Thursday, 13 December 2012

Remain constantly absorbed in love and you will not experience anything to be hard work.

Essence: Sweet children, Yogeshwar, the Father, has come to teach you Raja Yoga. It is only with this yoga that you will become conquerors of sin-vices and then become world emperors and empresses in the future.

Question: What promise must you remember in order to be saved from sin-vices?
Answer: Mine is one Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) and none other. Have true spiritual love for the one Father. If you remember this promise you won’t perform sinful actions. Maya makes you body conscious and makes you perform wrong actions. Baba is the Master. Remember Him and battle with full force against Maya and you won’t be defeated.

Question: What hope does the Father have for His children?
Answer: Just as a physical father wants to give his children a high education, in the same way, the unlimited Father says: I want to make My children into angels of heaven. If you children just follow My shrimat you can become elevated.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune…

Essence for dharna:
1. Be very careful that no evil spirit enters you. Never become confused by the storms of Maya. Remove bad habits.
2. Keep your chart of remembrance. Together with that, become a spiritual server and give souls an injection of knowledge.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be free from worry by remaining constantly carefree on the basis of thinking about God.
People of the world have worries at every step whereas you children have thoughts of God in your every thought. This is why you are carefree. Karavanhar is making you do everything and you are the ones who do it as instruments. You have everyone’s finger of co-operation and every task is therefore easy and successful. Everything is moving along fine and it has to be fine. The One who inspires you is making you do it and you simply have to be an instrument and use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way. This is the stage of being carefree and free from worry.

Slogan: In order to experience constant contentment, continue to take blessings from everyone.

Essence: Sweet children, never stop studying because of sulking with one another. To stop studying means to leave the Father.

Question: What is the reason for service not growing?
Answer: When there is a difference of opinion among you, service doesn’t grow. Some children stop studying because of a difference of opinion. Baba cautions you: Children, don’t have any conflict with one another. Don’t listen to gossip. Listen to only the one Father. Give your news to the Father and He will give you directions to become 16 celestial degrees full.

Question: What is the first and main reason that you stop studying?
Answer: The sickness of name and form. When you become trapped in the name and form of a bodily being, you don’t feel like studying. Maya defeats you in this respect. This is a very big obstacle.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t speak about wasteful things with each other. You must never come into a conflict of opinion. Never stop studying under any circumstances.
2. Never disobey Baba. After making a promise, remain firm about it forever. Always have an interest in doing service.

Blessing: May you experience being full of the treasures of knowledge, virtues and powers and thereby full of wealth.
The children who have the treasures of knowledge, virtues and powers remain constantly full, that is, they remain content. For them, there is no name or trace of a lack of attainment. They are ignorant of limited desires and they are bestowers. There is no creation of limited desires or attainments. They can never become beggars who ask for something. Such children who are constantly full and content are said to be full of wealth.

Slogan: Remain constantly absorbed in love and you will not experience anything to be hard work.

Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come from the faraway land to establish both a religion and a kingdom. When the deity religion exists, it is the kingdom of deities. There is no other religion or kingdom at that time.

Question: In the golden age, all are charitable souls; there are no sinful souls. What is the sign of that?
Answer: There, no one suffers for his or her actions in the form of illness. Illnesses etc. here prove that souls are experiencing punishment for their sins in the form of suffering for their karma. That is called the karmic accounts of the past.

Question: Which of the Father’s signals can only far-sighted children understand?
Answer: The Father signals: Children, while sitting here, race with your intellect’s yoga and remember the Father. If you remember Him with love, you will become a garland around the Father’s neck. Your tears of love become beads of the rosary.
Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become far-sighted. Have your sins absolved with the pilgrimage of remembrance. Never perform sinful actions while on the pilgrimage.
2. Become a mahavir and conquer Maya. Don’t be afraid of defamation. Become Kalangidhar.

Blessing: May you be filled with unbroken peace and happiness by considering storms to be a gift for the flying stage.
In order to experience a life that is filled with unbroken peace and happiness, become a self-sovereign, a master of the self. For a master of the self, a storm becomes a gift for the flying stage to make that one experienced. Such a soul does not experience happiness on the basis of facilities, salvation or praise, but he experiences unbroken happiness and peace on the basis of Godly attainment. Circumstances of any type of peacelessness cannot break the constant and unbroken peace of such a soul.

Slogan: In order to experience being full constantly full, give blessings and receive blessings.

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