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You say, God has left us but in reality, you children leave the Father alone in soul world.

Murli 16.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you now have to return home. Therefore, forget the consciousness of the body, consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and break any attachment you have to anyone.
Question: What wisdom do you children learn from the Father at the confluence age?
Answer: It is only now that you learn the wisdom of how to become satopradhan (complete purity) from tamopradhan (complete impurity)  and how to make your fortune elevated. To the extent that you remain accurately linked in yoga and knowledge-full, accordingly you will continue to experience progress. Children who progress can never remain hidden. From the acts of each child, the Father can understand which child is making his fortune elevated.
Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane...
Sweet Children,
Every child listened to this song, you die a living death to live with the Father in soul world. Only souls live in the land of peace-soul world.
You know that the Father who lives beyond says, you have to remember the Soul world, You have to forget the old body and old world, you have to return now.
For half the cycle you played the worldly roles and have become tired.By the action of devotion, people have got entangled in it.
Children say, we forget the old body and old world and remember you in the soul world. You know that the Supreme Soul has come from the soul world to take you all back home.
To go back, you have to become pure and remember Me, you have to die a living death.
All souls live in the soul world, the incorporeal world, all souls will go there. All human souls live there. Soul needs a very little space (of just a point) to accommodate itself. Only you children become fortunate to listen to this knowledge through the God. You have come bodiless to play different roles and now have to return home. Father comes and teaches you how to die a living death.
By remembering the Father, soul becomes pure and return home.
Father says in every cycle, to leave the religion of body and remember the Father. All souls are children of the One Father, Shiv (The benefactor Father).
The soul is just a point of light. You understand the world cycle now.
You were soul conscious and now have become body conscious.You receive the divine visions of earlier cycle.
There are different types of souls, souls become happy or sorrowful, rich or poor according to the action they perform. How they become pure or impure, Father comes and explains you. Father gives the wisdom to become pure like He has given in every world cycle.
Your fortune-fate remains till the end. Those who are accurate in yog (remembrance) and knowledge, keep doing service, they keep improving in the study.
Many are good, many spoil the situation. Those who are making effort cannot remain hidden.
Even this sakar (physical) Brahma - Adam along with the Supreme Father (combined) understand the stage of children by just looking at them. You cannot hide anything even in devotion , so how can you hide in knowledge.
You have to remain in the household and make spiritual effort. If you have the intoxication, you make fast effort, by practice. Remain like a lotus flower being in the household.
Maya – vices never leave the souls alone. It is not that the vices leave you by just coming to the Father, no, you have to make spiritual effort.
Those who remain like a lotus flower being in the household become elephant riders.
You say, God had left us but in reality, you children have left the father in soul world and came down to earth, to play your roles.
Those who are free from bondages can do a lot of Godly spiritual service.
Those who remain pure are more elevated than hundreds of souls.
Those who have bondages will become free from bondages in future, through spiritual effort.
Father’s blessing is there with ones, those who do service and they remain in the heart of the Father and so they sit in the future thrones.
Make plan of how to sit in the heart throne of the Father. Even now, you create different pictures of service.
Now, you children explain, Father is a point of light like a human soul but He remains the Ocean of knowledge.
Children are always smaller than the Father in physical life, but in spirituality, Father and children are of same size – point of lights.
The wonder is Father and children are souls but He is the Supreme Soul. You attain elevated status by your spiritual effort and charitable actions.
You have the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
When the world was a small New World, there was heaven. The dynasty of Laxmi and Narayan existed there. You have to churn this knowledge and along with that, intellect has to be made pure.
By remembrance, the alloy of soul has to removed.
Many of your intellect keep wandering outside, never remain at one point (of remembrance). In devotion, devotees sit in remembrance of Krishna for hours together.
In knowledge, the rosary of souls is very valuable than the rosary of devotion because here there is spiritual effort (in imbibing divine virtues) unlike in devotion.
In devotion, it is not said, you become pure by remembering Krishna but here your sins get removed as much you remember the God-Father.
You attain the kingdom by the power of yog (remembrance), which you have not dreamt even in dreams.
Only you know how you become the master of heaven by the power of yog, you never fight a battle with anyone. But you attain based on Godly service.
Father says, create exhibitions in villages, each centre has to create one exhibition. There is creation of pictures day by day, very creative pictures are to be created. The souls who are retired from job can do service by moving around.
Many children do mistake and lose their spiritual income and spoil the name of the institute.
Souls have not become completely virtuous, still many do a very good service, make a lot of effort, keep opening many centres, and many get benefitted.
But many make mistakes, and vices never leave them.
The more you do service, that much you attain elevated effort, nothing remains hidden from the God. Everyone will receive the visions of their vicious action at the end and would cry at the end. So, children, do not make such mistakes that you have to feel bad at the end. But however much said, if it is not in the fortune, drama, it never happens.
You are receiving the inheritance of heaven through the God-Father like you have received in every cycle. Hence, children must pay more attention in their spiritual effort.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Glorify the name of the Father and the yagya (Godly institution) through your behaviour. Don’t perform any such actions through which you would lose the Father’s honour. Create your own fortune by doing service.
2. Become as benevolent as the Father and receive everyone’s blessings and claim a number ahead. Live at home with your family and remain very courageous by living like a lotus flower.
Blessing: May you be constantly happy and sing the praise of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune.
All the Brahmin (spiritual) children receive a crown, a throne and a tilak (the sign of victory in the forehead) at birth as their birthright. Seeing this sparkling star (soul) of fortune, continue to sing praise of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune, and you will become full of all virtues. Do not sing praise of your weaknesses, but continue to sing praise of your fortune. Remain beyond questions and you will receive the blessing of remaining constantly happy. Then you will easily be able to make others happy.
Slogan: To move along while belonging to the One (Eknami) and being economical (Economy) is the basis of being successful in Brahmin (spiritual) life.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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  1. Why to Remember the Supreme Soul, the God Father ?
    “You will become like the object what you are looking (thinking) at (being merged in your mind’s eye)”
    When you remember the Supreme Soul, You lose your own limited awareness of i and mine and only the awareness – pure qualities of Supreme Soul remain. You perform every action with the awareness of the Qualities of the Supreme Soul, who is a soul like us.
    So, when you remember the Supreme Soul:
    1) You get rid of the body consciousness because you start experiencing yourself, the qualities of Pure Supreme Soul which are your own original qualities. Although your awareness is of Supreme Soul, it is you, the soul who experiences it and you exist-act in soul consciousness.

    2) The body tension is relieved. You can feel that your shoulders remain stiff normally and when you are relaxed or soul conscious or Supreme Soul conscious, the body relaxes.
    Why to remember the Supreme Soul? Instead, why not I become soul conscious-relaxed myself?
    Yes, it is possible to become relaxed, but it is difficult to get rid of the ego, the body conscious because the feeling i am doing it, i am soul conscious, i am relaxed make you get hold of the body and it is not possible to remain soul conscious-relaxed constantly although you may experience for a short period.
    The process:
    When we are aware of Supreme Soul, the point of light, we lose our ego, the awareness of i and mine (but in reality we are not getting lost because it is me, i, the soul who is remembering the Supreme Soul not anyone else) and we can retain the pure soul consciousness of being relaxed, light, easy, brilliant, powerful, blissful, fast, alert, in a natural way without the ego or body consciousness.
    Ultimately the remembrance of God (God’s original qualities) is to remain in your true soul consciousness, being yourself as you are without any types of ego, remain with your original sanskars (habits) by getting rid of all the acquired sanskars.
    By remembering God, we can remain in our original nature – soul conscious, in a very natural manner, without any trace of ego.
    In fact to remember God constantly is to lead a easy, natural, relaxed, happy, peaceful and protected life constantly.