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May you remain constantly free from obstacles in this New Year being Content and making others content.

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2013 New Year Greetings from GodFather:
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! for the New Year! In this New Year  bring some newness in yourself. Whatever nature that was hard to transform until now has to be transformed in this New year. Become free from obstacles and co-operate with others in making them free from obstacles. Let every contented soul keeps sparkling! Baba (GodFather) would like to see you souls like this.

Achcha. Lots, lots and lots of remembrance and love for the souls of all directions and congrats, congrats and congrats (Blessings) for self-transformation.
Essence: Sweet children, this is the confluence age when there is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul. The Satguru only comes once and gives you children true knowledge and teaches you children to speak the truth.

Question: Which children's stage remains first class?
Answer: Those whose intellects are aware that everything belongs to Baba. The stage of the children who follow shrimat at every step and who completely renounce everything remains first class. The journey is long and so you must continue to follow the elevated directions of the highest Father.

Question: Which children experience infinite happiness while listening to the murli?
Answer: Those who understand that they are listening to Shiv Baba's (Benefactor GodFather’s) murli and that Shiv Baba speaks this murli through the body of Adam-Brahma. Our most beloved Baba is speaking this to us to make us constantly happy and to change us from human beings into deities. If you have this awareness while listening to the murli you will experience happiness.

Song: Beloved, come and meet me.
Sweet Children,

People live in sorrow in this iron aged world and  call out for the beloved. Souls live in happiness in golden age. The True Beloved, Father, Guide belongs to every soul. I come only once at this confluence age in every world cycle. Every soul comes into the cycle of birth and death but I, the True Guide come only once. Other gurus are not known as True guide because they never speak the truth.
Those who know the true guide speak only the truth. The True Father, teacher and Guide come and say I come in confluence age to make souls pure-virtuous. Since I appear on earth, I teach the easy Rajayoga. When I make the souls pure, the old world comes to an end and I go back.

Scriptures never say when God appears in the impure old body of Adam-Brahma. God introduces Himself that I appear in the body of Adam – Brahma at his retirement age. GodFather comes to establish the kingdom of God transforming the world of vices into world of virtues.
At this time, the whole world is like a lanka ruled by the Vices-Ravan. I transform the whole world into Ashok Vatika – garden which is free of sorrows. I appear only in Bharat-India. Heaven exists only in India. Even Christians believe on heaven. I teach you how I come and make you understand about the world cycle. Now, the iron age has to come to an end.

The kingdom will be established, this knowledge comes to an end when souls attain the stage of karmateet-free from bondage of actions. It is my role to establish the ancient religion of virtuous deities. God is praised a lot and hence He must have done something. Every religion has their own scriptures and Deities have the scriptures of what is spoken by GodFather.
There are many who leave this study and are replaced by others. You must remember only one GodFather. Every birth soul takes different name, place which will not repeated in 5000years but repeated in every world cycle of 5000years.

Souls leave one body and take another, their form and image, features never repeat once they leave one body. God is the most beloved not any deities. God certainly gives inheritance to every soul and hence He seems to be very loving. You receive inheritance only from GodFather.
When souls lose their original virtues, God comes and makes you virtuous. God says remember the one beloved considering yourself as a soul. This confluence age is very short.Then you will get transferred to the deity clan. This knowledge is like a nectar, this is the study centre to transform human beings in to virtuous deities. God comes and makes you like a diamond.

GodFather never appears in the womb but He takes loan of the body of Adam-Brahma. Day by day the souls become vicious. Every soul has to appear in this stage of earth. No one knows how God comes on earth. God Himself says, I appear on earth in this body of Adam – Brahma who live in this physical world. There is Adam-Brahma in the subtle world as well as in the physical world. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma who lives in the physical world only once in the world cycle.
People keep  calling out for GodFather, it needs effort to attain the elevated stage. People say that God’s ways are unique. Whatever treasures of happiness and knowledge I have, I give it to you souls. Whatever sufferings take place at this time repeats in every world cycle. According to the spiritual effort you make at this time, you attain elevated status in the golden age.

There are many who believe in this spiritual study but everyone don’t  lead a virtuous life. This is a spiritual race in which you receive the whole kingdom as a reward. This study reaches the souls of the world, you know that the most beloved GodFather is teaching you and hence you experience unlimited happiness. You must remember such a GodFather all the time but maya-situations never allow you to remember God constantly.
You must follow the elevated Godly directions, this spiritual pilgrimage is very long. You come in the New world of happiness where souls live an eternal life. The golden age is known as the immortal world. God explains, you souls never die but leave an old body and take a new one with a lot of happiness like the examples of snake, who removes one skin and take another. You also serve like bumble bee and control yourself like a tortoise.

You must check your chart of remembrance of GodFather because you will get distracted by vices-maya. You must not forget the most beloved GodFather at any cost. In future you would notice that even the most seriviceable ones go away from the spiritual path. Never perform such a foolish act by going away from the GodFather.

Spiritual Father wishes you all a very Happy New Year! Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Give everyone the treasures of happiness and peace you have received from the Father. With knowledge, make effort to make your stage strong.

2. In order to imbibe divine virtues, renounce body consciousness, consider yourself to be a soul, become bodiless and remember the one Beloved.

Blessing: May you be free from desires and make all three aspects of time good by having remembrance of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.
Those children who have remembrance of the one Father, the Comforter of Hearts, in their heart constantly sing songs of wonder “Wah!, wah!”. They cannot have words of distress emerging in their mind or even in their dreams because what has happened is wonderful, what is happening is wonderful and whatever is to happen will be wonderful. All three aspects of time are wonderful, that is, they are the best of all. Where everything is good, there cannot be any desires arising because everything can only be good when there are all attainments. To be full of all attainments means to be free from desires.

Slogan: Make your sanskars so cool (gentle) that sanskars of force or bossiness do not emerge at all.

Essence: Sweet children, you should have the happiness that you are now to leave this world and everything within it and go to your home, the land of peace, and then to the land of happiness.

Question: In order to move constantly forward on this delicate path, what must you definitely be cautious about?
Answer: Don't become a friend of anyone who tells you wasteful or devilish things. To listen and agree with others when they speak of defamatory things means to be disobedient to the Father. Therefore, become merciful and help them end their habits. Become obedient to the Father. Wear the eye make-up (ointment) of knowledge. This is a very delicate path. By moving along with great caution you will continue to make progress.

Song: Take us away from this land of sin to a world of rest and comfort!
Essence for dharna:
1. Keep your attitude pure and even make your enemies into your friends. Uplift those who defame you and give everyone the Father’s true introduction.

2. Let only the jewels that emerge through Baba's lips emerge through your lips. Don’t listen to or speak of wasteful things.
Blessing: May you be a self-transformer and so a world transformer who inculcates the sanskars of Father Adam-Brahma into the self.

At the end, Father Adam-Brahma reminded all the children of the sanskars he created in himself – incorporeal, viceless and egoless. These sanskars of Father Brahma should be the natural sanskars of you Godly children. Constantly keep these elevated sanskars in front of you. Throughout the day, when you perform actions, check whether all three sanskars have emerged there. By imbibing these sanskars you will become a self-transformer and so a world transformer.
Slogan: In order to create an avyakt stage, do not see the image (chitra - body), but look at the living being (chaitanya) and the character (charitra).

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