Father is for the New World.
God Father is the Ocean of knowledge and One who purifies the impure.
Sri Krishna is not the Father of souls. Radhe Krishna is known as Prince Princess. Krishna cannot be called as God-Father. God-Father is known as One Incorporeal Father, Father of all incorporeal souls. Great Great Grand Father is Brahma-Adam.
This knowledge is not there in any scriptures.
God sits and explains you children directly and later this knowledge disappears.
Father explains this knowledge and gives inheritance. Later scriptures are created.
The True Continent becomes False continent.
Devotion is complete darkness. People keep wandering in devotion.
There is Sun rise and Sun fall, similarly there is rise of Bharat and down fall of Bharat.
Father comes and salvage the Bharat through His children.
You explain how the New Bharat is created.
How the New World is created, how the rise happens after the fall of Bharat, you understand about it.
5000 years before there was kingdom of deities in golden age – Sun Dynasty. Later Moon dynasty rules the kingdom. You come down the ladder of 84births. You had to come down the ladder of 84births and climb up. There is fall and rise.
You have to explain, to take the inheritance of Golden and Silver age, from the  God, The Ocean of knowledge, the Ocean of purity, the Ocean of happiness, the Ocean of liberation, the World Teacher, the World Father and the World SatGuru.
The praise of Father and Sri Krishna are different.
The serviceable children are busy on Godly service, and earn Godly income.
The store house of the God-Father remains full at all times.
God is not a bodily being, He is an incorporeal being. He is the most Beloved Father.
The companions of God are known as non-violent, but in memorial of (image of deities) you children, they have shown the weapons.
Many will receive even the divine visions, there is lot of influence of knowledge.
Here, you have to just remember the Alpha – Allah. Allah establishes the New World.
People believe certainly that, you receive heaven from Allah.
By remembering God, you will also remember the inheritance.
The residents of Bharat do not know about the Incorporeal Father.
Soul is known as the sparkling star at the middle of eyebrow.People speak about soul but do not understand about it.
God is not omnipresent. Soul never becomes Supreme Soul, but Soul and Supreme Soul are same in their image-form.
Father is teaching you and also explains the method to earn an income.
Father comes and opens your Godrej lock of your intellect which cannot be opened by anyone else.
Father asks, children, have you met Me at the same place, 5000 years before? Children say Yes, Father.
This is an eternal fixed world drama keeps repeating as it is. You know how you go back to the soul world and how you come to earth to play different roles. While going, you go via subtle world but not while returning.
When God comes by Himself, He creates the subtle world. So, when you go to soul world, you go through the subtle world.
Now, you have belonged to the God. You leave the old world while going to the subtle world.
You have to get rid of body consciousness. Now, this is your retirement stage. Mind should not get attracted to trivial things. The whole Old world has to be transformed and your intellect should go beyond this old world and this is known as retirement stage.
The New souls come one by one till the end, from soul world.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Make your intellect have unlimited renunciation. It is now time to return home. Therefore, remain free from any attraction to the old world and the old body.
2. Remain cheerful while observing every scene of the drama.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of renunciation and a server who remains constantly lost in service by renouncing the consciousness of “I”.
A server can only experience success in service when he renounces the consciousness of “I”. “I am doing service, I have done this service”. Renounce this feeling of “I” in service. I didn’t do it, but I am karanhar (one who does) and the Father is Karavanhar (one who gets it done). Let the consciousness of “I” become merged in love for Baba. This is known as being a true server who is an embodiment of renunciation and constantly lost in service. The One who makes everyone act is making me do everything and I am just an instrument. To mix the consciousness of “I” into service means to become one with attachment. A true server does not have this sanskar-habit.
Slogan: Finish all wastage and you will receive offers of service.

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