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Christ, the soul who was stainless-pure did not experience pain in the cross.

Murli 11.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you are studying personally with the Father. In order to become worthy of the golden-aged sovereignty, you definitely have to become pure.
Question: What is the Father’s occupation which only you children know?
Answer: You know that your Father is the Father, the Teacher and also the Satguru (The True Guide). The Father comes at the confluence age of the cycle to make the old world new, to establish the one original, eternal deity religion. The Father is now teaching us children in order to change us from humans into deities. No one apart from us children knows His occupation.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord…
Sweet Children,
Father has explained the meaning of om shanti. Om means I am a soul. Om shanti means, I am a peaceful soul.
Soul knows that I am an eternal being.
Without soul, body cannot do anything. Ask yourself, if my soul is a charitable or sinful one.
You know that my soul was charitable soul, pure, true gold-like in golden age.
You receive Godly direction and you know the soul was pure, now has become impure.
Every object becomes old from new,the world also had to become impure from pure.
The old world,kaliyug (iron age) is not pure, vicious. The New world is a viceless world.
This knowledge is not taught in any school, God, the most elevated, the Highest on high comes and gives this knowledge.
God’s name is Shiv (Benefactor) and His appearance on earth is celebrated as Shiv Jayanti in Bharat. But no one knows when He appeared on Earth.
It is said 3000 years before Christ, there was heaven on earth.
In scriptures, golden age is calculated as lakhs (millions) of years old.
By the knowledge of the Gita (Godly versions), the Golden age is being established.
The religion of ancient deities is established by God Himself. Father establishes three religions.
This is a very short confluence age called leap age.
Father appears on earth but He never comes in the womb. No one sustains the God. In iron age the womb is like a jail (where soul have visions of past and undergo pain, always wanted to come out of the womb)  and in golden age, the womb is like a heaven.
Those who do disservice, those who fall in vices, undergo pain from the beginning, middle and end.
The establishment takes place in confluence age.
For half the cycle you remain pure in golden and silver age and in copper and iron ages, you become an impure soul.
The souls come from soul world, like the soul of Christ who comes for the first time (with complete power of purity to establish Christianity) on earth from the soul world cannot experience pain. It is believed and said Christ undergoes pain on cross, Christ appeared on another body (of Jesus) and that soul undergoes pain not the Christ.
Shiv Baba (The Benefactor God Father) is always pure and He never ever experiences pain. Christ soul cannot experience pain during its first descend on earth.
Those who take birth undergoes stages of  sato (complete purity), rajo (aggressive in nature) and tamo (sober). It is not in law that when soul comes for the first time, it should experience pain.
Even here, pain happens to this Dada-Brahma-Adam not for God.
In scriptures it is sung-written (inaccurately) what ever happens at this confluence age.
The Laxmi Narayan who were worshipworthy begin worshipping the God, for the first time, in copper age.
The Supreme soul is teaching you now, which cannot happen anywhere in the world. He gives you the inheritance of heaven, once again.
Deity sovereignty is your birth right, given by the God Himself. God is making you worthy. When you become pure, this old body will not remain. Father is making you the master of heaven.
He is the knowledge-full, the Purifier.
God explains the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world through Brahma-Adam in madhu-van (forest of honey in Rajasthan).
This incorporeal God is known as knowledge-full, peaceful and blissful. Human being cannot be called as knowledge-full.
Whatever virtues are in God, children has to imbibe them.
Now, you are receiving the virtues from God to become deities. There are kings and queens, who are powerful in golden age, ministers are not there in golden age. After falling in vices, you take the help of ministers, from copper age.
You must  understand that God is teaching you, teaching you yog (remembrance), you have to remain in remembrance of One God.
In golden age, there cannot be any sinful soul, now there are.
Yours is the pilgrimage of remembrance, this is known as yog-remembrance by which sins are destroyed. You will go back to sweet home, land of peace leaving this old body when you become pure.
From soul world, you came bodiless to earth to play different roles.
Maya is known as vices, the ghost of lust, anger, and No.1 ghost is body consciousness.
Father’s job is to transform the vicious world in to a vice-less world , you souls have to become vice-less from vicious.
Now, it is your final birth, the land of death will be destroyed, later no sinful soul will remain on earth.
Many make false promises (in courts), no one knows the real form, name and occupation of God. Father comes and explains about Himself, gives introduction by Himself. The establishment of spiritual children happens through Brahma-Adam, I make you pure from impure. I come at the end of every 5000 years of world cycle. The cycle keeps repeating, I come to transform the old world to new world, establish the ancient deity religion, I make the children study and you attain elevated status according to the study. Those who make effort at this time and attain elevated status will reach the same status every cycle.
Every cycle, you will repeat the same action and attain the same elevated status. By remembering the Father, your sins will be removed. Scriptures has wrongly mentioned that you take 84lakh births, you know in truth it is only 84births. You will go to the soul world first and later will come to earth. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Remain firm in the promise you have made to the Father to remain pure. You must definitely gain victory over the evil spirits of lust and anger etc.
2. While walking around and doing everything, remember the Father who teaches you. The play is now coming to an end. Therefore, you definitely have to become pure in this last birth.
Blessing: May you be a master and a child who receives regard from the world because of the regard you give to everyone’s advice.
Whether someone is young or old, you must definitely give regard to everyone’s advice because to reject anyone’s advice means to reject your own self. Therefore, if you want to cut off someone’s waste, first give him regard and respect and then give him teachings. This is the right method. When you are filled with this sanskar –habit of giving regard, you will receive regard from the world. For this, become a master and a child, a child and so a master. Your intellect should be unlimited and filled with feelings of good wishes and bringing benefit.
Slogan: To apply the tilak (sign on forehead) of constant company (of One Father) on your forehead is a sign of “suhaag” (the fortune of being wed).
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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