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Let the intellect remain pure-undisturbed even by looking at things-situations.


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Essence: Sweet children, renounce arrogance of the body and become soul conscious. In order to benefit yourself, keep your chart of remembrance. Especially sit in remembrance. It is only through remembrance that your sins will be absolved.

Question: What is the first law that the Father has told you children?
Answer: The first law is that, while seeing everything, your intellect should not be disturbed by any of it. Stay in remembrance of the one Father. Examine yourself: Is my attitude spoilt when I see something? While performing actions with your hands, remember the Father with your heart. There is no question of closing your eyes in this.

Sweet Children,
In devotion, Sanyasis close their eyes to remember God. Here, the direction is , not to get disturbed even by looking at things-situations. Test-Check yourself if your mind get spoiled by looking. Let the intellect remain pure even by looking at things-situations. Let the hand perform the work and mind remember the GodFather, like women prepare food for the husband - in remembrance(love) of husband.
You souls-children understand this knowledge and imbibe them. You children are on Godly service. God calls Himself the most Obedient servant of children.  You are given the direction, remain in the household and remember GodFather repeatedly. Maya diverts your attention from the remembrance (love) of God, your battle is against maya to win over her. Your mind should rest on God while performing actions. Check if your mind gets disturbed. You must not be careless in remembrance thinking that you belong to GodFather, you have to maintain a chart to see how much you remember the GodFather.
You have the knowledge. People of the world never know about the teachings of God. People defame God by saying God is present everywhere. Being stone-like intellect, people never understand about God. God says, consider yourself as a soul, soul has come naked on earth without a body. You must see yourself different from body. For so many births you have been seeing yourself as a body, now see yourself as a soul at least in this final birth.
In golden age, people were aware that they leave one body and take another. Sanyasis never know about the true knowledge of soul. Sanyasis have helped Bharat-India by their purity. Bharat is praised a lot due to the power of purity. Now, Bharat has become impure. Bharat is the pilgrimage for all souls.
God is known as the Liberator, He liberates souls from sorrows and takes everyone back to Soul world-the Sweet home. If people know this, they would not call God as omnipresent. People call out God as Purifier. It is the residents of Bharat who become more elevated.
The God who is praised by residents of the world appears only in Bharat-India. God is the Liberator of all souls. You have none but Only One. God never has a body to die, He takes every soul to back Home and hence everywhere people worship the Supreme Soul GodFather even without their knowledge.
After birth of Shiv(benefactor), there is the birth of SriKrishna – the first prince of golden age. Golden aged world is known as the Paradise, you are establishing heaven once again by Godly direction. You children are known as the salvation army, you release-save the whole world from the chain of Ravan-vices.
Gandhiji released you from foreigners, but people keep fighting against each other creating sorrows. God appears to release you from the chain of Ravan-vices. In golden age, various types of vices never exist, there nothing appears as sorrow. Only the residents of Bharat-India know about the golden age.
Souls come down from their sweet home and never go back, keep taking many births. Souls keep doing devotion, bow infront of images, no one shows the right path. Only One God  shows you the right path, no one else know about the path towards home. Now, every soul will go back like a swarm of mosquitoes, after finishing their karmic accounts, and this time is known as the judgement day.
Now, you children earn an income for 21births by remembrance of GodFather to remain constantly happy for 21births. There is nothing to be attained in the treasure-store of virtuous deities of golden age. This is not mentioned in any scriptures, only you children experience this at this time.
When you live in golden age, you never have scriptures. It is written in Birla temple that Yudhistr established heaven 5000years before. River Ganga is very famous than any other river. People use to commit suicide in Kasi culvert to get rid of sins. Now, you surrender yourself to GodFather and become resident of heaven.
God takes you to golden age. ShivBaba (Benefactor Father) is the Bestower, whatever is being built is only for children. When you offer something to God, God never takes anything, God does not need anything. GodFather wants you to remove the attachment from everything, handle everything being a trustee.
Knowledge is known as the source of income. The more you learn, that much inheritance you would receive from GodFather. It is said, You are the mother and father. GodFather appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to adopt you children. I speak to you children through Adam-Brahma. You children belong to Me. I adopt you children through Adam-Brahma. Remain in household, take care of everything being a trustee.
Open the spiritual university, be a trustee. Whatever is being done, it is only for the sake of children. You belong to GodFather. Whatever is built here never belong to any particular person, it belongs to all children.
God says, I belong to you, I am a humble servant of you children. Human beings cannot remain humble. I never take reward for the service I do. I appear in the old body of Adam-Brahma. During devotion, people build large temples, but when I come, I remain in the very old body.
God teaches you children, and hence you must have a lot of happiness. You children-souls belong to One GodFather. All facilities are created only for the children. You children have to remain in household, the more you remember GodFather, the sins of so many births will be removed, soul will become golden aged to go back home. Like mother and father, you children also have to pass with honour, in this spiritual journey.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Become Godly helpers according to shrimat. In order to reveal the Father, show everyone the way home.
2.            Look after everything as a trustee. Don’t have attachment to anyone. Pass with honours, the same as Mama and Baba.

Blessing: May you remain constantly healthy in your mind and intellect by serving accurately and eating the instant fruit of service.
If your service is yogyukt and accurate, then you experience the fruit of service in the form of happiness, supersensuous joy and being double-light. That is, you definitely experience one or another of the Father’s virtues in a visible way. Those who eat instant fruit always remain healthy in their mind and intellect. If you remain weak, you should understand that you are not eating fresh instant fruit. Instant fruit always makes you healthy. This is why your slogan is: Ever healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy.

Slogan: Only those who reveal Father Adam-Brahma’s action through their every action are karma yogis.

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