Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Never eat food prepared by impure minds of self or others but in remembrance of GodFather.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have received the third eye of knowledge. You have become trikaldarshi, but you cannot be given those ornaments at this time because you are effort-makers.

Question: While living at home with your family you definitely have to perform actions, but what one thing do you have to be very cautious about?
Answer: While performing actions and interacting with everyone, be very cautious about food. Don’t eat food prepared by impure minds. Continue to protect yourselves. Don’t become renunciates of action, but definitely take precautions. You are karma yogis. While performing actions, stay in remembrance of the Father and your sins will be absolved.

Sweet Children,
In Bharat-India, at present, defamation of religion takes place and the irreligiousness spreads. God performs three actions through virtuous deities. The establishment takes place through Adam-Brahma and there is sustenance being done through Vishnu – the golden age deities and the transformation is being carried out by the Shankar-those who remember GodFather.
The complete old world has to be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire of knowledge created by God Himself.  God is also known as the most Innocent. You receive the knowledge of world cycle by God at this confluence age, you perform actions with the third eye of knowledge. Knowledge is not given to the deities of golden age. In scriptures weapons are shown in memorial of knowledge.
God is knowledge-full, explains about the beginning, middle and end of the complete world cycle. This knowledge is not known to anyone other than the God Himself. By not knowing about GodFather, people have become like orphans. You children must give the introduction of Spiritual GodFather to all souls.
God gives the kingdom of golden age to the deities of golden age. At present the Ravan – five vices rule the kingdom of world, the NewDelhi will be ruled by the deities in golden age. There is the memorial of Jagannath puri. This world has become a world of vicious-sinful souls.
God comes and establishes the ancient deity religion through Adam-Brahma. No soul can go back in the middle of the world drama, Every soul has to take birth in this world again and again till the end of 5000years world cycle.
You children are the Spiritual army, the rivers of knowledge appeared from the Ocean of knowledge. You learn the easy rajayoga at this time. Sanyasis renounce the world – actions, but you are known as the karm sanyasis. You must very much take care of the food what you eat, must not take food prepared by the vicious minds, it will affect your mind. Food must be prepared and taken in remembrance of GodFather.
The Yoga being taught by others is physical and here you are asked to remember the GodFather. Now, you have become complete beggar (being a trustee) after belonging to God, to become Prince of golden age.
You have learned this RajaYoga and have ruled the kingdom of golden age so many times. You have to remember the GodFather and the inheritance of heaven, to forget this old world which is going to be transformed.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Conquer Maya with the power of knowledge and yoga by following shrimat. Have your sins absolved before destruction-transformation takes place.
2.            In order to claim the unlimited kingdom, continue to protect yourself in every way. Be very cautious about being affected by the food what you eat.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who flies with zeal and enthusiasm by having a right to co-operation through closeness of the heart.
The children who remain constantly close to the Father’s heart even while sitting far away receive a right to co-operation and they will continue to receive co-operation till the end. Therefore, with the awareness of this right, neither become weak or disheartened nor become an ordinary effort-maker in your efforts. The Father is combined with you and you must and therefore become an intense effort-maker with constant zeal and enthusiasm and continue to move forward. Hand over your weaknesses and disheartenment to the Father and just keep zeal and enthusiasm with yourself.

Slogan: Continue to place your footsteps in the steps of shrimat and the destination of perfection will come close.

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