Saturday, 8 December 2012

Never let bitter words emerge through your lips. Always speak sweetly.

Essence: Sweet children, you are studying a very high study with the unlimited Father. It is in your intellects that you are the students of the Purifier, God, the Father, that you are studying for the new world.

Question: Which children receive a prize from the spiritual Government?
Answer: Those who make the effort to make many others equal to themselves. Those who give the proof of service are given a very big prize by the spiritual Government. They claim a right to an elevated status for the future 21 births.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Have a lot of value for this study. You mustn’t ask the Father for mercy etc. Continue to accumulate the powers of knowledge and yoga.
2.            Be merciful. Never let bitter words emerge through your lips. Always speak sweetly. Definitely do the service of making others equal to yourself.

Blessing: May you be master trikaldarshi and by being aware of this benevolent time, know your future.
If someone asks you what your future is, tell him: We know that it is very good because we know that whatever happens tomorrow will be good. Whatever has happened was good, whatever is happening is even better and whatever is yet to happen will be the best. Children who are master trikaldarshi have the faith that the time is benevolent, our Father is benevolent and the world is benevolent and so no harm can be done to us.

Slogan: In order to bring the time of completion close, make effort to become complete.

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