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Even if you have to die, you must never leave your religion of purity.

Murli 04.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, this is the Father’s wonderful shop where you can find a variety of things. You are the masters of this shop.
Question: Why can no one copy this wonderful Shopkeeper?
Answer: Because God is the Treasurer of all the treasures. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, Happiness, Peace, Purity and more. Anyone can find whatever they want. Those on the path of isolation cannot provide these things. No one else can call himself an ocean like the Father.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world.The earth, sky, all belong to us.
Sweet Children,
The Unlimited Father explains unlimited knowledge to the unlimited Children.
Father is praised as the Ocean of knowledge, purity, Love, Happiness.
Like businessmen has variety of things, Father is Ocean of knowledge, purity, Ocean, Happiness. These alokik-spiritual things are available only in one shop – with the Father.
Even deities do not have any things like the Father has. Hence Father is praised as You are the Father, You are the Mother...
People wander around for peace. People have limited treasures with them but only Father has got unlimited treasures. He is known as the Purifier, the Liberator.
When Father has so much treasures, Children also has the right for those treasures.
When Father comes, He brings all the spiritual treasures with Him and hence theFather has to come at the confluence age to give you all the spiritual treasures.
For half the cycle your treasure house becomes filled up.
According to the world drama, you will receive the inheritance.
People have understood wrongly that instead of 84births, they say it is 84 million births souls take.
Father comes and gives you the inheritance and you take it with you to rule in golden age. But even deities do not know who has given this inheritance.
The highest happiness happens only in golden age and later even this happiness disappears.
After half the cycle, vices make you lose the virtues and inheritance.
Other than the One Father, no one has got so much praise.
Father gives unlimited treasures. Father is known as the Ocean of knowledge. Deities are praised as complete with all virtues. The praise of Ocean of knowledge, peace and happiness belongs to only One God.
In golden age, you had unlimited wealth, later you lose the wealth and religion and fall down.
Father says, I made you worthy like a diamond with the unlimited wealth but you have lost every thing.
You have to take all your wealth once again by your spiritual effort.
If you remember Me, whatever alloys-rust present on you will be removed.
Children say, Father we forgot you. Father says, Do bride forget the bridegroom, Ever child forget the father. Father says, unless you remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance, your sins will not be removed. There is no other way.
During devotion, you keep falling. It is not law to climb up in the middle. When you receive knowledge, you climb up. People say they go to heaven when they die but no one goes to heaven in the middle of the world cycle.
Father makes you completely virtuous and gives you unlimited inheritance.
Children, you receive the inheritance of kingdom and you have lost the kingdom.
This Bharat was New and it has become old now.
You ruled in golden and silver age, During copper age, scriptures were created, you fall down till the iron age.
Knowledge is day light and devotion is darkness-night.
Father is the Ocean of knowledge, peace, love and happiness. Krishna cannot be called as Ocean of knowledge, peace and happiness. Krishna cannot be called as Father. The word Father never fits for Krishna. People have made such mistakes.
You remain completely pure being in the household unlike the sanyasis  (who leave the household to remain pure) and hence the golden age is known as viceless world. During golden age, vices never exist. Very few people live in golden age.
No other continent other than Bharat (exist in golden age).
This Bharat had golden age and now it has iron age, become stone-like intellect.
Now Father explains you what happens after Mahabharat war, which is not explained in scriptures.
Father comes and opens the gate of heaven. So, certainly He has to come. When there is hell, heaven’s gate has to be opened, the gate of hell will be closed.
All praise belongs to the only One Father.
God is the unlimited Father establishes the unlimited heaven where unlimited happiness exists.
Father says, I have come to give you the inheritance, so you have to receive them.
Deities take 84births in the world cycle. They become impure and they have to become pure once again.
When Father appears on earth, the Ravan - vices also comes on earth.
Happiness, peace and Purity, you receive only from One Father , not from any human being.
Souls  receives peace and happiness only in golden age.
You receive peace in soul world. On earth, if one remains in peace, others will disturb him.
Father is known as Saudagar (One who gives-shares gift), ratnagar (One who has worthy jewels-diamonds). He has purity, knowledge, peace and happiness.
Father comes to give you, but the receiver becomes tired in receiving.
Father says,  I come to give. But you become tired. The storm of maya-vices comes a lot to the children. You have to attain the most elevated status and hence you have to make effort. Follow the Godly directions.
You have to imbibe the virtues and share it with others.
To become pure, you have to offer the five vices certainly.
Only when you remember the Father , your rust of sins will be removed.
Although you make promise to remain free from vices, still you have to remember the Father to get rid of sins.
There is effort in pilgrimage of remembrance.
The ancient Raja yoga is very famous.
If you remember Me, your sinful actions will be destroyed.
You have to connect with the One, leaving aside all others by the intellect. When you have made such a promise why do you forget?
Father says, do all your actions by hand but remember your most Beloved God-Father by your intellect.
Beloved Father says, you spiritual lovers have been remembering Me for half the cycle.
When you reach the karmateet (the stage beyond the influence-bondage of actions) stage, you have to leave this old body. But you attain the stage (constantly) only when the kingdom is established.
Mama – Eve and Brahma-Adam remember the Father, the most.
No one can attain karmateet stage (constantly) at this time. You leave the body when you reach the karmateet stage.
God is the Only One Heavenly God-Father. Only He has all the treasures of happiness, peace,purity.
You cannot receive the inheritance of peace, happiness and purity from any one else.
Father says, the more you imbibe the virtues-treasures, that much inheritance, you receive.
Day by day, you receive the most valuable knowledge but it has to be imbibed-practiced.
Lakshmi Narayan -Deities remain very sweet. You have to become very sweet in nature. Father has come to make you very sweet in nature.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
In no other satsang, you say this, Your language is unique and is called as spiritual knowledge.
Essence for dharna:
1. Give everyone the stock of happiness, peace and purity that you receive from the Father. First become pure by giving the donation of vices and then donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge.
2. Become as sweet as the deities. Constantly remember the promise you made to the Father and also have your sins absolved by staying in remembrance of the Father.
Blessing: May you be one with number one rights and experience peace and happiness on the basis of your purity.
The children who remain constantly aware of their promise of purity automatically experience happiness and peace. To claim number one in the right for purity means to be number one in all attainments. Therefore, never allow the foundation of your purity to become weak. Only then will those who are last be able to go fast. Remain stable in this religion. No matter what happens, even if any person, matter or situation tries to shake you, even if you have to die, you must never leave your religion.
Slogan: Become innocent of all waste and you will become a true saint.

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