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God-Father and you, every soul are bound by this game of fixed and eternal world drama.

Murli 13.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has come personally to perform the dance of knowledge in front of you children. You become clever, serviceable children and the dance of knowledge becomes good.
Question: What hobby do you children develop at the confluence age?
Answer: That of staying in remembrance. This is your spiritual hobby. Together with developing this hobby you also have to perform divine and spiritual actions. You are Brahmins (Spiritual Children). You definitely have to narrate the true story to everyone. You children should also have the hobby of doing service.
Song: Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come…
Sweet Children,
The patients in the hospital wanted to know when the illness will be over, in the limited world. Here in an unlimited way, children know that this world drama is the play of happiness and sorrow. You children have more benefit in this confluence age than being in golden age. Why?
You know now that you are in the lap of God, you are the follower of God, this period of yours being with God is praised more (in scriptures). People call out for God but do not know about God. It is also fixed in the drama that people have to forget about God. There is day (of knowledge ) and night (of ignorance), people never know themselves as impure (in nature).
Those who have it in the fate (role in the world drama) know about themselves.
Whatever Father teaches you is not mentioned in any other scriptures. You get the light (knowledge) of beginning, middle and end of the world through Me, there is no one who can give you this knowledge.Later this knowledge disappears. Whatever happened in the past will repeat every 5000years world cycle.
People understand number-wise. You dance in knowledge. Baba (Father) is like a dancing girl, when you are listening to knowledge and intoxicated, Father also dances more (speaks more secrets of knowledge).
It is said Krishna danced among girls, but in reality three is only dance of knowledge. Father comes and makes you dance in knowledge. Murli is of knowledge not referring to the flute – the wooden stick.
Father comes and performs the dance of knowledge. Only you children understand this according to number-wise (according to the spiritual effort you make).
You make efforts according to the early world cycle. Father comes, like He has come in every cycle and explains all the secrets openly. Father and you, every one are bound in this game of fixed world drama.
In golden age, very few people live. There was not many religion in satyug. No dirty things exist in golden age. There, people are called as deities not god goddess. Deities lived in golden age and ruled the kingdom. They are being praised even now.
You children should have more patience. You know how much marks you will take in this spiritual efforts and pass. You know about the ones who do a good service. Father doesn’t want children to get entangled in maya-vices. Good children keep falling in to vices.
Everyone has to return home, according to the time fixed in the drama. There will not be any difference of even a second. All this secret Baba (Father) explains to you.
This world drama is made of victory and defeat. There was peace, happiness and prosperity, it is as if you played the cycle of 84 births yesterday and once again you are remembering the father so that your alloys will be removed. First you have to remember the Alpha. Father says, by knowing Me, through Me, you will come to know everything. This knowledge is very simple, of a second,still Father explains, keeps giving points of knowledge.
You children have the hobby of remembering the father. Along with that you have to perform divine actions.
You listen to the story of True Narayan, deities. The most important is remembrance, everything comes in to it because only by remembrance, your sins have to be removed.
Those who are single do not have bondages like others. Father is taking you to the sweet Ocean after decorating you. Father says, you have to forget (detached) the old world (by intellect) along with the old body.
Soul says, now I have finished the 84births and now I have to receive complete inheritance from the Father. Still maya never leaves you. You have the battle with the maya. The Brahma-Adam is in first place and hence he gets more maya.
The maya has to come certainly. At the end, everyone will reach the karmateet stage. This is nothing new. It has happened even in earlier cycle. You have played your role in the drama, now have come to an end, have to return home now.
This old world is a hell. You (deities) had been living in the shore of sweet ocean, in palaces. Many pictures of deities are being made and worshipped (now). This Bharat had ocean of milk, ghee of river. Father has shown you all this by divine visions. The Bharat was very pure, being praised a lot and you are intoxicated by knowing about the heaven.
You children have received the third eye of knowledge. Through the knowledge (intellect) you reach the sweet home. It is time to return home and later you will come in golden age where everything will be new.
You did not know that you are becoming deities. You have the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of world cycle and how you are going around the cycle, you know now the Father is teaching you Raja yoga and by knowing all these, you become more happy.
You children must have more happiness, how much you have been suffering, only little time is left, now, it is your final birth, now your days of happiness is about to come according to the drama. You know the transformation has to take place, you have receivedd the third eye, you know about the three worlds (physical, subtle and incorporeal) very well. The discus of self realization keeps rotating in your mind and you receive more happiness. Now the unlimited Father is teaching you being the Teacher and being a satguru, shows the path to liberation and liberation in life.
But, now it is a new knowledge and being new, children forget it again and again, otherwise just by saying the word father, you will receive more happiness. Ramdev – a devotee of Krishna did more tapasya for Krishna, he had visions of Krishna, but he did not receive anything else (of self transformation).
You become happy by remembering the father and you know that you receive inheritance for 21births. 3parts for the world cycle, you remain very happy. It is not that fifty percent happiness and fifty percent sorrow. No one has seen happiness like you. In confluence age only, you know that you are going to happiness from sorrow. By remembering your days of happiness, you will forget the sorrow. You turn yourself from the world of sorrow, soul knows, now I have to return home, now the role of 84births has come to an end. The more you remember the father, that much your rust will be removed. More you do service in remembrance, you will show (reveal) the Father that much. Now you have to return home, so you have to remember your home (soul world-the land of peace) also.
There is a difference of day and night between the old home (world) and new home. Here in old world, people fight against each other. There will be battle of war. When father comes, there is more violence for lust, between men and women. The world drama’s role repeats every cycle, only you and father know about it.
Later everyone would come to understand, it is praised that the One Purifier and who gives salvation for all is only one father. You can explain to anyone that Father is explaining, earlier this world was heaven and once again going to become heaven.
How the establishment of peace, purity and happiness takes place, only you children know about it, You understand by knowing about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle, you can explain this to every one.
For the knowledge of God, it is said, only you children know about the secrets of God. All knowledge is given to the children through Father, you know, that you will become the deities and there in heaven, you will not have this knowledge, these are all secrets of knowledge.
You know about the ladder of 84births world cycle, you have to explain to the people of the world. This world has to become golden form old world. The pure world and the period of (copper and) iron age are different. It repeats every cycle.
It is good to explain but by making effort, you have to remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance. But that much never happens with the children. You have to remain in remembrance of the father by which you forget the whole world, but many find difficult to make this effort.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Remove this old world and your body from your intellect and remember the Father and the home. Constantly maintain the happiness that your days of happiness are now about to come.
2. Churn the knowledge that you receive from the knowledge-full Father and keep your intellect overflowing. Don't become body conscious and choke in any way.
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who becomes an instrument for world benefit with an attitude of benevolence and feelings of good wishes.
An intense effort-maker is one who has a benevolent attitude and feelings of good wishes for everyone. Even if someone repeatedly tries to make you fall, makes your mind shake or becomes an obstacle, you should still always have unshakeable feelings of good wishes. Your feelings should not change because of that situation. Let your attitude and feelings be accurate in every situation and it will not affect you. Then, you will not even see anything wasteful and your time will be saved. This is the world benevolent stage.
Slogan: Contentment is the decoration of life. Therefore, be a jewel of contentment and remain content and make everyone content.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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