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Sri Krishna never caused harm to any demon in Golden age,where demons cannot appear.

Murli 21.04.11
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Question: What is the reason why there are so many obstacles in the yagya (the spiritual service) even though the Almighty Father is with you?
Answer: According to the drama, obstacles have to come because only when there are obstacles from the devils in this yagya, can the urn of sin become full. The Father cannot do anything about this. It is fixed in the drama. There will be obstacles, but you mustn’t be afraid of them.
Song: Who is the Mother and who is the Father?
Sweet Children,
Children listen to the direction of the Father. Souls have physical relations as Mother, Father, brother and sister. Now your intellect should form all relationships with one God-Father.
You have to remove the bodily relationships (by looking at everyone as soul) from your intellect and connect with the Me alone and to the New World.
Father is not troubling you but just asks you to form a relationship with Me alone.
In Golden and Silver ages, your relationships with people were good, now there are only relationships of sorrow.
Even the God-Father has to do service for you children, He is bound by this world drama.
People think God and Sri Krishna are almighty authorities, but deity-krishna cannot harm anyone.
The true knowledge in scriptures is only like a little salt in the bags of flour.
The obstacles will come in your effort, it is not that you will not come in to obstacles because Father is with you. Whatever is fixed in the world drama will happen accordingly.
For half the cycle, human beings remain impure and it is God’s job to make you pure.It takes half the cycle to become impure and it takes just a second to become an elevated being.Once you understand and have faith, in  a second, you become elevated, you decide immediately based on truth.
All of you are making effort to reach the karmateet stage (to remain constantly in the stage free from bondages of actions), but till then some mistakes happen. Still you will attain karmateet stage at the end. Then the soul would leave the body.
Now some type of obstacles-mistakes happen. You are not able to remain constantly in remembrance with God. Everything cannot happen just like that, it takes time. Everything is based upon your effort. You have to make effort to receive the inheritance from the God-Father.
The Maya-obstacles come in different subtle forms, and fight strongly with the strong ones. This is explained in the scriptures also.
Father is giving you liberation in life through Knowledge , then there is no need for the knowledge. When you reach the liberation in life, it is known as Golden age.
You children have received the aim but it takes time to change the sanskars- acquired habits, you have to become like a diamond from a shell, there is a difference of day and night.
You children never build temples because it happens only in devotion, You are in the path of knowledge leaving the path of devotion, this only you children understand. People think iron age is only a small child, yet to be grown up.
Father explains you the secret of all vedas and scriptures. By reading the vedas and scriptures, you never receive any liberation, you receive happiness for a short time – till you listen to them.
People do not know that there is no name or sign of sorrows in golden age because it is written in scriptures that there were demons in the land of Krishna and they show Krishna in the prison.
Only you understand the true history through the Father.
You have forgotten how much happiness was there in the true continent and there are sorrows in iron age.
Father is making you the master of heaven, of Sun dynasty, through this study-knowledge.
You all keep making the effort. Many devotees keep the picture of deities and remember them. Father also says, keep the picture-image of three acts of creation, sustenance and destruction, so by looking at it, you will remember the Father and it will be easy to make effort.Good devotees make a lot of effort, they understand that if they open the eyes, they can see the picture of deities.
By the picture, you can get rid of maya-vices, by recollecting that you are becoming deities from ordinary human beings. Father gives direction that, keep this picture with you to remember the Father and the inheritance.
You have to remember the Father alone although you look at the Brahma-Adam.
If you remember the Father, you will receive remembrance of the Father in return.
People do not know that, God is the Ocean of knowledge, but go to the shores of rivers and temple.
The deities of temple attract the people. The first is God, next is Brahma-saraswathi,  Adam-eve. Brahma-Adam will rule the kingdom of heaven.
Now, your effort is to become a deity and explain this to every soul. People go to jungle but God is bringing you to to the Garden of flowers from the jungle. You also do this service.
Now, there is no king and queen to explain this to make their people understand this knowledge.
It is shown in scriptures that Pandavas receive the inheritance of world, it will repeat in reality.
It is shown in scriptures that, Krishna overcomes obstacles but in reality Krishna never come across any obstacles in golden age-heaven.
By explaining through exhibition, you meet the souls directly and hence it is good than explaining through projectors.
Even Birla has made temples of Lakshmi Narayan but even they do not know how Lakshmi Narayan attained their status. It depends upon the intellect to explain the truths.
Father also sees how you run the centre. If the centre in charge is good, then many good services take place. All are not alike, like it happened in previous cycle, it will happen again.
Father says, make your stage very good. Your spiritual effort happens according to the effort you made in every cycle.
What happened in previous cycle will happen again and hence let there be peace and happiness constantly.
By doing your action, remember the Father, let your intellect be connected up above, constantly.
You will become good by doing good actions (in remembrance of the Father). You are making effort for yourself, so the more you do service in remembrance, you will become healthy-free from disease, so why not you remain in remembrance of One Father?
The knowledge is very simple, even children explain to others. But they cannot be a yogi, even they have to become strong by remembering the Father.
If you keep the picture, when you wake up in the morning, you will remember that you are receiving the inheritance of heaven through the GodFather. This is a very simple method to remember the Father and inheritance, and by following the direction of the Father, you will become successful.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Be careful that you are never defeated while boxing with Maya-obstacles. Create your stage with the awareness of the previous cycle. Remain happy and peaceful constantly.
2. In order to do good to yourself, follow shrimat-Godly directions. Break off all relationships with this old world (by your intellect). In order to be safe from the storms of Maya, keep the pictures in front of you and remember the Father and your inheritance.

Blessing: May you be master knowledge-full and constantly perform the dance of happiness and stop dancing the dance of fear.
The children who are master knowledge-full can never perform the dance of fear. Change the sanskar –habit of going up the ladder one second and coming down the ladder the next second and you will be able to go fast. Simply use the authority, knowledge and help from the family that you have received. Put your hand in the Father’s hand and continue to move along and you will continue to perform the dance of happiness and will not be able perform the dance of fear. However, it is when you catch hold of Maya’s hand that you then perform that dance.
Slogan: Those whose thoughts and actions are great are master almighty authorities.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

Essence: Sweet children, break off all relationships with the impure world (by your intellect) and connect your intellects in yoga (remembrance) with the one Father and you will not be defeated by Maya-obstacles-vices.

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