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you never attain God or become virtuous by scriptures or meditation but by love for God.

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Essence: Sweet children, the more you donate jewels of knowledge, the fuller your treasure-store will become; your churning of the ocean of knowledge will continue and you will be able to imbibe jewels well.

Question: What are the signs of souls who don't have unlimited happiness in their fortune?
Answer: They listen to the knowledge, but they are like an upside-down pot; nothing sits in their intellects. They say that this knowledge is good and praise it. They agree that it should be given to everyone and that this path is very good, but they themselves do not follow this path. Baba says: That is their fortune. It is the duty of you children to do service. Continue to relate this to thousands of people. At least subjects are created. Make effort in the same way that the mother and father do and claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father. Imbibe knowledge and continue to make others equal to yourselves.

Song:     I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
The fortunes are of two types: One if of good and other is of bad. One is of happiness and other is of sorrow. Bharat has both. When the house is new, it is good, when it is old, it is bad. You children were very fortunate, you were the masters of the world. Now, you have lost all the fortune. Only the unlimited father explains you about this.
Bharat had a very good fortune when it was pure-virtuous. Now, the same Bharat has become impure due to vices. When you become vice-less, you become virtuous.
When the human beings fortune become bad, they undergo sorrow. People know, who gives happiness and who gives sorrow. People remember God for happiness and hence it proves God never gives sorrow.
Now, God makes you a one with divine intellect. You understand that the world cycle keeps repeating. You children have received the third eye of knowledge. By reading scriptures and by meditation, you never attain God and never become pure-virtuous.
You have been calling God to come. When God comes, the pure world of golden age is established. The Purifier is only One God. One Supreme Soul is the Ram of all Sitas. It is said God is the only Benefactor. In golden age, every soul has a golden aged divine intellect. Now, souls have iron aged stone-like intellect.
The demons of scriptures belong to this confluence age. It is God’s role to transform the vicious in to virtuous ones. God makes you virtuous-pure and Ravan (vices) makes you impure-vicious. When God comes, the darkness of ignorance is removed. Now, the souls have become ugly, by remembrance of God, the alloys deposited in the soul will be removed. People never understand the meaning of manmanabhav (The mind has to be controlled and intellect has to be focused on GodFather).
Consider yourself as soul and rest your mind on God. It is said, the soul is like a tiny star located at the middle of forehead. (Mamma says, merge the body (conscious) and bring out the soul). God is also like a star, He has a name and form. Scientists try to go beyond polar-sky but it will not give salvation.
It is said, God is the Seed of world human tree, Ocean of knowledge. Each soul plays same role in every world cycle. God gives lot of methods to benefit Bharat. The meeting between God and souls are praised-remembered. Souls remember GodFather in sorrow but not during happiness, since ages.
You children have complete knowledge in the intellect. It is said of Day of Brahma and Night of Brahma-Adam. You receive the salvation in just a second but the knowledge is like an ocean. You have been listening to the knowledge for so many years.
In golden age, there was only one religion, at present, there are various religions. You children understand how this world cycle repeats. You rule the kingdom (in golden age) by the power of Yoga. You children must share this knowledge with others, must note down the points of knowledge. You increase the treasures of knowledge when you share with others.
You must have spiritual intoxication to do service. The Maharathis are those who make others equal to them. You make silent spiritual effort. Supreme Soul and Krishna are praised differently. At this time, the world human tree has become very old, it will be transformed. Those who got transferred to other religions will come back to their original religion. The Hindu religion in fact belongs to the ancient deity religion.
At present, the sampling of ancient deity religion is planted. You have learned the complete scriptures. God gives you the knowledge of Gita at this time. You must have lot of courage to explain to the people. You will perform service according to the world drama. This knowledge is, to make you spiritually elevated.
God speaks to the children: Remember Me, never become vicious at this final birth. Won’t you follow My path? I have come to make you the master of the kingdom. Won’t you follow the GodFather? Those who come in golden age, listen to this knowledge.
Children must have lot of spiritual intoxication. Many must receive the message of God. You have to make effort like the Father and Mother.
The spiritual GodFather says Good morning and Namaste to the sweet, sweet, beloved, lost and found spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, become extremely sweet and full of all virtues. Don't touch the inheritance of Ravan.
2.            Imbibe knowledge, and do service with spiritual intoxication. In order to claim unlimited happiness, take all the advice that the Father gives and follow it.

Blessing: May you be master trikaldarshi and overcome every situation through your original stage.
Children who remain stable in their trikaldarshi stage overcome every situation through their own original stage in such a way that it is as though nothing has happened. According to time souls who are knowledge-full and trikaldarshi have every power, every point and every virtue under their orders. It wouldn’t be that at a time of need, when they order the power of tolerance, it actually comes after when the task is accomplished. When you need a power, for that power to work at that time in the way you want it to work – it is then that it can be said that you are a master of the treasures and master trikaldarshi.

Slogan: Those who remain constantly happy and distribute happiness to everyone are the true servers.

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