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A knowledgeable soul finishes all sorrow and peacelessness,cuts away the strings of many bondages.

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Essence: Sweet children, there is no need for noise in this study. Here, the Father has given you just one mantra: Children, remain quiet and remember Me.

Question: What are the signs of children who have Godly intoxication?
Answer: 1) The behaviour of the children who have Godly intoxication is very royal. 2) They speak very little. 3) They only let jewels emerge from their mouth. Generally, royal people also speak very little. You are God’s children and you should therefore remain royal.

Sweet Children,
People worship God but at the same time it is said God is omnipresent without name and form. It is not possible to remember anything who does not have a name or form, and nothing in the world exists without name and form.
Soul leaves one body and takes another, take rebirths. Only supreme soul never comes in rebirths. You are explained how soul takes rebirths. You study early morning when people generally sleep. In this study, there is not much noise. GodFather gives you the mantra: Children, remember Me in silence. Here, there are no gurus to give you mantra for each one.
This is the Gita Study centre where GodFather teaches you the history and geography of the world. You never even play any songs. If students have not seen the map, it is difficult to understand the locations. Hence, you children also have to explain knowledge through pictures.
Even without pictures, you can explain knowledge. People say the world cycle is of millions of years. In fact, the four ages can be divided equally in four parts. There is old world in two parts and New world in other two parts. The world cycle repeats in every 5000years.
Only GodFather comes and explains you in reality. There is no need to sing song or poem here. God comes only at this confluence age, the end of iron age. You children know that the Benefactor God, who resides far away, come to earth at this confluence age.
You all souls reside in the world far beyond, known as Incorporeal world where souls reside without a body. Soul appears as the deities on earth, in the very beginning during Sun dynasty. Then the souls of Moon dynasty come on earth when the kingdom of Lakshmi Narayan becomes past. At that time, no one has knowledge of copper and iron age.
At this time, GodFather explains you about the world cycle.  When you know about God, you will also know about the world cycle. It is the God who is the Purifier. You know this is the very great sacrificial fire where everything of the old world are sacrificed. Those who will rule the kingdom will remain in remembrance of God constantly.
For 1250 years, there is sun dynasty. In silver age, two degrees of purity level (virtues) come down. The more you connect your intellect with GodFather, the alloys of the soul will be removed. Sri Krishna  of sun dynasty is praised a lot unlike Sri Ram of Moon dynasty.
No one knows, it is Radha Krishna who become Lakshmi Narayan. Initially it is Satopradhan, when the level of virtues comes down, it becomes sato, then rajo and then tamo. You must forget all the religion of body and become bodiless. The unlimited Father says, remember the Allah. Souls are children of Allah. The Father of soul does not have a body. People remember the Allah who does not have a body and who lives up above.
Supreme Soul and Soul resides in the soul world. God says, I come like a traveler like you souls.  But you souls take rebirths, I never take birth. I relieve you from the old vicious world. GodFather says, Children, now this play comes to an end, everything has become costlier. During olden days, everything was easily available. In golden age, gold and diamond were easily available, people had enough food to eat. Everyone had enough land. Bharat was very rich, unlike now.
Your deity religion gives you a lot of happiness. Foreigners have invaded earth and looted a lot. Now, one traveler comes on earth to make the whole world beautiful. He transforms the complete land of death in to land of angels. You children have come here for refreshment. You must remember GodFather doing all actions.
You souls have taken this body of five elements. In subtle and soul world, you never have a body of five elements. At this time, souls have become vicious.  You souls cry out for God to come and purify the souls. Children cry out for GodFather. God is known as Heavenly GodFather, hence certainly God would appear to create Heaven.
In this study, there is no need for music or noise, but you can refresh yourself with good songs. It is better not to have much noise. Royal people never make much noise. Your speech must be royal and sweet.
Achcha. Namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.Keep yourself constantly refreshed. Only let jewels emerge through your lips. If you ever become sad, listen to the good satopradhan songs of olden days.
2.Practise being soul conscious. Stay in remembrance and make effort to remove the alloy of soul.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and experience liberation and liberation-in-life through the treasures of knowledge.
The treasure of the jewels of knowledge is the most elevated treasure. With this treasure, you can experience liberation and liberation-in-life at this time. A knowledgeable soul is one who finishes all reasons for sorrow and peacelessness, cuts away the strings of many bondages and experiences liberation and liberation-in-life. To remain constantly free from waste and sinful thoughts and sinful actions is the stage of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Slogan: A world transformer is one who transforms the atmosphere with his powerful attitude.

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