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Become successful in every action by the constant awareness of God's nature.

17.04.11 Avyakt Murli dated 28.07.1972
Essence: Only the Shaktis who finish impurity and separation are destroyers of evil.
Main points: Have pure thoughts to finish the impure sanskars-habits in a second. Become a world benefactor to benefit yourself. Remain in super-sensous joy to finish the sorrows. To become successful in actions, become free from attachment and expectations by the awareness of God (His Nature which is of same like the original nature of soul).
What are the two blessings ( the essence of complete knowledge , the aim or attainment of making spiritual effort, the original awareness and the final stage) you receive when Father comes? May you be a yogi (to remain combined with God) and May you be pure.
Have you become embodiment of those blessings to remove souls from the bondages of this world cycle or you yourself got entangled, in the cycle of world bondages, by means of thoughts?
Have you become the world benefactor or just benefactor of self?                    
Have you not finished the vicious sanskars-habits and impurity in a second, like the deities destroy the demons in a second?
By your power of pure thought (of seconds), the maya-vicious thought has to finish in a second. Do you have such a stage?
Now, become master Creator, Become the world benefactor. The time to make effort for yourself has come to an end, now spend your time for others. By using your time for others, automatically, you will help yourself in your spiritual progress.
Change your way of dealing. Like the time, situations, nature keep changing, you must have to change your methods according to the present need of the hour. The earlier methods, language, speeches are to be changed. If you do not change for yourself, how you are going to change the world?
You experience that, impurity, difficult situations are reaching to the extreme, so you must remain in extreme happiness beyond the senses, nature of bliss. Now, it’s time to experience super-sensuous happiness instead of just happiness.
By the extreme happiness, the thoughts of the wave of sorrow will come to an end.
It is your role to relieve the souls who are in the bondage of physical consciousness. As long as you are in this physical world for the sake of service, you have to do this service. So, become a world Benefactor like the Father  who uses every thought, every action for the sake of souls of the world.
To those who use every thought, every action for the sake of world service and become like the Father, remembrance with love and Namaste.
To Punjab Zone:  Why there is difficulty in achieving the result even for the effort you make? Brahma-Adam was successful in every action because he had the awareness of God Father in his every word and action, instead of expectations for the result of service-actions. But what happens here, there is expectation for immediate result, and there are varieties of expectations.
Let there not be any attachment for the future reward even if you know the reward of your spiritual effort. Many have not reached this stage.
When you do service, do not keep the limited expectation of being praised by others, but look into the result of service to improve-progress yourself, to accumulate the power of will, then you will reveal your stage of being Incorporeal (soul consciousness), humble and vice-less together in your thoughts, words and actions. You will reveal the form of soul being in the body.
Now, you yourself come into body consciousness repeatedly and hence others are not able to see the vision of soul through you.
All three have to happen. Incorporeal stage revealed through the mind, Humility in words and being vice-less in actions. Let there not be even a small trace of vice. Yours, Mine, Pride and Prestige, all these are vices. Even if there is a trace, it will take a huge form. Let there not be any trace of vice even in thoughts. When you reach these three stages, then you will reap the immediate fruit of your service.
Now, souls have become tired of listening, and they want to see the practical proof. Let the golden future be revealed by your features. By seeing a practical image, one hand, the souls will have disinterest (for the old world) and other hand they will have zeal and enthusiasm to create the New World. So, now become a sample for the world.
Blessing: May you be completely pure and realise your eternal and original, real form.
The original form of souls, both eternally and originally, is purity. Therefore, simply have the thought: Eternally and originally, my real form is, “I am a pure soul.” Whenever you look at anyone, look at his real form. Realise their real form and you will become completely pure and claim a right to a first-class and air-conditioned ticket.
Slogan: Fill your apron with God’s blessings and Maya (vices-obstacles) cannot then come close to you.
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