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I come to take you all back home-soul world like a swarm of mosquitoes.

Murli 14.4.11
Essence: Sweet children, stay in accurate remembrance of the Father and your faces will remain constantly sparkling and happy.
Question: What is the way to sit in remembrance and what are the benefits of that?
Answer: When you sit in remembrance, remove all the complications of your business etc. from your intellect and consider yourself to be a soul. The body and bodily relations are a big web. Swallow that web and go beyond body consciousness. This means that when you die, the world is dead for you. When you die alive, you forget everything while alive and only remember the one Father. This is the bodiless stage. It is through this that the rust on the soul will be removed.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary. The destination of dawn is not far off!
Sweet Children,
Children sit in the pilgrimage of remembrance, you sit in peace. Not just peace, you are also doing something else, you stabilize in original religion of self. The One who teaches this pilgrimage of remembrance will take you along with Him.
When you sit in satsangs, you remember the guru. That is of devotion and here it is the pilgrimage of remembrance by which your vicious actions are removed.
Only by remembrance, your alloys will be removed because The Purifier is the only One, I never come because you had remembered Me, I am bound by the world drama, I come at the right time, fixed time when the deity religion disappear completely, I come and establish the deity religion through Brahma-Adam. Brahma (and you children) becomes deity in a second and deity becomes brahma after 5000years of 84births.
You all become Brahmin (spiritual children) and Shiv Baba (The Benefactor Father) teaches this pilgrimage of remembrance to you through Brahma to remove the alloy of soul. Also He comes to explain the world cycle. It never takes time to understand the world cycle. Now it is the end of iron age, total darkness exists now.
Father says, I explain you the essence of all scriptures. If you do not sit in remembrance, your intellect goes towards your business and other thoughts. The body has variety of web of relations. All relations has to be taken within (to be swallowed) and remember only One father, not even your body to be remembered.
Children whose mouth never opens up (to speak about the knowledge), you can just remember the One Father. Brahma remembers the one father, the bride remembers only the bride-groom  forgetting all others. God is the bridegroom of all bridegrooms, you are all brides. All devotions take you to the vices, Father comes to relieve you. Here Father is teaching you Rajayog practically, this Rajayog, no other soul can teach you other than the Supreme Soul.
What happens through Rajayog, no one knows. Many remember the Gita, Gita is praised more. Through Gita (the divine versions of God, not the versions of Ved Vyas which says Krishna as God), Father liberates the whole world.
Soul are eternal.
You sit in remembrance, you do not call out for God but you remember God and benefit yourself.
Children should be more interested to follow the Godly direction. While taking food, you should eat in remembrance.
Many become bodiless with open eyes or closed eyes. Father pulls your intellect and you remain in intoxication, remain in remembrance of One Father.
Only by becoming soul conscious, you come to Me because you cannot go back without becoming pure. How to become pure, Only God comes and explains you.
If you know something (this knowledge), keep benefitting yourself. Make effort to give this knowledge to others and make them do spiritual effort.
Souls had made it a habit of calling out Father. Spiritual Father is making you the world benefactor.
There are children who waste the Father’s wealth. The unlimited Father says, I made you the master of heaven, and you lost all your wealth. The Bharat has fallen down. It is said about the Downfall of Bharat. Soul do not recognizes that it has fallen down. Human beings were residents of heaven, now have become residents of hell.
Now you have come into brightness, you had to fall down by coming down the ladder of 84births.There is no place to go up, you become vicious by coming down. Father says, you were resident of heaven and you have to explain to the resident of bharat that they have taken 84birhts and have come down. How many rebirths you have taken, only Father explains you. You were the pure deity souls, Ravan-vices made you impure. God – Ram comes and makes you pure and to make you pure, He has to explain the knowledge. Father is known as the Liberator, the Guide but no one knows why He is called so.
See, how this eternal world drama has been created, no one even had in the dream that you will become the masters of heaven. You have to follow Godly direction, practice the pilgrimage of remembrance. You know that the Fathers (priests) of Christians, keep walking in silence, with lot of love for Christ. Your loving intellect is towards the beloved Supreme Soul, you remember the God according to the previous world cycle, according to the  world drama.
The more you make effort, more you follow godly direction, that much you will become victorious and attain elevated status. The faithful intellect becomes victorious. Why do you think that Brahma – Adam gives direction, only Father gives direction through Him, Brahma gives direction only for service. Father never speaks anything other than the knowledge, by which He makes you pure.
I give you an easy method to become pure. You are known as the incognito spiritual army.
Father explains you the True religion by which you go to the True Continent where only very few live.
It is said that, before 3000years, the Bharat was heaven, later the world human tree keeps growing. Now, because you have forgotten your original deity religion, you forgot your past and hence you keep eating meat and other unnatural food.
You call yourself Hindu, but your original religion is of deities.
If someone asks you about something which Father has never explained, tell them Father did not explain about it, you are just studying and if you know everything now itself, then the transformation will happen now itself.
According to the effort, your rust will be removed.
The impure world will be transformed. Even nowadays, people say that God would have come certainly.
God says, Children, I come to take you all back home (the soul world, the land of peace) like a swarm of mosquitoes.
All souls never remain in accurate remembrance. Some remain for 15 minutes, others for 30 minutes, some never even remember for a minute. If someone remembers Me constantly, their face will express the happiness and brightness constantly. Their intellect cannot wander. If you sit in remembrance of the One beloved, how much rust will be removed. Only by remembrance, you become ever wealthy and every healthy.
You children just have to make effort to sit in remembrance.
Father says, you are becoming the master (child like Father) seed form, along with remembrance, you also have to remember the world cycle. You resident of Bharat are spiritual light house, shows the path to all souls, to go back home.You show the path to liberation and liberation in life for all. Hence your discus of self realization has to keep rotating-churning.
Now, you remain close (in front) to the father. The most happiness, the first type is to listen (hear the Godly versions) directly from the Father. Second type of happiness is to listen through the others and the third type is to read it yourself.
When this Brahma makes you understand, still you should feel that Shiv Baba is teaching you. Without this awareness, you make many mistakes. Shiv Baba is the World Benefactor and He will speak only those which would benefit you. If some mistake happens through Brahma, still it will be transformed much to your benefit, Think like this always.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow every direction of the Father and make progress. Have true love for the one Father. Prepare and eat food in remembrance of the Father.
2. Become a spiritual lighthouse and show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life. You must definitely become as benevolent as the Father.
Blessing: May you be ever-ready and ever-happy by fully passing the paper of every situation.
The practical form of those who are ever-ready is that they are ever-happy. Those who fully pass any paper that comes through a situation, through natural calamities or physical settling of karma through the body are said to be ever-ready. Just as time does not wait for anyone, in the same way, no obstruction should stop you. The subtle and physical obstacles of Maya should finish in a second and only then will you be able to remain ever-happy.
Slogan: To use all the powers at the right time means to be a master almighty authority.
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