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In golden age,you get visions of where you will take birth,never fear death.

Murli 28.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you have received all the goods that the Father has. Imbibe these and inspire others to do the same.
Question: Why does the Trikaldarshi (One who knows the past, present and future) Father not tell you today anything of tomorrow, even though He knows the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama?
Answer: Baba (Father) says: Children, if I tell you everything in advance, there would be no pleasure in the drama. This is not the law. Although I know everything, I am still bound by the drama. I cannot tell you anything in advance, and this is why you mustn’t worry about what will happen.
Song: to die in Your lane, to live in Your lane...
Sweet Children,
This is the song of the soul. Father speaks only to the soul – children. Every soul is an heir, one who has the right to receive the inheritance from the Father. Hence you have to remember the Father very much, there is effort in this. Father comes from very far beyond – the Supreme abode unlike the physical gurus who live in the physical world.
The God is the Ocean of Godly knowledge, He is the seed form of human tree, He is known as Sat Chit Anand, He has all the goods-knowledge and virtues, He is the Ocean of knowledge, bliss, peace. Father says, these goods are available with Me, and I come during confluence age to deliver these goods, and you receive according to your effort.
You know accurately what is available with God. This time, no one knows about the future.
When the fire starts, everything gets destroyed. The kings hide underground and never come out. Whatever you hide in this iron age will not be used in golden age. Therein golden age, everything will be new, Science will help you in a refined form.
You children have all this knowledge, you know the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
Only little time is left now, I come and meet you at the end of iron age, I am also bound by the world drama, you must  have the courage to see the happenings of the world, being detached.
It is said whatever happens, you have to see being detached, if someone leaves the body, they go and take new birth, so why do you have to worry?
Whatever happens now has happened even before in the same way accurately, the history and geography of the world will repeat as it is.
You are becoming free from vices and from copper age, once again you start involve in vices, this time you become victorious over vices by the power of knowledge. During golden age, you are soul conscious and in iron age, everyone is body conscious and in confluence age, you become soul conscious along with the knowledge of God, which you do not have in golden age. You are the most elevated and only you receive the knowledge of God and soul.
It is said if you want to ask about the super-sensuous joy, it has to be asked with the gopes. When you attain a fortune and become rich, you become more happy. You become happy by knowing the about the Father and according to your effort, you attain the elevated status from the Father.
The most important is, you have to remember the most beloved father, who is the beloved father of all souls, who gives peace and happiness to all. There in golden age, they do not call king and queen but called Maharaja and Maharani – Great King and Great Queen. Human beings and deities are not called as God.
The highest is the soul world and second is subtle world and third is the physical world.
The father of souls is God Shiv (God Benefactor) and He is the Teacher, Father and Guru. He is known as Sonar (one who deals with gold) and Barrister. He relieves every soul from the jail of vices and gives the kingdom of golden age. Why do you say that you forget such a father? Father says, this will happen, you have to make effort, it is a battle between you and the vices. Father comes and just gives you the method to remember Him. You must not do any sins. Father says, if you remember Me, the vices-maya cannot wage war on you.
People on death bed ask for heaven - happiness. Now, all you Sitas are in the land of sorrows – shok vatika, in the jail of Ravan-vices, the whole world is lanka. Now, you all have to remember the Ram, the God. Golden age is known as ashok vatika – free from vices.
You children have to remember the Father with effort so that you will remain happy constantly. If you do not follow the father, you attain less status in golden age. You do not receive any direction from Krishna. You receive the Shrimat – Godly direction and attain the kingdom. When you follow the direction of Ravan-vices , you fall. Only god gives you the elevated direction and by which you become pure.
The first sin is to fall in the sea of poison- lust-vices. In golden age, children are born by the power of yog, deities are soul conscious but not God conscious. You children are soul conscious and God conscious as well. In Golden age, no one has the knowledge of God, just before leaving the body, they know that they have to take birth at a particular place, they get visions to leave the old body and take a new birth , become a child. You become the master of heaven by the power of yog, and children are born by the power of yog (remembrance practiced during the confluence age). By the power of yog, you can transform any thing but that much you do not experience.
Many sanyasis are very much careful in taking food, they chant mantra and purify the food what they eat. Father gives direction that remain in remembrance and take food, you must not eat any dirty things because you are becoming deities and you have to become pure like deities.
You know everything by knowing Me and nothing has to be known further. In Golden age, the study is different, you do not learn anything of this world of death. Once the actions of world of death finishes, then the actions of the Eternal world begins.
You know you are becoming the master of the eternal world and hence you have to remain in super-sensous joy at all times. You are receving the direction of Supreme Father and Father says, I have come to take you back home, you have to be more happy that you will go back home along with Supreme Father and this is known as Super-sensuous joy, these thing never happen in golden age. You all belong to the Godly family.
The resident of Soul world, the God Father comes and teaches you this elevated study, He is the Father , Teacher and the Guru, and all three serve you as a servant. He does not have any type of arrogance. Father says, I have come to serve you, I give you knowledge, peace, bliss, love and later I would rest in soul world. People sign as Obedient servant, Father is bodiless, egoless, no one can teach you such an elevated study, human beings do not have this knowledge. Brahma-Adam and you children are not taught by any guru of physical world.
Here Father, who is the purifier, establishes the religion of ancient deity religion. He says, I come at the confluence age of every cycle. Father comes and purifies the impure. Father is making you pure for 21births. All these points are to be imbibed and explained to every soul. You receive the inheritance of 21births from the Supreme Father, and this is the Supreme Bliss.
You receive the knowledge of world cycle only now. And only Father makes you remain blissful, being combined with the God. You experience the result of actions whatever you do in confluence age, in golden age, for 21births. By remembering that you are receiving inheritance for 21births, you will remain in super-sensuous joy. In golden age, deities do not know how they attained such an elevated status. If they had the knowledge, it would have been followed since then, till now. Deities  do not get the Supreme bliss which you receive at this time. They experience the blissful life by the reward of actions, of this time-confluence age, but they do not experience the qualities of Father what you receive-experience now, by which you become knowledgeful and blissful unlike the deities.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become deities, you have to observe great cleanliness with your food and drink. Move along while observing all precautions. Purify your food by giving it drishti (divine power of third eye) with the power of yoga before taking it.
2. We are children and students of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He has come now to take us back to His home. Maintain this intoxication and experience supreme happiness and supreme bliss.
Blessing: May you grant a vision of the avyakt (bodiless) angel in the corporeal form who is dressed in white and is white light.
The sound has spread everywhere: Who are these people in white and where have they come from? In the same way, now grant a vision of the angelic form. This is known as the form of double service. Just as clouds are dispersed everywhere, in the same way, emerge everywhere in your angelic form. Wherever people look, they should only see the angelic form. However, this will only happen when you become detached from your body and practise touring around everywhere with the inner subtle body. Then your mind will also become powerful.
Slogan: In order to claim a right to all virtues and all powers, become obedient.
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