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Introvert,Purity,Remembrance,Detachment and Drama,Knowledge and Love, Service

Murli – Piyu ka Padramani 09.04.11
(These are specially selected elevated versions to help you fully and completely create a constant, unshakeable and immovable stage.)
Explanation by Brother Raju (who compiles the Murli in Madhuban), about the source of this version: This is a very special murli. After, original-senior jewels Dada Vishwa Ratan and Latchu Dadi left the body, these versions were taken from their dairies (prepared four months before) which were written by them, when the versions were shared by Baba (the Father) through the trance messengers and was known as Piyu ka padramani. This print  is an essence of about 10-12 days trance messages - murli. Remaining murli will also be sent to you time to time.
Main points: Remain Introverted, become pure in mind, have power of remembering the One Father, remain detached, become dependent on service as a sign of love, win over vices, become embodiment of knowledge and love together, understand that this world drama and every role are accurate and so there is nothing to worry about. Have patience (in imbibing virtues).
Essence: Sweet children, decorate the temple of your heart and mind with the idols of Godly virtues and spread the fragrance of pure thoughts.
Question: What is true and most elevated service? What is a subtle and deep secret of accurate service?
Answer: When someone makes a mistake, then, together with cautioning that one, let the power of your yoga (remembrance of One Father) reach that one in a subtle way and destroy his or her impure thoughts. This is true and most elevated service. Together with that, also pay attention to yourself. No impure thoughts should arise in your mind because the vibrations from them can cause a loss for others. You have to remain cautious to this extent and serve others in a divine way. This is a subtle and deep secret of service.
Sweet Children,
To every child who makes spiritual effort, first being introverted has to be imbibed. Only by being introverted, you will attain, stable, immovable, patient, humble, deity virtues, the stage of completeness-perfect stage can be attained.
By not attaining the virtue of being introverted, you do not reach the perfect stage.
Unless you churn the knowledge being introverted, it is affected by the shade of maya. So, the elevated versions affected by maya misdirect, rather than helping others. Hence children must become introverted.
Those who become pure in mind create only pure thoughts. Like the pure deities are kept in the temple, so decorate your temple of mind with divine deity of virtues. Free from attachment and lust, patience and all other good virtues belong to you, now you have to imbibe them. You have to control the vicious thoughts for self and for the sake of others.
The subtle form of (divine) service is to finish the vicious or weak thoughts of others by allowing your power of yog (remembrance of One Father) to reach them. Even if a vicious thought appear in the mind, the vibrations affect others in a subtle form and it creates  bondages. So, children, do the divine service, this is the spiritual role of you children. You should not take any service for yourself. Any mistake happens, correct yourself by the power of your intellect.
The fast effort maker transforms the self quickly even by receiving a little guidance, this is the role of children who have broad intellect.
Oh sweet souls, the surrender of mind, health, wealth has to be understood in a very subtle way. From the moment you say mind, health and wealth is yours (belong to One Father), from that time, there is nothing of yours. From that moment your mind, health should be used for service. The wealth cannot be wasted for any means. Mind cannot be used for vicious thoughts.
God is peaceful and pure and your thoughts have to become peaceful and pure.
Maya-vices make you vicious and ride in the horse of mind. When you children still have vicious thoughts, know that your mind has not been offered to the God, the intellect has not become divine.
Check yourself and move, perform all actions being detached.
You are Gope Gopis (the beloved), ask what is the true love? Those who become more loving,  become  sweet flowers, become  more influenced-dependent. Those who are influenced-dependent on doing service should be given more regard. This is the method of becoming complete. This is the sign of true love. You have to check and change yourself and this is the humble and very sweet stage. By moving with much love, you will experience the good days of golden age in your mind.
Doing service amongst yourselves is the expression of very sweet love.
By becoming one with the faithful intellect, you receive the power of God in your every nerve.
The pure children attract others with their sweetness and their entertaining way of living.
So by any method, win over the vicious habits. If anyone comes to you with anger, smile sweetly to make them cool, in a subtle way. You win over them and become master even without their knowledge. This is the method of children who become masters.
God has the qualities of knowledge and love. So, become an image-embodiment of knowledge, win over the maya-vices and become an embodiment of love. Without knowledge, if you become embodiment of love, then you get entangled in the love.
First is knowledge and then emerge love. Love without knowledge brings obstacles in your spiritual life.
The stage of detachment is very sweet, entertaining and beautiful. The foundation of your future is based on your stage of detachment. One who is stable in the stage of detachment, finish the past sins and also attains the elevated status in future. So, the stage of detachment has connection with the past and future. By knowing this secret, you will not say that your time got wasted in finishing only your past. This stage of spiritual effort, of doing both, makes you a fast effort maker, experience bliss - supersensous joy and happiness.
You must have faith in the scenes of this variety world drama because this drama is very faithful (World drama is like a beloved and faithful child of the Supreme Father).Drama makes or sees that every soul plays their roles completely, whether it is right or wrong. So you should not have doubt or feel bad about any one’s role - actions, every soul is playing its role. When every actor plays their role, no one becomes happy or painful or angry. They know it is the drama. Everyone has got their role to play in this unlimited world drama of 5000years.So, become detached, stable, immovable (not wavering in mind) with smiling face and see every role-action. You have to imbibe this point of knowledge very clearly, become embodiment of knowledge, absorb and imbibe the divine virtues.
With the awareness of your aim object of imbibing divine virtues, become peaceful, humble, patient, sweet and cool. Emerge this elevated stage within yourself.
Patience is to wait and see. Wait means to imbibe (divine virtues) and to see. Wait with patience and see the drama with detachment.
Oh soul, who makes effort, have patience and look forward (with detachment), all actions happen accurately.
Patience, this is bound by faith. So, remain stable, have patience and see every action being detached, this is the complete stage of knowledge, the perfect stage. So, practice to remain in the stage of detachment for a very long time. Practice this to win over the situations of world, by the power of yog (remembrance of One Father).So, keep the foundation strong and become virtuous.
By remaining in the stage of knowledge, you attain the stage of coolness.
When you listen to the knowledge, together in a gathering, the atmosphere of all four directions becomes pure and cool. When knowledge goes within you , you experience the stage of peace naturally.
By remaining in remembrance in the early morning hours (Amritvela), being detached, with smiling face, all other waste thoughts stops and mind becomes one without any other (waste) thought. So, imbibe the virtues of good thoughts, your aim object. Then, you will reach the stage of remaining free from (waste) thoughts.
To the knowledgeable stars, sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1 With the awareness of your aim, imbibe all divine virtues, such as being peaceful, humble, patient, sweet and cool etc.
2 Watch this play while having faith in the intellect, and so a detached observer and with a cheerful face. Internally, remain patient and stable. You have to make effort to remain in the stage of a detached observer over a long period of time.
Blessing: May you become victorious and a conqueror of Maya and do true service by constantly keeping one Ram (Supreme Father) in your heart.
The speciality of Hanuman that is shown is that he was a constant server and a Mahavir and that is why, although he himself did not get burnt, he burnt the whole of Lanka with his tail. Here, too, only those who are constant servers are able to finish all rights of Maya. Those who are not servers cannot burn Maya’s kingdom. Hanuman always had one Rama seated in his heart and so there shouldn’t be anyone but the one Father in your heart. There shouldn’t even be any awareness of your own body because only then will you become victorious and a conqueror of Maya.
Slogan: Just as the soul and body are combined, in the same way, remain combined with the Father.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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