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listen, merge within and use them at the right time to become an authority of experience.

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Essence: Sweet children, the night of the iron age is now coming to an end. The Father has come to create the new age. Therefore, awaken and have your sins absolved through remembrance of the Father.

Question: What are the signs of children whose intellects continue to become satopradhan-pure?
Answer: They continue to have thoughts of making others equal to themselves. They continue to create methods to benefit themselves and others. They remain engaged in service day and night.
Question:            What is the biggest task that you children have received?
Answer:               The task of giving the Father’s message to the whole world is huge. No soul should be left without receiving the Father’s introduction. Day and night, continue to think about how to blow the conch shell and explain to others.

Song:     Awaken! O brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.

Sweet Children,
GodFather asks, who is awakening you? Only the one unlimited Father calls you brides, He is known as Shiv (Benefactor). There is also birthday of Incorporeal – bodiless Shiv. Souls have their names for body (and also for soul) but God has name for His Supreme soul.  
The God of the Gita is bodiless Shiv not Sri Krishna, one who has a body. God Shiv never takes a body, He awakens the brides, give introduction about Him by Himself. He comes to create the new world. Hence remember the GodFather. You have to win over the obstacles-vices.
The deities who were virtuous have become vicious human beings now. Hence every soul calls out for God to liberate them from Satan-vices. People never understand that they have to go to the golden age at this time. The Golden age has almost arrived now.
God has come now. God comes to transform you from vicious into virtuous. This world is vicious iron age at this time. God comes to awaken you from the darkness of ignorance. God says, wake up from the sleep of ignorance. The day is about to dawn, wake up. You know that you were in the darkness of ignorance, now God has come to bring the light of knowledge within you.
By remembering GodFather, your sinful actions will be removed, souls call out to liberate from the kingdom of Satan. No one knows when the kingdom of satan began. When God comes, He liberates you from the chains of Ravan. Every soul has come down the ladder of 84births to become vicious.
God has to appear on earth at the confluence age. People think the iron age is unlimited because of scriptures. Now, God has come and the world has to be transformed. You must have the faith that God is teaching you for a very long time.
After the Shiv jayanti, there comes the Gita Jayanti. When God appears on earth, He teaches the Gita. It is said you get liberated in a second. When you study for law, there is aim to become a barrister. You attain elevated status by the study. Everything depends upon the study.
God says, children, you have come here to become elevated deities. No one knows how the golden age is established, how the new world will be established once again. There will be physical battle between yadav and kaurav. Pandav never fight the physical battle but the vices.
God does not have a body of His own. GodFather says, you must remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance of God. By this fire of yog, your sinful actions will be removed. God gives you many points of knowledge. One end people call out for the Purifier. Other end, people take dip in the ganges to purify themselves of sin.
Only God, the ocean of knowledge is known as the Purifier. Now, it is the time of iron age. In golden age, every river flows in their path. By taking dip in rivers, people never become pure. In fact, all souls at this time are vicious, they have to become virtuous, elevated. Now, it is the kingdom of vices, even the off-springs are created by vicious means unlike by the power of yoga in golden age.
In golden age, human beings, animals remain very happy. Unless you share the knowledge with others, how it will spread? Those who understand knowledge will share the knowledge with others. Souls will play their role of teaching and learning. Even the devotional activities will increase.
You have to blow the conch shell of knowledge, have to create methods to give introduction of the GodFather to the whole world, you have a huge responsibility to teach various continents and religious followers. You know that, you children are adopted through Adam – Brahma.
There is also the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma). The souls undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo on earth. God gives you the knowledge through Adam-Brahma. When God teaches you, even Adam-Brahma listens to this knowledge. This knowledge is not taught to only one (like they mention in scriptures about teaching only for Arjun), it is taught to all the souls of the world.
You have to make effort doing service to souls, because you benefit by serving others. Souls have to make effort to receive liberation. Liberation never happens by taking a dip in river. Followers of various religions never know about the Supreme GodFather.
People call for God Father, you must explain every soul about GodFather. Your intellect must work to serve souls. GodFather made you create lot of images of knowledge through divine visions. People can understand knowledge easily through pictures.
The pure intellect understands knowledge but there are souls get entangled even with knowledge. You children have to benefit yourself before serving others. The more you serve others, that much, you will experience constant happiness.
Achcha, Namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t be miserly in donating the wealth of knowledge. Create methods for your own benefit and also the benefit of others.
2.            Study and teach others the study to change from vicious human beings into virtuous deities. Pay full attention to service and the study. Settle the severe karmic accounts with the power of yoga – remembrance of God.

Blessing: May you use all the treasures for the self and others and become an embodiment of experience.
Adopt the power to accommodate, become full of all the treasures and use them for all tasks and for serving others. By using the treasures, you will become an embodiment of experience. To listen, to merge them within you and to use them at the right time – by using this method you can become an authority of experience. Just as you enjoy listening and you find the point very good and powerful, in the same way, use them and become powerful and victorious, for only then would you be said to be an embodiment of experience.

Slogan: A virtuous soul is one who garlands those who defame him with garlands of virtues.

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