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Neither in subtle world nor in Soul world the Golden age-Heaven exists but on Earth.

Murli 30.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, become pure and you will become worthy of doing spiritual service. Soul-conscious children stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and also enable others to stay on this pilgrimage.
Question: How does the income that you children earn at the confluence age become your true income?
Answer: The income you earn at this time lasts for 21 births. Through this income you never become bankrupt. To listen to knowledge and give it to others and to stay in remembrance and inspire others to do the same is the true income that only the true Father teaches you to earn. Throughout the whole cycle, no one else can earn such an income. No other income goes with you.
Song: We have to walk on that path where we fall and we therefore also have to take care.
Sweet Children,
In devotion, children have suffered a lot, kept falling down, you do lot of pilgrimages, listen to scriptures with love and even cry thinking that Ram’s sita was taken by Ravan, you do not benefit by these stories.
You cry out to God, to come and purify the souls but you think soul is stain free and cannot become impure, but soul becomes sorrowful.
It is said by mistake that, soul is indifferent to sorrow and happiness because God is indifferent to sorrow and happiness. Now you children understand the truth. Even in this knowledge, sometimes you become happy and sometimes you become sorrowful, this is the battle with maya-vices.
When you lose the consciousness, you get the eternal medicine of Manmanabhav (to remember the God-Father) to come awake.
In devotion there is lot of decorations for the deities and the properties belong to the trustee.
Now, you know that you were decorated with lot of jewels (in golden age), but now you do not have any jewels with you, you have become completely ordinary. Father says, I come in an ordinary body.
You know that, how you were pure by body and soul in golden age, the decoration would be natural and you were beautiful. You used to wear very good jewelleries with studded diamonds.
Here, even the cows have become so black. You children are becoming the master of golden age. In golden age,  even the cow dung remains powerful to become a good manure.
There in golden age, everything remains powerful unlike here, where everything is power-less.
Children have seen in trance that, how the fruits are cut and how it is tasted in golden age.
Golden age exist on Earth but neither in subtle world nor in Soul world.
In golden age, things are available according to the status.
Here, you just go to see the palaces but live in other places, and palaces are left for public view.
Now you are becoming pure. In golden age, the palaces will be first class, even the cows will be first class.
Here those who maintain the cows (Gujar) say that, they are the clan of Krishna. In golden age, they will say they belong to the kingdom of Krishna.
The Gujar name belongs to the Golden age.
You were deities and you are becoming deity once again.
Father is establishing the golden age through the Brahma-Adam, later when you come into the devotion, you call yourself Hindu. You originally belong to the ancient deity religion.
Father comes and makes you vice-less from being vicious. How you come down the ladder, you know now.
You are following the direction of the Father now, to climb up the ladder of 84births. Through God, you come to know about the world cycle, your life is most valuable and you are great that you become eligible to do spiritual service. You remain in soul conscious and make the souls to do spiritual pilgrimage.
You souls remained pure. The stains appear in the soul. The more you remember the Father, that much you will become pure. If you remember less, the bondage of sins remain with you.
Every one has different role to play. The highest role is of Brahma-Adam. Those who establish will also sustain.
Krishna has his own body. God Shiv (Benefactor) takes the help of the body of Brahma-Adam.
Only God is knowledge-full, He is known as the One who purifies.
The word, Shiv Baba is very sweet.
Everything depends upon the power of Yog-remembrance. By the power of yog, you can imbibe the virtues very easily.
Now, the Father teaches you, the knowledge, in confluence age, which will not exist in golden age.
Learning the knowledge and teaching, happens only now, not in golden age.
Human beings earn becoming a barrister. Here Father teaching you the highest knowledge and you earn a true income which stays with you for 21births. Here in iron age, what you earn do not help much. Only you understand this.
You must not forget the Father and the inheritance.
The most important is to remember the Father and receive the inheritance for 21births. You have to remain very happy. You find difficult to remember the Father, you find many obstacles to remember the Father and many fail in this effort of remembrance. To the possible extent, you have to become strong in remembrance. The knowledge of Seed and the World cycle is not that important compared to the remembrance.
Everything depends upon remembrance. You have to remember the Sweet Father, He is the highest on high, He gives eternal happiness, He gives you the inheritance of heaven, you become the master of heaven.
If you do not remember the Father, everything else comes to your mind.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. This Godly life is very, very valuable. Make both the soul and the body pure in this life. Stay on the spiritual pilgrimage and teach others this pilgrimage.
2. Occupy yourself as much as possible, in earning a true income. In order to become free from disease become strong in remembrance.
Blessing: May you be constantly cheerful and remain beyond the dirt of Maya-vices, on the basis of remembrance.
When any type of situation comes in front of you, just leave it to the Father. Say from your heart, “Baba!” and the situation will end. To say “Baba” from your heart is magic. Maya first of all makes you forget the Father and you must therefore simply pay attention to this and you will then experience yourself to be like a lotus. On the basis of remembrance, you will always remain beyond the dirt of the problems of Maya. You will never fluctuate in any situation and your mood will always be cheerful.
Slogan: A great soul is one who puts the imbibing and religion of purity into his practical life.
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