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Abraham,Christ and Buddha would come to receive God's blessing,at the end,once again souls would not exist on earth.

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Essence: Sweet children, imbibe good sanskars and serve to make impure ones pure. Become sticks for the blind.

Question: What stage will you have in the final period?
Answer: In the final period you will constantly be on the spiritual pilgrimage. You will have visions while just sitting down somewhere. You will continue to remember the Father and your inheritance. You will continue to see heaven: “We will soon receive this reward!” You will remain cheerful. However, if you haven't made good effort, there will be repentance. There will also be visions of past sinful actions to experience punishment.

Song:     O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.

Sweet Children,
 You are in a spiritual pilgrimage. God gives more speeches than anyone else, because He is the Ocean of knowledge, Liberator. By knowledge you receive salvation.  God and the world drama are Highest authorities. People mention that the world cycle is of millions of years and hence get confused, in fact it is only 5000years.
Souls never existed on earth and once again souls would not exist on earth. Who will take all the souls back home, God is the Supreme Guide, the Liberator. The Guru gives salvation. There are followers for every guru but God keeps children in front. This is also known as Goshala, the cows are protected from behind. The followers feel bad to move in front of the guru. GodFather remains behind and protects the children.
You warn people of world transformation which would happen certainly at the end. What happened after the Great Mahabharat war? No one knows. You have the protection of GodFather.  God has come to serve you children, to transform the vicious into virtuous. You children must also become a stick for the blind, co-operate in God’s task.
People worship Shiv, but no one knows about Shiv (Benefactor). Now, you know that we are souls. Sanskars are filled up in sanskar. There are good and bad sanskars in souls. At this iron age,  souls never have good sanskars (due to body consciousness). At this time, it is the world of vices. Those of vicious sanskars praise the virtuous deities.
Souls were virtuous but, now have become vicious. People never know that, the souls when they came from soul world were virtuous and by taking many births, they have become vicious of demoniac nature from divine nature. Demoniac nature is to indulge in vice. You know, the deities belong to the virtuous clan, have become vicious.
You know that souls experience sorrow due to vices. God remains ever worship worthy. God transforms souls from worshippers to worship-worthy. God comes and transforms you to ever worship worthy for 21births. You have the first class knowledge of this world cycle. God gives knowledge and takes you through the spiritual pilgrimage. God is known as the Spiritual Father.
People understand that it is soul who becomes vicious. The good and bad sanskar exists in soul. It is the soul who experience sorrow. God explains, children, perform selfless service of transforming vicious souls into virtuous souls.
In Bharat people sacrifice themselves on Shiv at kasha culvert, they get rid of all the sins but start committing sins from new birth. By knowledge, you receive salvation in just a second. God is known as the Mother and Father. God adopts you souls by appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma. Now you listen to this knowledge directly from GodFather, later you would listen this knowledge after 5000years.
Scriptures are created (from sruti - by hearing and smriti – by remembrance) from copper age which exists till the end. Same scriptures will appear in every 5000years like the things of golden age. You children must have stable-constant happiness and faith that you would become Prince and Princess to receive palaces in heaven.
If you don’t share knowledge with others, it is like you never understood knowledge. Those who study this knowledge remain number-wise. You have to remain in this spiritual pilgrimage. You can explain to others by means of pictures. Those who teach others move fast in this spiritual effort.
Abraham, Christ and Buddha also would come to GodFather to take His blessing, at the end. The most important is to remember GodFather, become pure-virtuous souls. Souls find difficult in this spiritual pilgrimage (of mind). If you can remember GodFather throughout the day, you reach the stage of karmateet – free from bondages of actions. The most important is spiritual pilgrimage, spiritual yog. Only by this RajaYoga, souls can become virtuous, only God and you children can explain this Yoga.
People never understand this Rajayoga but Hathyoga. God says: I never teach Hathyoga. God is the Highest Incorporeal-bodiless being. Children find easy to share knowledge but find difficult to remember GodFather. Many fail in remembrance of God. Souls wanted to become peaceful. By just seated in one place, you never experience peace. If you remain in household, being pure-virtuous, and do spiritual pilgrimage (by mind), then you souls would experience peace.
You children will have divine visions being in one place, will see virtuous deities and the visions of golden age. Many will feel bad by seeing the elevated status of souls in golden age. If you don’t make spiritual effort at this time, same would repeat in every world cycle. Now, you can understand that by service, you can make others elevated.
God explains you the right path. Only God is the Purifier, makes the soul virtuous. You must explain in such a way that people never have any questions, the most important is to make them understand about GodFather. Day by day, the devotional activities will come to an end, it is like the fall of pomp. You must have spiritual intoxication that GodFather is teaching us and hence you must teach others.
There are souls keep committing sins thinking God never knows about it. GodFather says, I know about every action even in devotional service and hence the devotees receive the reward. Children keep making mistakes in ignorance.
Good Morning and Namaste to the sweet, sweet, most beloved, long lost and now found children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to stay on the spiritual pilgrimage, continue to caution one another. In order to reach the karmateet stage, make effort to stay in remembrance throughout the day.
2.            Don't have any wrong behaviour. Show everyone the path to the land of happiness. Have an interest in doing service.

Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker who gives and receives blessings on the basis of contentment.
Those who remain content themselves and who make others content receive everyone’s blessings. Where there is contentment, you receive blessings. If you find it an effort to imbibe all the virtues or control all the powers, then leave that aside, and simply carry on with the one task of giving and receiving blessings from amrit vela until night time for everything is included in that. Even if someone causes you sorrow, simply give them blessings and you will become an easy effort-maker.

Slogan: Those who remain in the stage of surrender have everyone’s co-operation offered to them automatically.

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