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The Secret of Soul and Supreme Soul.

Murli 18.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come from the faraway land in order to establish a new kingdom for you children. You are now becoming worthy of heaven.
Question: What is the sign of children who have unbreakable faith in Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)?
Answer: They continue to follow Baba’s shrimat (Elevated direction) with their eyes closed, no matter what directions they receive. They would never think that perhaps there might be some damage caused through that because they know that the Father is responsible for the children who have such faith in their intellects. They receive the power of their faith and their stage becomes unshakeable and immovable.
Song: You are the Mother,  the Father, all relations and  friend.
Sweet Children,
The song is of the praise of the Father who is the Highest on high.
Father comes and gives the introduction of Him-self (God) and explain about soul.
Human beings say living soul, great soul but they do not know the reality about soul.
Soul is an eternal being, like a star, is very subtle. It cannot be seen by eyes. Soul performs actions but coming into body conscious, it says I do it. Soul is a very subtle one remains at the middle of forehead. It has the sanskar stored in it to perform different roles.
The Sun dynasty souls play the role of complete 84births world cycle and become impure.
The Purifier is only One father, His praise is the highest of all.
Those souls who come late cannot take complete 84births. They take less than 84 births.
Those who come in complete 2500 years in golden and silver ages, have long life span.
I , the Supreme Soul is also a soul like you souls but I never come into the cycle of births and deaths to become impure.
People ask how to believe God has come. People were crying for God to come. He cannot come in pure world. God has to come in the impure world. Supreme Soul is also a very subtle point of light but He is the seed form of world human tree. He is knowledge-full. Since you have been calling out for God, certainly He would come.
Now, you are in the world of vices. In Satyug and Treta, you were in the kingdom of God, later you come to the world of vices, the devotional activities begin. Initially, you were worshipping the Supreme Soul in the form of point of light.
Now you know the Supreme Soul is remains always Ocean of knowledge, Peace and happiness.The Supreme Soul lives far beyond and comes in every world cycle.
You have been calling out for the Father to purify the souls.I come only when the world of vices has to come to an end (vices at its peak), at the confluence age.
Supreme Soul is a point of light. Soul cannot become Supreme Soul, they are different. Their form is same. Souls come into the cycle of births and deaths but not the Supreme Soul.
The souls become impure and remain in the impure body, soul has to become pure.
Supreme Soul comes to transform the resident of hell to resident of heaven. Father comes to make you worthy for heaven. Every soul has its role to play. God comes during the darkness of ignorance.
Father certainly comes only in confluence age to create the world of heaven.
People call out for God to make them pure and hence He comes when it is time for destruction-transformation of old world. He never comes in every yug-ages but only at the end of world cycle.
This is the world of vices but since when, no one knows.
The most important is you should know about the secret of soul and supreme Soul.It is the role of Supreme Soul to make you all pure , not the role of Krishna. Krishna and the complete souls of Sun dynasty come down the ladder of 84births.
Now God Father explains to the children. There cannot be any doubt in this because the Creator God can only speak the Truth. When you believe in this, it is sure that God speaks. Every soul will come to know about God.
The Supreme Soul comes from the world which is far beyond to give you the knowledge.
God Father appears in the body of Brahma - Adam through whom knowledge is given to all souls of the world.
You souls have forgotten about your previous births. The whole cycle keeps repeating.
I come again to teach you, to make you pure. There is no other way to become pure other than remembering Me.
First you have to understand the secret of soul and Supreme soul. Souls are incorporeal. Soul remembers the Supreme soul by the organs of the body.
It is as per the role in the drama, you worship the deities after 2500years.
Father says, I am teaching you the deep secrets everyday and you understand the knowledge little by little. There is more to be understood.
First of all, have faith that the unlimited Father is teaching you. Some are very good who explains to others in a very good manner.
Some become confused on how to explain about God when people believe that Krishna comes and gives knowledge. Sri Krishna cannot come in impure world But only Supreme Soul comes in impure world – iron age.
Everyone understands the truth according to their intellect.
To the possible extent explain in a very good way. Many children have the body consciousness – have vices in them.
Whatever, the highest Father, who takes you into heaven, says, should be believed without any doubt.If you have faith in Father’s versions, then God becomes responsible for your actions.
God-Father says, Children I am here, so follow every direction with faith, so that I am responsible for your actions.
By remembering God, your stage will become very strong.
The more you remember the Father, that much power you will receive.
Many have more body consciousness. Father speaks to every one, takes care of His children because He has unlimited love for His children. You get benefitted by the Godly service-actions in remembrance of God.
When you indulge in vice, you cannot understand the knowledge.
Children, your job is to make others masters of heaven, you have to give happiness to every soul.
First you have to explain about the soul and supreme soul. The soul plays the eternal role of 84births.
Many are not stable in this spiritual path but at the end when the forest catches fire, you become strong, unshakeable.
Those who are intoxicated keep serving others constantly.
Father loves the children who follow His directions.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Give your bones for service. Don’t have doubts about anything. Give everyone happiness, not sorrow, through service.
2. Make your stage unshakeable with the power of faith. Benefit is merged in whatever shrimat you receive because the Father is responsible. Therefore, don’t worry.
Blessing: May you be a great soul who makes the speciality of checking, your original sanskar.
Whatever thought you create, word you speak, deed you perform and relationship or connection you come into contact with, simply check that that is equal to the Father’s. First of all check it against that of the Father and then put it into the practical form. In a physical way also, some souls have the sanskar of first of all checking everything and then accepting it. In the same way, you pure and great souls should let your machinery of checking be sharp. Make it your natural sanskar – this is the biggest greatness of all.
Slogan: To become completely pure and yogi (one who has constant remembrance of God) is to give the return of love.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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