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In golden age the limitation such as no fly zones never exists.

Murli 05.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you become the masters of the world where there are no limits. It is a wonder how you claim the kingdom of the whole world with the power of yoga.
Question: With which bond of the drama is the Father also bound?
Answer: Baba (Father) says: I have to come personally in front of you children. I am bound by this bond. Unless I come, the tangled thread cannot be untangled. I don’t come to give blessings or have mercy on you. I don’t revive those who are dead. I come to purify you.
Song: Having found You, I have found everything.
Sweet Children,
Father says, you become more happy-get goosepimples by listening to the song.
Only you children know that God, the Father of all souls, comes in every world cycle of 5000 years.
Souls do not become happy to know about God because they do not know that He gives the inheritance of heaven.
Father says, I am the One who has been called out in  the name of Allah, Ram.
God comes every cycle to make you pure and give you salvation.
You children are in front of Baba, you are the most beloved sweet children, the residents of Bharat.
I come only in Bharat and certainly residents of Bharat, who were worshipping Me, is the most beloved. Others were worshipping their religious founders.
Only Bharat is the True Continent.
People say wrongly that God is omnipresent , He gives happiness and sorrow. But you know what is the truth.
The storm of maya makes the souls fall down. Those who understood in the previous cycle will understand even in this cycle.
You receive such an inheritance that you become the masters of the world.
In golden age the limitation such as no fly zones never exist.
You know that once again you are receiving the inheritance of heaven from the Father.
I come and give you unlimited happiness to you children.
Every children cannot remain same.All human souls of the world are the children of One God.
Father comes only in Bharat and gives the inheritance of heaven to the residents of Bharat (even to those who got converted to other religions and have gone far away from Bharat).
By taking 84births, you have now reached this lowest status.
You children have highest role in this world drama, you attain the highest happiness than any other souls.
Now, this world is the world of sinful souls. Golden age is the world of charitable souls. Now you are becoming charitable souls. You must not give  sorrow to anyone.
From copper age, you were doing charities, you do it for the sinful souls and you receive in return for limited births of one or two. Saying surrender to God is the right sentence than saying surrendering to Krishna.One who gives is only the One Father.
Now, You know that you are offering everything (by intellect) to One Father. And you receive in return for 21births.
The ancient religion of deities is now being established once again.
I give you, the true knowledge of introduction of God Himself and the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.This knowledge disappears later, during golden age.
In scriptures, you get entangled by saying , souls take millions of births instead of 84births.
It cannot be that God never comes on earth, but it is not that God comes and revive the dead or show mercy. God comes to purify the impure souls (by His knowledge).
You have been calling the Purifier, the giver of happiness, to come and give peace, to give liberation and liberation in life for ever.In truth you never receive liberation and liberation in life for ever. Those souls who come late on earth to play their roles, experience more peace - liberation in the soul world.
In soul world, many souls reside and keep coming on earth even now, at the final stage of world drama.
Those who have roles to play at the end of the world drama come at the end.
The description of world souls and the cycle of 84births can be shown in the form of world human tree.
Now, you children know that the Supreme soul who is the ocean of knowledge and peace are teaching you, appearing in the body of Brahma-Adam. This is not explained in any scriptures. (God does not have a body of His own).
Now you know about God, from whom you receive the inheritance of New world. But you forget God repeatedly.
Atleast eight hours remember the God in a day, along with your normal activities. When you reach this stage, it will be understood that you are doing a lot of service.
The pilgrimage of remembrance is very important. Children, your karmic bondages have been accumulated for a very long time, so wake up early in the morning and remember the God (even whilst doing all your actions, be aware of the God).
Remember the word Manmanabhav – remember the One alone, this is the mantra of climbing stage. While doing all actions, remember the word Manmanabhav.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Be straightforward and honest with the Father. You are the children of the benevolent Father and you therefore have to benefit everyone. Become worthy.
2. While performing actions, definitely have at least eight hours of remembrance. Remembrance is the main thing. It is through this that the burden of sins will be removed.
Blessing: May you be knowledge-full, those who finish any vision of dislike with the vision of mercy.
The children who know the sanskars (habits) of one another and remain deeply lost in transforming their sanskars never think: “This one is always like this”. Such ones are said to be knowledge-full. They only look at themselves and remain free from obstacles. Their sanskars are those of being merciful, the same as the Father. The vision of mercy finishes the vision of dislike. Such merciful children never have conflict among themselves. They become worthy and give the proof of that.
Slogan: Those who constantly think of God are carefree emperors. They cannot have any type of worry.
NOTE: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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