Monday, 25 April 2011

I appear on earth just like a soul which appears in a medium to share the life after death.

Murli 25.04.11

Essence: Sweet children, this iron age is now to come to an end. Therefore, keep your faces towards heaven.

Question: What method does the Father tell His children in order to make them into charitable souls?
Answer: If you children want to become charitable souls, become free from making mistakes. Ravan-five vices has made you make many mistakes. While making mistakes you have become sinful souls. It is Ravan that makes you make mistakes of anger and lust. Baba-GodFather has come to make you gain victory over these vices. Now become - and free from mistakes.

Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Sweet Children,
The seat of great (brahm) element, soul world is the place where Soul and Supreme Soul reside.

Father and children both are residents of soul world.

God is known as the Father. The God does not have a body, He is known as the Purifier, God Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of  peace….

Children sing the praise of the Father but do not know about Him. This is also fixed in the world drama, the game of sorrow and happiness.

Souls come here from the land of peace to play different roles. Originally, the soul is the resident of land of peace. Later you had to come in to action. Other souls appear in mothers womb but not God, the Supreme Soul. Every soul has their unique role to play.

You call the God as the Mother and the Father.How Father can teach you the RajaYoga without appearing on the physical earth? Hence Father says, I appear in a body for a very short period.

Earlier days, when you were pure, people give food to the Brahmins to call the soul which has left the body. They call the soul and ask about their well being and where they are. Earlier days, this practice was there. Everything is fixed in the world drama. Now since it has become impure, these things never happen.

When those souls can come on a body of a Brahmin, is it not possible for Me (God) to appear in a body (of Brahma-Adam)? Father makes you understand that, He can also come. When the residents of Bharat lose their religion and (elevated) actions, I come once again.

Deities remained completely virtuous, 16celestial degrees complete in (16) arts, viceless. In golden age, children are born by the power of remembrance-yog. Now , you are learning the power of yog  to become the master of heaven.

Lust is the greatest enemy which never exists in golden age. When you overcome lust, you will become the master of the pure world.
The most important is to remember the most beloved Father, the God of all souls. The unlimited Creator comes only in Bharat. He comes with the gift of heaven and the kingdom of  heaven, on this impure world.

Father says, make your intellect free from all other relationships and remember the One Father alone. You are the karma yogi-one who performs action in remembrance of One Father. You have to lead the household life.

Father explains, human beings take births as human beings only, never born as animals.

Deities do not have knowledge, they attain the fruit of knowledge – by the powers of yoga. True Knowledge – Gita of God, never exist in golden age. Now it’s time for more natural calamities.


Essence for dharna:
1. Only Shiv Baba  (the Benefactor Father) is the most beloved. Therefore, remember Him with a lot of love. Become true Vaishnavs- one who follows purity. Don’t make mistakes.
2. This is the last birth in the land of death. Destruction is just ahead. Therefore, claim your full inheritance from the Father. Become pure.

Blessing: May you be a combined embodiment of power who is merged with Shiva (The Benefactor)  by having constant awareness of the Companion and experience the stage of a detached observer.
Just as the soul and body are combined and cannot be separated while the soul has a part on this earth, in the same way, Shiva (God) and Shaktis (Children-souls) have such a deep connection. Those who constantly move along as embodiments of power merged with Shiva cannot have any obstacles created by Maya-vices in their love. They experience constant companionship and the stage of a detached observer. Their experience is as though someone is with them in the corporeal form.

Slogan: In order to experience a constant stage that is free from obstacles, practise concentration.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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