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Only the Right Knowledge takes you to attain God not many different paths.

Murli 12.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you are the Godly Salvation Army. You have to give everyone salvation and enable souls to connect their love to the one Father.
Question: What do people use their intellects for and what should you use your intellects for?
Answer: People are using their intellects to reach the end of the sky and the world. However, there is no benefit in that. They cannot find the end of those. You children are using your intellects to become worthy of worship. The world will not worship them. You children are becoming worthy-of-worship deities.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world.
Sweet Children,
You understand that there is devotion and knowledge. You know that you get salvation from knowledge. Knowledge and devotion both are different. Human beings think that you receive knowledge by devotion. But in fact, you do not receive knowledge by means of devotion.
There is a song that you will leave all relation and connect with the One, but with whom, everyone’s intellect goes towards Krishna. When you connect with Krishna, then there is no requirement of any Guru. You celebrate Krishna Jayanti, Meera connected all relations with Krishna, remembered him while doing all action. You get limited reward by remembering Krishna. But the Highest on high, the One who gives inheritance is only One Father. But no one knows when He comes on earth although people celebrate Shiv Jayanti (The birthday of Incorporeal God). When you celebrate Shiv Jayanti, certainly He would have come. Everyone knows Father gives liberation but how He gives, no one knows. He gives inheritance of heaven.
Children do not know you belonged to the deity religion. Now through the God-Father, you come to know about your deity religion. And also you explain to others. You are the Godly salvation army. The ladder of 84births belongs to the residents of Bharat. When Bharat becomes impure, it means the souls of the whole world become impure.
You must explain the secret of Two Fathers (one who gives physical birth and other gives the spiritual birth-Supreme Father, Father of souls). You receive inheritance from One Supreme Father.
Lakshmi Narayan was god goddess, they have received the inheritance through God Father.
They have mentioned the name of Krishna in the Gita instead of Shiv, who gives the True Gita.
Radhe Krishna are neither crowned ones nor black as they are shown. Crown they receive after ascending the throne, then they are known as Lakshmi Narayan.
You children understand number-wise.
Many say that by reading scriptures, going to pilgrimage, you attain God. But God says, all these takes you even farther from God.
It is said, whatever way you worship, you will reach the One God, hence people follow different paths and get tired. Still they cry towards God to show the right path to become pure. They have become tired. Devotion makes you tired day by day. Lakhs gather during mela-celebrations.
The world has to be transformed. In reality, the world is One. Heaven and hell are not different, for half the period it is heaven and other half it is hell. First it is Golden and silver ages then copper and iron ages.
Many worship Krishna and Rama as God, some even call themselves as God.
Deities are called as deities but human beings call themselves as God.
Deities live in golden age, now it is iron age. Human beings cannot become God.
Father comes to transform the iron age to golden age. Later, every human being will go to the soul world, which is an incorporeal world. This is a physical world.
The Brahm Element (of soul world) and space are equally wide-unlimited and cannot find the end. People think they use intellect to reach the end of space. Even if they find the end of space, will people worship them? For a very short period they will be praised.
Now, Father makes you worship-worthy. People know that they come from up above as souls, but they do not understand like you know about how the soul comes and goes back.
In golden age, very few live on earth and all other souls remain in the supreme abode, the soul world. The soul world never becomes empty, till the end, souls keep coming, when the end comes, then souls get transferred. Neither soul world nor physical world - earth becomes empty. This Bharat is an Eternal True Continent.
Let your thought work on how you can benefit others. You have become the beloved of One Father, you have to give introduction of One Father to all. He gives inheritance of heaven.
Every one of you must benefit each other. Show the path towards inheritance of heaven.
Only Father serves the souls, teaching this spiritual service. No human being can teach the souls. You have to do spiritual service which is being taught by God. You also have to remain in household, have relation with everyone and at the same time do spiritual service.
People feel if we renounce the world, we would get food free of charges. Father says, those who beg also are of different types.
Father says, with this knowledge, you need not have to make any effort for half the cycle. You get healthy body, free from any disease for half the cycle.
When people feel, this knowledge is good, then many will listen, large numbers will come to you.
Day and Night, if you make effort, the soul will become pure and will leave this old body.
The important is of Bharat. When Bharat is pure, there is rise for all souls. (souls  fall when Bharat falls from being virtuous)
Everything repeats as it happens in every 5000 years world cycle. This is very clear but very few understand about it. You can even publish this in newspaper.
In the path of knowledge, your stage should be first class.
You have to remember that, Father is giving inheritance, and remain happy. When the stage is good constantly, you will experience unlimited happiness. Keep sharing this knowledge with everyone.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Break the love of your intellect away from everyone else, remember the One and serve everyone to connect their love to the one Father.
2. Become a true spiritual helper of God. Benefit yourself and also show the path to others. Make your stage very happy and joyful.
Blessing: May you be a holy swan filled with greatness by constantly seeing and speaking of the specialities of one another.
At the confluence age, every child definitely receives one special virtue through knowledge. For this, be a holy swan and see and speak of each one’s specialities. When you see or hear of someone’s weakness, then understand that that is not that person’s weakness, but your own because we all belong to the one Father and one family and are all the beads of one rosary. Just as you would not want your weakness to be known, in the same way, do not speak of the weaknesses of others. A holy swan means one who imbibes specialities and finishes weaknesses.
Slogan: Intense effort-makers who save time are constantly victorious
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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