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All relations are religion of body.In fact all souls are brothers amongst each other.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, the world is one of sorrow. Conquer your attachment to this world and remember the new age. Remove your intellect’s yoga from this old world and connect it to the new world.

Question: What preparations are you children making and inspiring others to make in order to go to the land of Krishna?
Answer: In order to go to the land of Krishna, you simply have to renounce all the vices in this your last birth. Become pure-virtuous and inspire others to become pure. To become pure is the preparation you need to make in order to go from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness. Give everyone the message that this world is dirty and that, in order to go to the new golden aged world, they have to remove their intellect’s yoga from this world.

Song: The heart says thanks to the One who gives it support.

Sweet Children,
Children remember the unlimited GodFather, children receive the unlimited happiness through God. God teaches you to attain the elevated happiness. All souls are creations, brothers amongst each other cannot give happiness – inheritance to each other. Only God Father can give souls the inheritance. He is the Benefactor. Souls have forgotten that happiness existed in golden age unlike the sorrows of iron age.
People never know what they receive from GodFather. People remember GodFather to receive happiness. God is the most elevated Being, gives happiness to every one. GodFather cannot give sorrow to anyone. God explains, I create heaven-New World to give happiness but this world drama is made of happiness and sorrow.
When the New world becomes old, it has sorrow. In golden age, people live with unlimited happiness but when they come in copper age, they forget that they belonged to the ancient deity religion. In new world, people had a long life span and lived with happiness and only very few people existed in golden age.
At this iron age, kings never have any crowns but in golden age, every one is the master of the world. People put the blame on God saying God gives both happiness and sorrow. But in reality God gives only peace and happiness not sorrow. After this iron age, certainly Golden age has to come. God teaches you easy raja yoga. People never remember God at this time, they have forgotten about God according to the predestined drama.
God initially, makes you remember Him. God does not have a body of His own and even souls take body only after appearing on earth. There are physical, subtle and incorporeal worlds. When you have faith in God, then you can have natural remembrance-love of GodFather.
God explains, you souls are residents of soul world. Then there is golden age which is known as heaven. Ask the souls if they are willing to go to heaven. To go to heaven, you have to become free from vices, become virtuous. This is your final birth. Even in previous world cycle, various religions disappeared and one religion gets established.
God has to come on this vicious world to create a world of heaven. God comes at the end of the world cycle as a Guide to take all the souls back home and hence God is known as the Death of all deaths. In golden age, very few souls existed and others were there in soul world. The lust is the dirtiest. Anger, greed are dirtier number-wise.
I create a very good heaven that your intellect must forget this old world.  You are brothers amongst each other, have to come back to Me. In golden age, everyone had 16 celestial degree virtues and later the purity level (the level of virtues) comes down. Now souls do not have any virtues.
The residents of Bharat never know about the New World. You children are able to see the visions of golden age. You children receive a lot of knowledge but it has to be churned instead of wandering, to explain to others.
The battle of Great Bharat is about to happen, you must forget the body and bodily relations to remember the GodFather. All relations are the religion of body, but in fact all souls are brothers amongst each other.
People celebrate the birthday of Shiv (Benefactor). God gives you the direction: Manmanabhav – by this fire of yog (love and remembrance for God), your sins will be removed and you will experience the bodiless stage – soul conscious stage.


Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. Renounce all the religions (relations) of the body. Become a bodiless soul and remember the Father. Purify the soul with yoga (love for God) and imbibe knowledge.
2. Churn the knowledge that the Father gives and give everyone the Father’s message. Do not allow your intellect to wander around.

Blessing: May you claim a right to a high status by making your stage constant and stable by having the awareness of the One.
In order to make your stage constant and stable, remain constantly stable in the awareness of the One. If you remember anyone else instead of the One, then, instead of having a constant and stable stage (ek-ras – sweetness of One), your stage will be one that is filled with many tastes (bahu-ras). If you are attracted by any other sweetness, and if that happens to be your final moment, you cannot then receive a high status. Therefore, pay attention at every second. Constantly make the lesson of One firm. You belong to the one Father. There is just this time of the confluence age and you have to stay in a constant and stable stage (ek-ras – ek = one) and you will then claim a right to a high status.

Slogan: Only those who always take the food of pure thoughts are true Vaishnavs – children of God.

Avyakt points: How much have you developed soul conscious from body consciousness? Check this. If you experience bodiless stage, the face will reflect spirituality. So, check how much spiritual you have become being in this physical world.
If you are not humble (not a trustee), the thought of I and Mine will hinder your success in service.

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