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Become free from attachments by the unlimited awareness.

10.04.2011 Avyakt Murli dated 22.7.1972
Essence: Different methods of becoming a destroyer of attachment.
(Dadi’s comment: This murli never works if you use the old sanskars - habits)
Main points: Become an embodiment of unlimited elevated awareness by constant checking to remain free from attachments, Give the experience of soul and God, to prove the True God of the Gita, to the world.
Do everyone see yourself as an embodiment of awareness (remembrance of One God-soul conscious). What do you become being an embodiment of awareness (Ans: conquerors of attachment)? When you are free from attachment, you become an embodiment of awareness.
Being an embodiment of awareness, why do you become non-embodiment of awareness (forgetful)? Certainly there is some type of attachment or stain remains.
You made the first promise that, for me You are the Only One, not anyone else, Those who show example of the first promise or first part, first thought of free from attachment, they become the victorious jewel, come in the beginning of the golden age.
By coming into awareness of your spiritual form, naturally you remain in your original awareness.
Ordinary human being do what they want in their life, So, you elevated, powerful, knowledge-full , those who come close in relationship with the Father, who receive direct sustenance of One Father, who are worship-worthy , who receive more elevated status than the Father, Can’t you do what you want?
They have the power of nature but not Godly power. Souls who have Godly power can do whatever they want, however and whenever they want. Whatever speciality you have, can’t you bring them into practical?
Master Almighty Authority, Elevated soul cannot say, we cannot do what we want. These are the words of ordinary souls, not of the elevated souls.
Do you consider you as an ordinary soul? do you forget your spiritual birth, spiritual life, spiritual attainments, why do you get attached to physical attainments?
Have you not finished the experience, the pain of physical attainments of wealth, relations?
When your birth itself has been changed to spiritual, still have you not attained the spiritual life, spiritual relations?
When there is an attachment, you do not see your own face. You have the mirror to see your own face. When you see your own face, the attachment will go away.
Many have the habit of looking at the mirror repeatedly, so you see in the mirror of self-respect and knowledge. Then the body consciousness will finish.
In the spiritual mirror, see the spiritual form, so that you can transform the body consciousness, the waste thoughts, waste words, waste karma and body conscious relations, in to an elevated form, then it becomes easy to remain in the awareness of being an embodiment of remembrance (soul awareness).
Have you not become a contented soul? No soul was able to satisfy you for so many births and when Father is making you content with spiritual attainments, why your intellect goes towards ones who make you experience sorrows?
Many keep falling. To become free from attachment, your awareness has to be changed. When you have awareness of my house, my relations, transform the limited awareness to unlimited. When you have unlimited awareness the limited awareness will disappear naturally.
The more you try to satisfy the limited relations or limited responsibilities, instead of fulfilling them, you spoil them and their fortunes. Instead of making the souls fortunate by being unlimited, you make even others to fall down along with you. Then, because those souls do not see your alokik – spiritual behaviour, they are deprived of forging a relationship with the spiritual Father.
When you have attachment, instead of fulfilment, it takes the form of sickness.
I am a householder, I have this bondage - responsibility, instead of these thoughts, bring the awareness of five forms. Then, you will have the fulfilment of being a world benefactor by coming into the awareness of five forms, 1) I am a child 2) I am a Godly student 3)I am a spiritual pilgrim 4) I am a warrior (against vices , vicious thoughts) 5) I am a Godly helper.
The moment you wake up,  see yourself as a child of One God, have a heart  to heart conversations with God, celebrate a meeting with the Father, then how you will become a householder?
When your intellect is drawn here and there, it proves that there is a weakness in the awareness of the first form.
If you keep these five forms in your awareness according to the different activity, by being an embodiment of remembrance-awareness, would you not be able to become conquerors of attachment? The difficulty is because you do not look at your own face in the mirror. So, while performing actions constantly check that you have not developed another form instead of these five forms, check that your make-up has not been spoilt and become free from attachment for all the time.
Instead of how, say, Like this, you will become free from attachment. Bring about this transformation and you will become as you originally were. Achcha.
To those who, from being forgetful become embodiments of remembrance – awareness in a second, those who are constantly free from attachment, to  the powerful souls, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.
Question: What activity of the advance party (those who left their bodies long before) is going on now?
Advance party prepares the complete field, they become instruments  by having a  very powerful stage, in the role of establishment. They will be new bloods. The elders have to give regard to the younger ones. The establishment is based on those special souls.
By moving along, you become slack (in the spiritual journey), people look at the external features. Along with lecture, express it (knowledge) in your features.
Those who express in features, in their practical life, will win over the lecturers. While giving lecture, reveal practically, let the experience show in the eyes. Many have become tired of listening, now they want to experience. Let there be such power in lecture that every word gives the experience.
Like when you say see yourself as a soul, by hearing it, let the listener experience it, Even if there is one second of experience, it will help them a lot, they will be attracted to you naturally. Let them experience the unlimited disinterest by the experience.
The Pundits has the power to make the crowd cry and laugh in a second, by their words, so don’t you have that much power, give experience in practical, such lectures are required. Give the experience of bodiless stage and create love for God, which you can only create, not others. Others can create love for Krishna not love towards God.
Unless you give experience of soul and God, how can you prove to the world the difference of soul and God. When people experience the difference then the True God of the Gita will be proved to the world.
Everyone will bow down in front of your experience. Now, change the method of giving lectures.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of authority who constantly swings in the swing of happiness with the greatness of truth.
For the children who are embodiments of the authority of truth, it is sung: When there is truth, the soul dances. The boat of truth may rock but it will not sink. No matter how much someone tries to shake you, with the greatness of truth, you swing even more in the swing of happiness. In fact, they are not shaking you but making you swing in the swing. That is not shaking but swinging. Therefore, thank them for making you swing with the Father.
Slogan: When the light of all powers stays with you, Maya cannot come close to you.
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