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Become such masters of the self that all dependency finishes.

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Essence: Sweet children, tell everyone the secret of the three fathers in the form of a story. You cannot receive your inheritance until you recognise the unlimited Father and become pure.

Question: Baba is completely new. What new introduction of Himself has He given you?
Answer: Human beings have said that Baba is brighter than a thousand suns. However, Baba says: I am a point. Therefore, Baba is new. If you first had a vision of a point, no one would believe that. This is why everyone receives a vision according to their belief and devotion.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor).

Sweet Children,
There is old world and new world. The new world is known as golden age and old world is of iron aged. The old world has to be transformed to New world. There is sorrow in old world and happiness in new world.
The deities did not have any vices within them unlike human beings of iron age. You children must explain about this to everyone. God creates the New world, adopts you children through the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma). You children say, Shiv Baba we belong to You.
Soul has to become virtuous – pure. Vicious souls cannot receive liberation or liberation in life. There are various religions but not the one ancient deity religion. There will be virtuous deity world immediately after the vicious world.
You make effort for the New World. In golden  and silver ages, people never remember the GodFather.  From copper age souls remember GodFather due to experience of sorrow. The sanskars exist in the souls. There are charitable soul and sinful soul. Sinful souls remember the charitable soul.
You souls were worthy of worship, have become worshippers. You go through the different ages of the world. God teaches you children through the Adam-Brahma.  The bodiless God father speaks to the souls. God is only One and He is known as Shiv. You have to make others understand in their own ways.
You receive knowledge at this confluence age. God Father creates the New world being in old world. Now, God has come, you souls have to return home according to the world drama, to go through Sun dynasty, Moon dynasty, then copper and iron ages.
People say the world cycle is of millions of years, but in fact, world cycle repeats every 5000years. Devotees see the divine visions according to their faith. If people see the vision of soul-point of light, it never has any effect over them.
You have been remembering GodFather for half of the world cycle. People never know when the GodFather comes and when people fall in vice. The five vices are known as Ravan and every soul has Ravan within them.
God comes and takes every soul back home. Like dead souls appear in a body, GodFather also comes in the body of Adam-Brahma. But God’s ways are unique. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma and adopt you souls. I tell you: I belong to you. By remembering Me, your sins will be removed.
You must remember Supreme GodFather in soul world – the sweet home of all souls. You souls and Supreme Soul reside in the world beyond of Supreme peace. You must explain to others individually not in a group. Even devotional activities are done alone. If you become virtuous, you will become the master of the world. You have to carry out your job but remember GodFather, so that the alloys of soul will be removed, you will attain the stage of karmateet – free from bondage of actions.
You must explain to others about this knowledge. There are four ages of 1250years each. Many will listen to this knowledge, It is easy to explain about A and B – God and the Inheritance. If you have the awareness that you are a soul, then you need not have to make effort, it will be easy. Only once in this world cycle, you receive this responsibility to remember GodFather.
Only One Supreme Guide shows you the right path none else.
Good Morning and Namaste to the sweet, sweet, beloved, lost and found children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Make the soul satopradhan with the power of yoga and reach the constant, stable, karmateet stage. Make incognito effort for remembrance, and study-teach in solitude.
2.            In order to claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life, you definitely do have to become pure in this final birth.

Blessing: May you be free from all attractions and constantly experience safety under the Father’s canopy of protection.
In order to protect yourself from the sun or rain in the physical world you take the support of an umbrella. That is a physical canopy whereas this is the Father’s canopy of protection which keeps the soul safe at every moment. Such a soul is never attracted by anything. Say “Baba” from your heart and you will be safe. No matter what circumstances come, those who remain under the canopy of protection constantly experience safety. They cannot be even slightly touched by Maya.

Slogan: Become such masters of the self that all dependency finishes.

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