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The Sermonizer of True Gita is Shiv not Sri Krishna as told by Ved Vyas.

Murli 23.04.11
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Essence: Sweet children, you children are also number-wise in knowing the Father as He is and what He is. If everyone were to recognise Him, there would be a huge crowd here.
Question: When will the sound of revelation spread everywhere?
Answer: When human beings find out that God Himself has come to carry out establishment of the new world by destroying-transforming this old world. The Father who bestows salvation on everyone has come to grant us the fruit of our devotion. When there is this faith, revelation will take place and there will be upheaval everywhere.
Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song, but who is the Beloved , people never know.
You forget to remember the Father, Father says know yourself as a soul and remember the Ocean of knowledge, if you have the practice of this type of remembrance, you will become stable.
You should know yourself, by your intellect, as a soul.
Very few remember Me as I am and how I am.
If the soul understands about the Supreme Soul, the Incorporeal-bodiless One, God of the True Gita, the Father of all souls, then in one second, souls can reach the God.
If people come to know that, the world is about to be transformed, then queue will be formed from Bombay to Mount Abu, but that quick, souls never get faith.
All are sleeping in the darkness of ignorance and at the end you will become well known.
The God of the Gita is Incorporeal God Himself, but people think it is Sri Krishna (The first Prince of Golden age), when this truth is known, the whole Bharat will come to know about the Father.
Now if you tell others, they say you are in a different world.
Now there is time, you have to make effort in explaining to souls, but people never understand this knowledge. Unless you remember the Father, you never attain the required stage.
Souls never have such love for the Father and never even remember 1%.
If you have love for the Father, you can easily understand that, you are becoming the master of heaven, you have to follow the every step of the Father. For half the cycle you have become body conscious and you find difficult to become soul conscious.
You have to know about yourself and remember the most beloved father, this has to be done and if you do this, the happiness will appear in the face.
Brides get married and they become so happy, but many never become happy even after marriage, there are varieties of people, here also it is like that. There is effort in remembering the Father, You experience the supersensuos joy by constant remembrance, this stage happens at the end (now).
You need the practice of a very long time to reach the elevated stage at the end.
Father has come to give the unlimited inheritance. When the Lakshmi Narayan - deities lose the status, Father comes at the end and make them the master of heaven once again.
Father is teaching you the same action what deities were following. Father says, remain in remembrance of the One alone, do not do any sinful action. For half the cycle, you have been doing sinful action by the influence of vices, now check yourself, are you performing charitable action, are you becoming a stick for the blind?
Father says remember Me alone. God, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul says this not Sri Krishna.
There is Shiv Jayanti (Birth day of Benefactor Father), along with it, there is Gita Jayanti, later there is Krishna Jayanti.
The aim object of this Raja Yoga is to become the Prince and Princess, from being a beggar.
You have to explain that, God of the Gita is Shiv not Sri Krishna, then the concept of God is Omnipresent will disappear.
People call the Supreme God, the Purifier, the Liberator and also they say He is omnipresent.
The important religion is three. Deity religion remains for half the cycle. Father is establishing Brahmin (one who makes effort to become virtuous), devta (in golden age) and kshatriya (in silver age) religions.
The ancient (Adi Sanatan) deity religion is the highest, now souls have become irreligious.
Christians know that, the Christ established Christian religion. The three important religions (of copper and iron ages) are Christianism, Buddhism and Islam.
Everyone has their own religion, different names, and have become more confused.
The important religions are four (in world cycle) and the important scriptures are four.
Brahmin becomes deity and then kshatriya, you do not know how you become that.
You keep praising the deities, But you do not know, God establishes the brahmin, deity and kshatriya religion.
Now, it is the forest of thorns, Bharat was garden of flowers but when and how, who created it, no one knows. No one knows who is God, no one knows about Him accurately and hence you have become orphans, keep wandering looking for God – Father and hence all the violence happens.
People have lot of faith in devotion but they do not know about God. Father has come to give light of knowledge from the darkness- ignorance of devotion, still there is love for God in devotion.
Father has come to give liberation in life, in a second by giving the knowledge.
Now, you children know that, you are in the light, know about the Father, Father has given you the third eye of knowledge. In scriptures they show third eye for deities, but do not know the meaning of it. In reality, only you children receive the third eye of knowledge.
In scriptures, they show God in the chariot and if you explain them, they will say that, you do not believe in scriptures. You tell them that, you believe in scriptures in the right way. All scriptures and temples are objects of devotion. The path of knowledge is different, when people fall in vice, devotion begins, lose their religion and call themselves as a hindu.
You cry to Father, to come and make you pure but without knowing that, you have become impure by the influence of vices. You keep destroying Ravan – the memorial of vices, since ages.
In golden age there is no kingdom of Ravan-vices, the intellect is made golden from stone-like, by the Father. When you come in iron age, then the Father comes and establishes the golden age. Father explains all these, still very little remain in your intellect.
Now you have relationship with the One God-Father, once again. You become the master of heaven. Father says, you belonged to Me, then you forgot Me, you belonged to the vices by coming into body consciousness.
Now, Father says, children, remember Me alone, you have to make effort in this. You create sins by coming into body consciousness, and the vessel – soul gets filled up with sins. Instead of showing the right path to others, you forget the father and you perform sinful action to lose your income.
Here the aim is very high, you reach highest or fall down to the lowest, you are attaining the kingly status, it is not that easy. Many reach the sky, others fall down on earth.
If you perform sins, there will not be any change in behaviour and your intellect becomes dull.
Even if you do not help others, you just have to remember Me, to become happy for ever. If you remember Me, all your sins will be destroyed. Unless you remember Him, you cannot reach heaven.
People go to sanyasis and if they receive a child or benefit in millions, they keep praising the sanyasis for life together, that is limited, here you receive unlimited inheritance for a period of 21births.
Whatever listened in scriptures, people follow that, it is not a sin for them, people become happy by the limited objects.
God is giving you inheritance by a very easy method of remembrance. Many do not explain to others being in remembrance to influence souls. The easy RajaYoga is being taught by God Himself not by Sri Krishna. This pilgrimage of remembrance is very good, you have to see this drama being detached to understand the complete knowledge and you will know whatever is about to come.
The seed and Cycle of Golden, silver, copper and iron age is clear for you but no one remembers it.
You have to remember the Father and give introduction of the Father to others. Only by remembering Me your sins of so many births will be destroyed and you will know the secrets through Me.
Father says, God is remembering you, not the Brahma-Adam because only God-Father knows who all are serviceable children and so He remembers them. Brahma-Adam cannot remember you because God’s direction for Brahma is to remember the God-Father not that he remembers the children.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become fortunate, have true love for the one Father. To have love means to continue to follow shrimat – Godly direction of the One at every step.
2. Definitely perform acts of charity. The biggest act of charity is to give everyone the Father’s introduction. Remember the Father and remind everyone of the Father.
Blessing: May you have a divine and elevated intellect and maintain an accurate balance of both religion (purity and virtues) and action.
While performing actions, let there be complete religion, that is, dharna-practice, for by having an accurate balance of religion (dharma) and action (karma), your influence will increase. It should not be that you become aware of your dharna when the action is completed. When there is an accurate balance of both in your intellect, you can then be said to be one with an elevated and divine intellect. Otherwise, your intellect is ordinary, your actions are ordinary and your dharna will also be ordinary. So, do not bring about equality in being ordinary, but there has to be equality in greatness. If your actions are elevated, your dharna will also be elevated.
Slogan: Let your mind and intellect be set on the seat of experience and they will never be upset.
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