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God says:I have come now to take all the souls back home like a swarm of mosquitoes.

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New Year Greeting _Hindi

New Year Greeting _English


Essence: Sweet children, make a great deal of effort to remember the Father, because you have to become real gold.
Question: What are the signs of good effort-makers?

Answer: Those who are true effort-makers follow shrimat at every step. Those who constantly follow shrimat are the ones who claim a high status. Why does Baba tell you children to follow shrimat constantly? Because He is the true Beloved and the rest are His lovers.
Sweet Children,
You children understand that we souls belong to the Supreme Father. God is the highest on high and the most beloved. You children understand about the devotion and knowledge. Devotion is the darkness of ignorance and the knowledge is the light of the day.

God gives inheritance to you children, you receive the kingdom of heaven. It is the resident of Bharat who is present throughout 5000years world cycle. The Continent of Bharat becomes heaven, none else. All other continents never exist in heaven. You children take rebirths to become vicious from virtuous. At this time souls remain vicious and once again you become virtuous.
India-Bharat is praised a lot like the GodFather. Even this true Gita is also praised a lot. Now, it is the most elevated confluence age. Bharat-India becomes elevated. It is fixed in the drama to mention Sri Krishna’s name in place of God.

In copper age, the knowledge of Gita comes into existence but in golden age, scriptures and gurus never exist. All gurus exist at this time but only One GodFather gives salvation. God is known as the world almighty authority. Resident of God forgets about the GodFather.
It is said God knows what is in the mind. God says, I never read the mind. I only make the soul virtuous. I come only once at the end of iron age to transform the old world into New world. People never know about this. The souls, body and the world pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. When the body becomes old, the soul leaves the old body and takes a new birth.

Bharat-India is praised a lot on purity, peace and happiness. The same pure Bharat-India will be established once again. It is the God who made the deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar elevated. God comes and establish the religion of confluence age.
God is the Father, Teacher and Guide. He is the knowledge-full. He never reads the mind of souls. People decorate, worship the deities and throw them into the sea, these come under devotion, the darkness of ignorance. God is the most elevated. Souls become worshippers from worshipworthy. God remain worshipworthy all the time. I come to give you the kingdom of heaven making you virtuous.

Sanyasis leave the household, they do hathyoga. God teaches you Rajayoga. God is the father of all souls. The Brahmand-Sweet home is the place for the souls to reside. From Brahmand, souls come one by one to play their roles on earth.
Those who have done more devotion will receive more knowledge. You have to remain in the household and follow the Godly direction. God is the most beloved for all the souls. Souls remember the One GodFather, in fact all souls are the residents of the soul world. Then souls come down on earth to take 84births.

Now, God explains, soul cannot become Supreme soul. All souls are the children of One Supreme Soul. You soul who were deities – virtuous human beings become vicious human beings passing through golden, silver, copper and iron ages. People follow the direction of Ravan-vices to become vicious.
In golden age, only virtuous human beings-deities exist, they follow the ancient religion of deities. From copper age, religion gets divided. In golden age, people were completely virtuous. In copper age, they had 14degrees celestial virtues.

God is playing the role of Father, Teacher and Guide at this time of confluence age. I give you liberation in life and take you to the golden age. You belong to such a True Guide and hence you must have an unlimited happiness. You children know that it is the vicious world at this time. Only knowledge-full Ocean of knowledge give knowledge at this time. You become rivers of knowledge by the knowledge you receive from God. People never become pure by taking bath in the rivers as they do in devotion.
Devotion never exists in golden age because golden age is the virtuous world. God comes only once at your, this final birth, and hence to the extent possible remember GodFather being soul conscious. You must remember GodFather by your intellect not by words. In devotion, people worship the deities with lot of love but it is very limited. You keep falling during devotion.

There will be the sounds of victory after the cries of distress. Those who have done lot of devotion will receive more knowledge to attain elevated status in golden age. You must have very royal manners to attain elevated status in golden age. At this time every soul has become vicious and hence you have to make effort to remember GodFather to become true gold. From silver age, alloys start depositing in the soul making souls vicious day by day.
At this time every soul is an actor, when every soul becomes vicious, God comes on earth according to the predestined world drama. Look, how much ignorant souls have become, I come to make them knowledge-full. I have come to take all the souls back home like the swarm of mosquitoes. You have the aim object of becoming virtuous deities in front of you, only then you will be called the resident of heaven.

People get confused about this knowledge, souls must think that certainly there must be Adam-Brahma at this time. Because people never understand full knowledge, they get confused. You souls transform the Bharat in to heaven at this time. Bharat – India rule over the world being a heaven.
Essence for dharna:

1. You clouds must fill yourselves from the Ocean of Knowledge and then go and shower knowledge. Increase the pilgrimage of remembrance as much as possible. Become real gold by having remembrance.
2. Follow shrimat and imbibe good manners and divine virtues. In order to go to the land of truth, become very true and honest.

Blessings: May you be an intense effort-maker who becomes a conqueror of Maya by remaining full of all attainments according to the speed of time.
Accumulate in yourself all the attainments that BapDada has made you have and keep yourself full. There should be nothing lacking. Where you lack being full something, Maya can make you fluctuate. The easy way to become a conqueror of Maya is to remain constantly full of all attainments. Do not remain deprived of even a single attainment; have all attainments. According to the speed of time, anything can happen at any time and, therefore, become an intense effort-maker and become full from now. If not now, then never!

Slogan: Have the powers of truth and fearlessness with you and no reason will be able to make you fluctuate.

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