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The importance of practicing being a karma yogi one moment and karmateet very next moment.

01.05.11 Avyakt Murli dated 4.08.1972
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Essence: Signs of those who are Serviceable, Sensible and Essence-full.
Do you see yourself as serviceable, sensible and essence-full. Do you experience these virtues same like the Father? Do you see the symbol-God of present time (confluence age) and are you making yourself equal like him in all three virtues, in complete percentage, all three together?
According to the time of this confluence age, how much you have reached the percentage of this spiritual effort, it has to be 95%? With this aim, are you increasing your speed of effort?
If you are less than 95%, then know that you are very far from the final stage, it will be difficult to reach the stage of the father, equal like Him.
The Brahma-Adam had been explaining about his stage, being detached, you also have to know about your original level of stage. Others have to experience your stage. So, increase your percentage of effort.
Check the percentage of  these three - serviceable, sensible and essence-full – within yourself.
Check according to the present time, can you call yourself as serviceable? For Serviceable ones, their every thought, word and actions will be of service, their thought will naturally do service, their thought will be naturally towards the service for the world, there will not be any waste thoughts, they are known as serviceable. If you have a job, your thought and action, even the dreams will go accordingly. Similarly the serviceable have the job of doing service.
The Sensible can stabilize himself in the aim object even now itself (not after reaching the golden age). Sensible means one who is knowledgeable. It is said by people that knowledgeable one takes every step by knowing past and present , in physical life. Here you are the trikaldarshi children, the unlimited - knowledgeable, you know the past , present and future and do every action. The serviceable one will have the awareness of previous cycle of being victorious for innumerable times, I am victorious - with this awareness whatever action they do , they will be victorious in every action. So, you must have the knowledge of all three periods in all actions. If any action –words or actions become unsuccessful, the reason is you do not do that with the awareness of three periods of time. For this reason, seeing the issues of present time, you become fearful. Because of fear, there is no success. The sensible knows the secret of the unlimited, by knowing the three periods of time, perform all actions and speak every word, then time, thought and words will not be wasted. If anyone wastes their time and thought, it is said they are not knowledgeable. Likewise Serviceable never use their thought and time on waste actions, they never come into the waste company or waste situations.
The Essenceful will have the fragrance of spirituality. The spiritual fragrance means the power of spirituality, will be present in them by which they will very easily attract anyone towards them like the physical fragrance attract everyone. Like this, anyone who comes close to the essence-ful they will be naturally attracted. Their speciality is that, by being far away, they will attract the souls who are very far, they will be attracted by the power of spirituality. Like you transform the situations and ether-nature, without speaking anything to them by the power of spirituality, like you transform the nature-situations from impure  to pure by the power of mind, like that, when the souls of the world, even if they are far away, they will receive the introduction , the main message of the Father through the intellect , through you. You are the world benefactors, is it possible to give the message to everyone being in front of them, you will do it being away from them, in a subtle form. Your subtle machinery has to be very fast that the souls of devotees and the knowledgeable souls, will receive your fragrance of spirituality being far away and you will do the service of being a world Benefactor.
Now, you are making the plans of world benefactor but it is not in practical. Later, when the subtle machinery starts, the practical role will begin. The soul who are impatient-longing will receive the God’s message through you and then the role of world benefactor will happen in practical. The role of world benefactor, you have done a very little. You will touch the intellect of souls who are very far away by the subtle machinery of being master knowledge-full , they will long to see you even for a second, and this will happen through you in practical and then you will do the service of the world.
When there is some festival, so many souls become anxious to see the image of deities especially on that particular day , this memorial happens only because it has happened in practical with you.
You souls are known as the rivers  of ganga, appeared from the Ocean of knowledge. Your role is to make the souls filled up with greenery of New world, removing the dryness of the old world.
You souls give the eternal knowledge to souls and save them from the uncertain deaths which never happen in golden age. In golden age, you change your old body by your own wish, not by force, like you change your old dress by yourself. So, give the good news to the suffering souls that, you save them from uncertain death for 21births. Give everyone the vibration of love and happiness to transform them.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success and handle all service everywhere by remaining stable in your karmateet (free from the bondage of actions) stage.
As you progress further, in order to handle all the expansion of service everywhere, you will have to adopt various methods because letters, telephones, telegrams etc. will not work at that time. At such a time you will need a wireless set. For this, practise being a karma yogi one moment and remain stable in the karmateet stage in the next moment. Only then, through the success of your thoughts will you be able to be co-operative in service.
Slogan: The form of the loving sustenance from God is your easy yogi life.
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