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Become a sweet fragrant flower by removing the thorns of five vices.

Murli 19.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, become flowers and give everyone happiness. Children who are flowers will only allow jewels to emerge from their mouths.
Question: What are the teachings of God for the children who are to become flowers so that they remain constantly fragrant?
Answer: O My flower children, examine yourselves to check that you don’t have any devilish thorns in the form of weaknesses within you. If you have any thorns within you, then, just as you dislike the weaknesses of others, when you dislike the devilish weaknesses you have within yourself, you will then be able to remove them. Continue to examine yourselves. Check that you are not performing any sins through your thoughts, words or deeds for which you would have to experience punishment.
Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father explains you to the spiritual children that human beings have become body conscious and have become thorns in nature. Now you have to become flowers. Many become thorns even after becoming flowers.
People behave like animals, fight against each other, there are fights even at homes.
Now you are in the ocean of poison, you are becoming flowers from thorns. Father is also known as God.
Golden age is the Garden of flowers and you are becoming flowers now. Many are good and behave like a flower but all of a sudden become a thorn.
I make you the master of heaven. The residents of Bharat were heaven, had palaces of gold. It is called Garden of Allah. This forest of thorns will be transformed to Garden of flowers.
By coming into bad company you become a thorn. The forest of thorns catches fire on its own and those who live among thorns also disappear.The atomic bombs are being created to help in transformation.Many bombs are created through Science. With just two bombs many lose their lives.
Father says, Father is merciful and has to benefit everyone. When fire catches, people  come to God.
God is not omnipresent. Now it is the confluence age.
You have to live in household, you have to give this knowledge to everyone.
Now it is the end of 5000years world cycle, Father has come to transform human beings into deities. Deities are residents of heaven, now you become disinterested towards the demoniac characters.
Check for yourself if you have divine characters? Mind, thoughts and words, do you have divine nature? Do you perform actions with divine nature but not demoniac ?
Your job is to transform thorn into flowers. Are you doing this? There are different types of gardeners. Brahma-Adam is also a gardener and you gardeners go and do Godly service, give this knowledge.
God loves the ones who create fragrant flowers. Let there be words of jewels not stones.
Many become impure instead of becoming pure.
Father says, I do selfless service and I am the Benefactor towards the residents of Bharat who have defamed God saying God is omnipresent.
Father says, I come now and establish the heaven. Heaven exists in Golden age on earth. Now it is iron age – hell. People say when soul leaves the body, it goes to heaven which never happens.
You are making effort to go to the land of Vishnu-deities where the river of milk flows.
Let your nature be such that you do not behave like a thorn, always make effort to become a flower.
You have to remain pure being in the household. Father has come to make you a flower from a thorn.
Do you serve the souls, to transform in to a flower?
This is the true story of True Narayan-deities. You go to golden age and rule the kingdom. You know how they attain different status.
The little offering of poor ones and more offering of rich ones , both have the same value for the Father.
You have been praising the deities like a frog creating sound, without knowing any meaning.
You do not know what is the religion established through the Gita sermon.
You have been calling out for God to make you pure but no one feels that they are impure. The foremost vice is to fall in lust.
Father comes to transform human beings into deities and has to make a lot of effort. Father says, if you remember Me, your sins will be removed, do not speak hurting anyone, speak only words of flowers.
This is the gathering of elevated souls and only souls who become pure can come here.
In future, there will be queue of souls to meet the Father, you children should have a broad intellect. This Bharat was garden of flowers, there were deities, now have become thorns.
You have thorns of five vices. If you do not become a flower at this time, it is not possible to become a flower even birth after birth.
Everyone has to benefit by themselves. Check if you follow the Godly directions constantly.
If anyone goes to a garden, they look for a fragrant flower, not less attractive ones. It should be like Son shows Father. The flowers make the garden more attractive.
The first class flower should have very sweet features, you have to become humble in front of angry ones.
Father gives many methods to make spiritual effort. Mothers are more intelligent, with the intelligence, you can live a pure life being  in the household. The lust is the greatest enemy, to follow the Father and to become master of heaven, certainly you have to remain pure. You make effort for your good, so children have to make effort certainly.
When you fall in vice, you feel bad about it. Hence Father says, children follow the directions of the Father constantly.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to be saved from the bad omens of Maya-vices, only allow jewels of knowledge to emerge from your mouth. Be very careful of the company you keep.
2. In order to become fragrant flowers, continue to remove defects. Follow shrimat (Elevated Direction) and become very, very humble. Never be defeated by lust, the greatest enemy. Save yourself with tact.
Blessing: May you be an elevated soul who creates a constant and stable stage with the awareness of the lesson “I belong to the one Father and none other”.
By constantly remembering the lesson, “I belong to the one Father and none other”, your stage becomes constant and stable. Because you have received all the knowledge, you have many points, but, while having the points, to remain in the stage of a point is the wonder of the moment when someone is pulling you down. Sometimes situations will pull you down, sometimes people will pull you down, sometimes atmosphere, or other things will pull you down. That will happen all the time. However, all those things of expansion should finish in a second and you should remain stable in a constant stage, only then would you be said to have received the blessing of being an elevated soul.
Slogan: Imbibe the power of knowledge and so obstacles will be defeated instead of them waging war against you.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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