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Being aware of soul and Supreme Soul,I remain in my true nature,free from ego.

Murli 20.01.11
Essence: Sweet children, in order to become as lovely as the Father, consider yourself to be a soul, a point, and remember the Father, the Point.
Question: Why does each of you children need to make deep, incognito effort to stay in remembrance?
Answer: You souls cannot become charitable souls from sinful souls without staying in remembrance. Only when you stay in incognito remembrance and become soul conscious will your sins be absolved. Remembrance is also the way to save yourself from the punishment of Dharamraj. It is only in remembrance that Maya-vices creates storms. Therefore, make incognito effort to stay in remembrance and you will become as lovely as Lakshmi and Narayan - Deities.
Song: Aum namahShivaya - Salutations to Shiva.
Sweet Children,
This praise belongs to the God-Father. God is remembered as, You are the Father, Mother and God-Father.
Baba means father, all fathers of physical body – souls, remember the One Supreme Father.
You remember the father because you receive the inheritance, that is why people remember their fathers. Here also you receive inheritance from Supreme Father and hence you have to remember the God-Father.
You feel difficult to understand God and soul. If it is easy, why do you forget the father? It is the easiest as well as the most difficult.
You forget to see yourself as a soul, the point, you come in to body conscious again and again. You forget that soul comes on earth to play different roles.
You understand the knowledge but do not remain in the awareness of soul and God.
Just by knowing the knowledge of world cycle, you do not benefit much. You should know that I am  a star and God is a star, Benefactor. By remembering Him, your sins are removed. Souls do not remember this way constantly.
Father’s promise is, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed. You are playing roles in this world. I am an actor, the rust of five vices are stored in my soul, I have to become pure and go into golden age. If you remember God in this way, the rust will be removed.
You speak a lot about Godly service, many get impressed upon the knowledge but Father says souls have to get impressed by the knowledge of soul and God, not about the world cycle.
Souls even understand God is an incorporeal-one without a physical body but souls find difficult to accept,  I am a soul, like the Supreme Soul, a point, the role of 84births world cycle is stored within me and I play this eternal role.
Soul is a point and God is a point, eternal, soul has the eternal role of 84births, like this you have to remember the Father constantly.
Only by remembering the Supreme Soul, your sins will be removed and you will become more lovely like Lakshmi Narayan – rulers of deities. Now, souls understand that there are no virtues in them.
If you have faith in you as a soul and remember the Father, then you receive complete success , otherwise you become successful only a little.
Many do not have the habit of remembering the God-Father considering self as a soul, but you have the practice of remembering the world cycle.
Souls do not realize, how much rust of sins are there within the soul.
It is not just to know the history and geography of the world cycle but you have to realize the soul and remember the Father, only by this you will become pure.
The most important is yog-remembrance. I am a soul and I have to remember the Father. Father has given the direction of Mahamantr - know yourself as a star and remember the Father.
Father never gives you pain, the effort is to become soul consciousness.
There are many subjects but kings are few in Golden age. You have to know yourself as soul and remember the Father, there is difficulty in this, you forget again and again, you do not even remember for half an hour constantly with full concentration.
Father says there should be the true incognito effort in this.
Soul finds difficult to remember the father knowing yourself as a soul.
By remembering the father you receive disease free health and unlimited wealth. You become a bead in the rosary by your spiritual effort.
Souls understand that you are slack in your effort and find it difficult.
People have said, the world cycle is of million years old but you know it is only 5000yrs old. You explain the history and geography of world cycle to the souls. You know the soul is eternal and 84birth role is fixed in it. To become pure, you have to remember the Father being in soul conscious, only by this you will save yourself from the punishment of Supreme judge.
You have to make effort to be aware of soul, point and know the God, the point, aware of this all the time is known as yog-remembrance.
When you begin any action, you use the swastika (four open squares) symbol, this sign is the memorial of four ages.
The most important is to know yourself as a soul and remember the Father. Only by this effort, you can spread peace, your sins will be absolved.
God is not so bright like a thousand sun, other hand you say soul becomes supreme soul, two cannot be one.
When you are a soul, a point of light, then God –Supreme Soul has to be a point, a Soul.
If everyone becomes the God, then there will be many Creators.
You must understand by your intellect that you are a soul.
For half the world cycle you remained soul conscious. In golden and silver ages, knowledge never exists. In golden and silver ages, although you remained in soul consciousness, you were not aware of God and knowledge of world cycle. There, you only know that, soul leaves one body and takes another, to play different roles. There, you do not cry for leaving the body.
If you understand yourself, you can explain to others.
People say, by crying you do not benefit anything. Soul, if leaves the body, never comes again on the same body. You did not know what is a soul and Supreme soul. People think soul never gets clouded – stained by the actions, feel it remains stain free.
If soul understands the truth about soul and supreme soul, then they can know God as the Father.
You have to remember the Father constantly being a point and remember the Supreme Soul-point. Just knowing the history and geography of the world never helps.
It is easy to know about the world cycle but not remembering the God-Father.
You have to become soul conscious and remember the Father.
Father is a point of light, knowledge-full, Benefactor of ever soul. You, soul also become knowledge-full at this time.
In the world, no one understands the soul and Supreme Soul, as they are. You understand only now, even sanyasis do not know about the truth.
Souls who come in other religions, go back by finishing their roles, you have to become soul conscious and remember the father to become pure.
Consider yourself as a soul and have love for the Father.
The subtle point of light, soul plays the eternal and imperishable role of 84births.
You soul is a small point of star and God is also like a small point of star.
The foremost is that, you have to make effort to remember the Father being in soul consciousness.
(Now there is expansion of knowledge, not the experience and hence you have to make effort.)
You have to study , there are  entertainments like offering bhog-food in trance, to the father, but the effort should be to know yourself as a soul, point and remember the Supreme Soul, a point of light.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to be saved from the punishment of Dharamraj – Supreme Judge, make incognito effort to have remembrance. The way to become pure is to consider yourself to be a soul, a point, and to remember the Father, the Point.
2. Don’t consider yourself to be so clever in knowledge. Practise creating a constant and stable stage. Follow the Father’s orders effectively.
Blessing: May you be free from problems and put right the loose connection (the combined form of soul and Supreme Soul) instead of becoming confused.
The main reason for all problems is a loose connection. Simply put the connection right and all the powers will circle around you. Even if it takes one or two minutes to forge the connection, do not lose courage and become confused. Do not let the foundation of faith shake. “I belong to Baba (Father) and Baba is mine.” Make your foundation strong on this basis and you will become free from all problems.
Slogan: To remain stable (constantly) in the seed stage is the method to transform your old sanskars.
Message of Avyakt Baba (from subtle world) received in London, through trance Messenger, on the eve of 40 years celebration of London service:
Your foreign service has made many lost children come together. Father congrats every instrument -  soul who are serving with lot of zeal and enthusiasm.
Children, now you have to become Victorious over vices-difficulties-situations and Nature to bring the time closer. You are good at self effort and service.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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