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When you get rid of body consciousness - five vices, your omen of eclipse disappears.

Murli  07.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, your original religion is peace and true peace is found in the land of peace. Tell everyone: Stabilise yourself in your original religion.
Question: Which knowledge does only the one Father have and which, only you study at this time?
Answer: The knowledge of sin and charity. When the people of Bharat start to insult the Father, they become sinful souls. When they know the Father and the drama, they become charitable souls. Only at this time do you children study this study. You know that only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Human beings cannot grant salvation, that is, liberation-in-life, to human beings.
Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.
Father explains that this is the world of sins. Bharat was the world of charitable souls, where deities lived. Bharat was heaven, golden aged where there were comfort and happiness.
Iron age is called the hell where there is no comfort and happiness.
The religion of Bharat was purity where there is peace and happiness.
 Souls live in Sweet home ,Soul world, Incorporeal world where only peace exists. You attain peace in the soul world, not by going to any jungle. In golden age there is peace and happiness.
In soul world, there is no action. In golden age, although there are actions, it is as if carried out by being an instrument and you have peace and happiness there.
Now, this world is of Ravan-vices and there is no peace and happiness. In golden age there is peace and happiness where the fice vices never exist.
In iron age the most important vice is of body consciousness, then comes lust, anger, greed , attachment and ego.
Human being with body consciousness cannot give happiness to any one.
After the mahabharat (world) war, the gates of heaven will be opened.
All these knowledge is not mentioned in any scriptures.
You have come down by doing devotion and when you have come down, I come to give you peace and happiness.
In iron age, there are varieties of pain-sorrows. Now, you are making effort to attain the inheritance of heaven.
Only One Father can make you constantly happy and Ravan-vices makes you constantly sorrowful.
In golden age, there is no body consciousness, lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
When you get rid of body consciousness-five vices, your omen of eclipse disappears.
Only Father gives you liberation in life. There is liberation and liberation in life which are attained only through the One Father.
When there is the New World, it will be known as New Delhi. Old world has old Delhi. Delhi was heaven, deities had ruled the kingdom. In New world there was kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. There was no other continent that time. Government never teaches the real history of Bharat.
Only Father explains how the world cycle rotates-repeats. When there was heaven, Bharat was known as Golden aged.
Only when you become impure, I come to make you all become pure souls.
No one has the true knowledge. Only Father gives this knowledge because He is the Knowledge-full.
Human beings cannot give salvation to each other.
In golden age, disease never exists.
Father creates heaven and Ravan creates the hell.
This world drama is an eternal one.
The scriptures cannot give you salvation. Here you receive the Spiritual knowledge through the Spiritual Father.
The Father says, I am the seed of the world human tree. Only I have the complete knowledge of world human tree and I give this knowledge to you children, to make you the master of heaven. Later this knowledge disappears because this knowledge is not required in heaven.
When deities do not have this knowledge, how this knowledge can exist for all the time.
Many come to you and ask for peace of mind. Really this is wrong. The mind and intellect are the organs of soul like there are organs for physical body. Only God makes the soul become golden intellect from stone-like intellect. You children are becoming golden intellects from stone-like intellects. The golden intellect was covered with stains of vices and becomes stone-like intellect.
Souls, when become pure can come to Me. When people ask for peace of mind, peace cannot happen in the world of sins since there are vices in the world. You become vicious by coming in contact with vices-Ravan and in a second you become viceless by coming in contact with the Supreme Father.
Father gives the inheritance of liberation in life and Ravan gives the curse of bondages in life.
You must understand about the world drama . Soul world is the residents of souls. Soul’s original religion is peace. Soul cannot remain in peace, in this world but in soul world.
Till you understand this cycle of world drama, you undergo sorrow.
Father is praised as the Lord of the poor. The poor ones attain elevated status because they make effort to get rid of body consciousness. The rich ones  have to make spiritual effort,  they live in their intoxication of wealth - body consciousness.
It takes a lot of effort to get rid of body consciousness. Now, the Father is making you soul consciousness. You have to become soul consciousness certainly.
Now, it is the time to return home to the soul world.
Every 5000years cycle, I come and make the Bharat, like a diamond, once again. No other person can explain this complete history and geography of this world cycle, other than the One Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim your inheritance of liberation-in-life from the Father, definitely become pure. While living in the land of sorrow keep the knowledge of the world drama in your intellect and remain beyond sorrow.
2. Renounce the intoxication of wealth and property and make effort to remain soul conscious.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi (one who does actions in the awareness of God) who becomes double light and experiences the karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage.
Just as it has become natural to come into action, in the same way, it should be just as natural to be karmateet. For this, remain double light. In order to remain double light, consider yourself to be a trustee while performing actions and practise remaining in the stage of soul consciousness. By paying attention to these two things you will in one second be karmateet and the next second be a karma yogi. Be a karma yogi simply to perform actions and then experience the karmateet stage.
Slogan: For those who have a big heart, even impossible tasks become possible.
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