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May you remain a holy swan of good feelings constantly.

03.4.11 Avyakt Murli dated 19.07.1972
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Remove the ego of your speciality, imbibe the speciality of others , see others weaknesses as your own, make effort to remove own weaknesses instead of giving excuses of blaming others  and have good feelings towards those who create obstacles.
Essence: The importance of the gathering and the certificate through the gathering.
Do you see yourself as a pearl or a bead? When the pearl or bead remains in the rosary-garland (necklace) , the value is more. By remaining in the gathering even if it is two, you remain powerful than being alone. 1 and 1 becomes 11.
How do you see yourself, independent pearl or pearl in the rosary?
Do you see yourself as the most valuable?
You come into gathering to receive three types of certificates,
1) To receive the certificate of gathering for spiritual effort, contentment, co-operation, loving amongst each other , how much you are close to each other?
2)  To receive the gift-reward of revealing yourself, in Godly service
3) Are the students content with the instrument teacher? You have to be content on yourself and at the same time others are to be content with you. Are the students content with the handling of teachers, you get reward even for this.
You give reward – certificate to increase enthusiasm and interest, it is not that they have attained the final stage.
Students become happy by looking at the ones who have received the reward or gift or certificate, even if it is only a small gift.
There is speciality on many special souls. You become instrument of serving others after becoming complete renunciate (by intellect) and there is one or other speciality certainly.
In the gathering, you share amongst each other to imbibe the speciality of others.
Everyone has received speciality by listening to the Father’s knowledge. So this speciality is not to be considered as “mine”, instead you must know that you have received by the divine knowledge.
Hence, when you express your speciality, let it be in your awareness that you have received the speciality through the divine knowledge. When you share the speciality with others with this awareness, it becomes useful in imbibing your speciality by others.
Earlier, you were sharing about the subtle spiritual efforts,  according to the need of the present time, to get rid of the subtle weaknesses, amongst each other. So, by sharing the speciality with others, the attention goes towards the speciality of others instead of weaknesses.
So, share only the speciality (not the weaknesses) amongst each other, so that the atmosphere remains good. When the topic itself is about speciality, then all other (weak) topics will not arise.
If you see everyone’s speciality, it will become good.
The vision and attitude should be such that even by looking at others and hearing from others (their weaknesses), it should not go within you. By looking at and hearing the weaknesses of others, you must know that it is not others weakness, but the weakness belongs to me, because you are all belong to One Family and One Father.
Like if you have a weakness, you make fast effort to remove your weakness, you never keep speaking  about it. So, you have to think similarly, why you have to think or speak about the weaknesses of others?
If you feel others are responsible for your weakness, it is like you make it as a foundation and you never make any effort to get rid of any of your own weakness and it makes you become a loser.
Like a holy swan, you must look at the virtues- speciality of others not their weaknesses.
So, keep moving with the awareness that you all belong to the One and One family.
When souls come here, what do they see, they feel all your activities look alike. So, check yourself, your attitude should be same (of divine virtues).
According to the present time, the word problems-issues-excuses should finish.
You are the ones who challenge that you have become instrumental-responsible for world transformation.
What is the seed of excuses -issues-reasons? It is the weakness of either mind or words or relations and it hinders you in your spiritual effort.
So, understand the problem at the root itself and finish there itself, instead of making it a foundation and keep speaking about it.
If you think, if others change or  do like this, my problem will be solved, this attitude has to be changed. When you get rid of the foundations of blaming others, then the body consciousness, old habits - sanskars, the root cause will be finished.
When you keep giving reasons-excuses, the body consciousness never finishes.
Finish your weaknesses. In what ever stage (others are), when you are looking at others, if your attitude is of good wishes and good feelings, then all weaknesses will finish.
Whatever form others take (respond to you) or create obstacles to you, but if your response is of good feelings and wishes, then you are called as fast effort maker and a holy swan.
To do good to others who does good to you is not a big thing (effort). But if someone tries to make you fall or create obstacles and still if you have good wishes for them, remain stable with in yourself, then you will be known as holy swan.
During childhood days, even if time is wasted, it will not be a serious issue.But you, who are knowledgeable, who are instrumental to benefit the world,  waste your time on trivial issues what do you call it?
So, always keep your highest aim and finish your weaknesses.
Blessing: May you be free from all wasteful and old sanskars (weak-waste thoughts-weak habits) by making the Father’s sanskars your own sanskars.
Any wasteful thoughts or old sanskars are connected to body consciousness. Sanskars of the soul-conscious form are equal to those of the Father. Just as the Father is always the World Benefactor, the One who uplifts everyone, and the merciful Bestower of Blessings, so you should have the same sanskars in a natural way. To have those sanskars means your thoughts, words and deeds should automatically be according to those. Sanskars are the key to life with which you are able to move along easily and there is then no need to make effort.
Slogan: Those who remain stable in their soul-conscious form and enable their chariots (bodies) to carry out all tasks are the true effort-makers.
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