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Remain combined with the God-Father constantly and finish the sanskars (the acquired habits).

Avyakt Murli 13.04.11
Essence: Finish your sankars (acquired habits) by the blazing fire of yog. Reveal the God-Father by your face, features, vision, forehead (the light of soul shining in the forehead), attitude and thoughts.
Main points: Remain combined constantly and reveal the God-Father by your face, words, eyes, actions and features. Finish your sanskars by the blazing fire-power of yog. Become free from waste thoughts. Give directions with love and spread the vibrations of contentment by your attainments and happiness. Remain accurate in yoga and perform actions to make the atmosphere powerful. Give co-operation to all.
Today, the love of children had pulled even the Ocean of love, towards them. Father knows that based on this love, you children will become equal like Him (in divine virtues).
Father wishes that, the sign of love is, let the Father remain combined in the heart of every Child, never become alone. So, check yourself, are you combined at all times or only sometimes?
When you are alone, you become influenced by maya-vices, so remain combined always. This is known as True and constant love.
Father’s wish is that every Child, the Elephant Riders, the trustee (who has renounced I and Mine), will also reveal the Father to others by their features. By their face and features, Father’s sparkling expressions will be revealed along with the experience of being loving and detached, like the Father.
Brahma – Adam remained combined with the Father and expressed God-Father by his face, words, features, vision, actions. You have to follow father Brahma in this and let others remember the God-Father through you. The method how father Brahma expressed the God-Father in combined form is by merging God-Father in his vision and forehead ( vision of third eye), constantly.
So, specially, let your eyes, words and feature reveal  the merged image of God-Father.
You are not just the followers of God but one who earns multimillions in every step of the Father’s direction. You are the child of God, student of God.
Now the situations (present time) is helping the souls to remember the God naturally along with you instrument souls.
Your vibration of service through the mind is reaching the souls and now they are looking for the source of these vibrations. They do not know that, it is coming from the Children of God, if they know about it, they will come running. Now make this effort little more strong and effective, so that it becomes clear to them. The reason is, although  you sit in yog (remembrance of God), at various times including early morning (amritvela), there is a need for the blazing fire-power of yog by which the sanskars which creates an obstacle in your effort will be finished without any trace – name or form.
You make effort to transform your sanskars and it also dies out but never disappears, it comes to life again. So, although you sit in yog (remembrance) and have good heart to heart conversation with the Father, there is a need for the blazing fire of yog continuously.
Let your face, features, words show Father. There is a need for constant attention to check your sanskars and to match your sanskars amongst each other.
Only through Madhuban, every soul receives love of God, God never comes anywhere else other than Madhuban. According to the world drama, only madhuban is fixed to receive God and meet Him.
You must understand - know your account of charity and become an embodiment of it. If there is any issue, it is your duty to inform the seniors and remain free from those thoughts. Then it becomes a responsibility of the seniors to take action. Even if the action is delayed and if there is any sin to be accumulated, the seniors become responsible of it. Your responsibility is to inform through the right source-method and become free from waste thoughts. You are the most elevated souls and hence your every action should become an example for others.
You have to move forward in one aspect that, make the serviceable souls content through your happiness and attainments. Even if you give directions, share it with love so that they can move forward with that love. But the love should not be that, whatever they do will be pardoned, do not give such type of love. Father is happy that, Instrument souls are giving attention, but give little more attention on making others content and spread the vibration of contentment to the world. You have to give some more attention on making the atmosphere very powerful, especially in each service centres, so that souls get attracted easily to the atmosphere of the centre, along with the attraction of knowledge and yog (remembrance of God).
If you remain accurate in yoga and perform actions, automatically the atmosphere, vibrations becomes powerful like the presence of seniors and God-Father affects the atmosphere and vibrations, making them powerful. When your Centre vibrations transform, then the surrounding atmosphere will also transform. Reveal this responsibility of yours. Father knows that, you are making effort but still increase the effort little more.
Now, BapDada would like to see the result of everyone’s spiritual effort.
Keep notes of co-operation in your pocket to give the souls, whenever there is a need and receive garland of blessings in return.
So, in next season what good news you will bring? There should not be any trace of sanskars. Are you ready? You must not either suppress or beat the sanskar to death but burn it out even the left out sanskars, without any trace of it. So, the time (of world transformation) will come near. Everyday, remove at least, any one of the sanskar. So, next time when you come, you would say all our sanskars have been removed. Father gives in advance, congratulations to become victorious.
No soul should think that I am not loved by God like others. Father says, even those who are far away and those who come late, all are loved very, very, very much by the God-Father because you have said “Mera Baba” (My Father).
To senior: You have made yourself healthy by the power of yog and by the power of remembrance. You will remain healthy. Achcha.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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  1. The process of embodiment of awareness - Smriti Swaroop ( X X, XX and X )

    The Angelic and Seed Stages:
    We know that, we think about what we see by our eyes and we become that what we think about.
    Now we know that there is soul X and Supreme Soul X ,by seeing and knowing them through the third eye (of knowledge), through the mind’s eye.
    During meditation or remembrance, either while doing nothing or performing actions, soul X reaches close to Supreme Soul X and the soul experiences the Angelic stage of expressing all divine qualities along with the awareness of body, expressed through the face. The soul and Supreme soul remain together like XX.

    During the actual expression of God and His original qualities, the soul and Supreme Soul remain like a single X , both are combined as if only One exists not two. It is Two in one. When the soul expresses God and God’s original nature, the soul is unaware of it as a separate being but experiences complete awareness of God and God’s qualities, with no awareness of body or external surroundings although the eyes are open. This is the stage of being incorporeal, bodiless stage.

    Characteristics of Incorporeal Stage:
    The process is like the stages of Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi, mentioned in Raja Yoga of Rishi Patanjali. Dhyana – we remember (see by the third eye) the Father, Dharana, We are concentrated (thinking) on Father - Angelic stage and Samadhi, we are combined (become like) with the Father.
    Once we have tasted this sweetness of being in combined stage, then in one second irrespective of whatever action we do, we can experience this incorporeal stage.

    It is the stage where the original qualities of soul are experienced together, say you will experience peace, love, purity (resplendence), contentment and bliss (the happiness beyond the senses) altogether not separately. During this experience you are totally detached from the body and remain in true soul consciousness, you experience bliss-happiness within yourself, with or without expressing through the face.

    And more than anything else, since you are combined with the Seed, the Supreme Soul, and since He is connected with all the souls, you also get connected with all the souls of the world and naturally you become a world Benefactor like the Father.

    How soul takes power or qualities from Supreme Soul rather than Supreme Soul takes the power from soul?
    When soul looks at or becomes aware of the Supreme soul, the soul emerges out the nature – true qualities, which are similar-common in Soul and Supreme Soul. Soul never experiences those sanskars, roles or thought impressions of Supreme Soul which are not similar or uncommon. Otherwise every soul will become Supreme Soul and Supreme Soul will lose His Eternal Purity by coming in contact with human souls.

    It is like when we look at any human being who is angry, we also create the same emotions if we are in the same state of body consciousness. But if we remain in, or maintain our Angelic or Incorporeal stage and look at the ones who are vicious, then those who are under the influence of body consciousness will naturally rise to the elevated level of angelic or incorporeal stages (which is an act to match that is common in both of us), because they are neither in control of body consciousness nor in control of soul consciousness.

    So, to become knowledge-full souls, we have to study and imbibe the knowledge-sanskars-thought impressions of God and to become divine in nature we have to remember the Supreme God, along with the study of His Knowledge.