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There is the tree of human beings and (inverted) tree of souls, showing the location of each soul.

Murli 26.4.11
Essence: Sweet children, become as merciful as the Father and show many others this path. The children who remain busy in service day and night are the courageous ones.
Question: What is the main basis of making your fortune elevated?
Answer: The pilgrimage of remembrance. To the extent that you stay in remembrance, you accordingly make your fortune elevated. While doing everything for the livelihood of your body, continue to remember the Father and the inheritance and your fortune will continue to become elevated.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.
Sweet Children,
When children are born, according to their actions, some are born as rich and others as poor. Like the way they have performed good and bad actions, accordingly they take birth.
Children bring the fate with you. You bring the destiny of heaven, there is connection of destiny with the pilgrimage of remembrance of God (in His true form and nature).
In just a second, you receive the liberation in life. Everyone has to check yourself how you are making effort. You have to follow them, those who do good service, every soul has to be given the introduction of the Father. The world history will be known along with His introduction. The Saints and holy men cannot give the history and geography of world cycle, no one knows about the heaven and inheritance. But you know about the Father and the Inheritance.
You have to remain in remembrance, you have to do service. Those who are bondage free can do a lot of service. If there is no child-heirs, you remain free from bondage, like you are in retirement stage. Then to go to the land of liberation, you need the good company. In devotion, you are in the company of renunciates, they cannot give you the inheritance of household life of golden age, only God can give.
You know the history and geography of the world of 84births. The No.1prince is Sri Krishna, in golden age, he is loved  the most. The worship happens to the No.1. People do not know how many Sri Krishna lived. Sri Krishna is only one but there are eight dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan.
You have to make effort to become No.1, you have to follow the Brahma-Adam and Saraswathi-Eve.
You have to make elevated effort to born among kings in golden age. There they do not have the title of kings and queens, but later.
In satsangs, human beings teach devotion to human beings. They cannot give liberation by teaching the knowledge. Vedas and Scriptures are of devotion and salvation is of knowledge.
No soul can go back in the middle, Every soul has to go together at the end of the world cycle. The section of every religion is different in soul world, there is also a tree of souls. There is tree of living souls – human beings. You children know that you soul is separate from the body and this is known as dying a living death.
You leave all the relations of body by intellect (by looking at everyone as a soul) and go back home.
To remember the God is very easy. You have to make everyone remember the Father to get rid of the sins.
Those who are a very good yogi, they should not leave the body earlier. Because they remain in remembrance - yog and do spiritual service. If they leave the body, they cannot do service, By doing service they attain elevated status and help the brothers and sisters on spiritual service.
Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed. You tell everyone that your soul becomes impure from pure and later becomes pure to go to the pure world.
Soul has to become pure by the pilgrimage of remembrance. You have to keep the chart of remembrance.
You have to see how much bondage of sins can be removed. You remember the Supreme abode and the Heavenly abode. There will be natural disasters, bombs are being created for death and other end they say we have to stop creating destruction weapons, the weapons are kept under the sea. They come out of the sea hit with target and go back into the sea. These weapons are created for own death.
All big palaces - buildings which are being built will be destroyed, the battle has to happen. Everyone’s pocket will become empty. Lot of money is being spent on battle, everything (of old world) has to be destroyed. By bombs, one third of the world will be devastated and one part will be left out. Bharat remains in the left out portion. The death has to happen for everyone, then why not you take complete inheritance from the God Father.
You have to maintain good relationships with everyone but there should not be bondage, and if you are free from bondages, you can do a lot of service, to many souls.
You have to show mercy to your own relatives, You know the path and hence you have to be merciful towards others. Father says, Remember Me to get rid of sins. The sanyasis make a lot of effort, here you have to just remember the Father, there is no difficulty in this.
By listening to the Gita, through the Father, you attain liberation, not by listening through human beings.
By doing charitable action (in body consciousness), you fall down, now you have to climb up.
You know that the heaven is big but shown small in pictures. In golden age, golden palaces were there but later disappear and Bharat becomes poor. From being rich, becomes poor, and this drama has been made accordingly.
Even the new child has to be taught to do service. In many centres, children spoil the atmosphere by wandering intellect.
Those who make mistakes-sins suffer, which can be reduced by saying to the father or by self realization of mistakes. You say, your habit never gets changed.
Many do good service and many others do disservice.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become free from bondage and engage yourself in the Father’s service. Only then will you make your fortune elevated. Become merciful and show many others the path. Become a stick for the blind.
2. Remove all attachment from your body and die alive because you now have to return home. Even during an illness, only remember the one Father and your sins will be absolved.
Blessing: May you constantly have unshakeable faith in the intellect and make every task easy with the authority of the Almighty Father.
When you have the unshakeable faith that you are carrying out every task with the authority of the most elevated Almighty Father, no one can prevent you. No matter how big a task you carry out with this awareness, you will experience it to be extremely easy. Science nowadays has prepared such machinery that you can receive an answer to any question and you are freed from using your brain. Similarly, when you keep the Almighty Authority in front of you, you will easily receive an answer to all your questions and you will experience this path to be easy.
Slogan: The power of concentration can transform the stage of being influenced by something.
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