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In golden age, people never perform such actions by which they undergo suffering.

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Essence: Sweet children, it is when devotees experience difficulties and calamities that the Father comes to grant them salvation and liberation by giving knowledge.

Question: Who can become conquerors of sinful actions? What are the signs of those who become conquerors of sinful actions?
Answer: Those who understand the philosophy of karma, that of actions, neutral actions and sinful actions, and who perform elevated actions, are the ones who become conquerors of sinful actions. Those who are to become conquerors of sinful actions never have to repent for their own actions. Their actions do not become sinful.
Question:            What double service does the Father do at this time?
Answer:               The Father purifies both souls and bodies. He also takes you souls back home with Him. This divine activity is only performed by the Father not by human beings.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor).

Sweet Children,
You children belong to the GodFather. People call every one – the Supreme Soul, the Sri Krishna and other deities - as God which is not true. Only One God is your Supreme Soul Supreme Father.
The true devotee is the one who has become a worshipper from being worship-worthy. Now, you children belong to God. The souls who have appeared in golden age experience more sorrow in iron age because they have experienced more happiness in golden age.
The more you made effort in the previous world cycle, that much you will do it again. You cannot say that you will make effort according to the predestined drama. There will be obstacles in this spiritual service. God has come even in earlier world cycle. God comes when the battle of Mahabharat (against vices) takes place like it is mentioned in scriptures.
After the great transformation, there cannot be sufferings in the world. In golden age, people never perform such actions by which they undergo suffering. People cry when the beloved leave them for abroad, that is physical love. There are souls who have tears because of love for God due to spiritual love.
God is the ever pure, souls never remain pure like God. However much knowledge souls have, they cannot become the ocean of knowledge. God makes you knowledge-full, bliss-full.  In knowledge, there is nothing of devotion. You receive liberation by the power of knowledge. God comes when souls get degraded completely. God comes to give liberation and liberation in life.
In iron age, there are vices by which the action becomes sinful actions unlike in the golden age. You know about action, sinful action and neural actions. God has come even earlier and taught you RajaYoga like now, and so the virtuous human beings were called gods and goddesses in golden age.
God has come even 5000years ago and once again God has come to establish the land of deities. God is the father of all souls. He has come as a Guide to take all the souls back home. Certainly God would adopt the souls through Adam-Brahma.
Now, God explains, I am not Sri Krishna, I am known as Somnath, gives you the nectar of knowledge. Sri Krishna appears as Adam-Brahma in his final birth. God teaches Sri Krishna such actions by which he becomes the great king of golden age. When Sri Krishna gets married and ascend the throne-after coronation, he is known as Sri Narayan.
Now, the unlimited Father has come to do double service of making the body pure and soul virtuous in nature. Every soul comes on earth to play their different roles. The first Prince Sri Krishna has to take the maximum number of 84 births in this world cycle. You have to become so virtuous that you attain an elevated status in golden age.
Always know that Supreme GodFather is teaching you. I have come on earth as a Guide. Even the Adam-Brahma is my child like you souls. I adopt you souls through him and hence he is also known as the Mother.
Here, you have to remember the God and the inheritance. The whole universe will belong to you in golden age. The wife remembers the husband a lot. You receive unlimited wealth and inheritance from GodFather and hence you have to remember the Supreme GodFather a lot.
There is a lot of difference between the golden age and iron age. I teach you Raja Yoga to become the deities-virtuous human beings of golden age. In golden age, there was purity-virtues, peace, love and happiness unlike iron age. Now, once again God comes and makes you pure. Only God can make you pure-virtuous and no one else do this.
Souls fall down from their virtues from golden age till iron age. And only God comes and makes the souls virtuous once again at this confluence age. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma at his final birth. You have to understand this knowledge very well and have to teach others.
Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. Have all spiritual relationships with the one Father. Have appreciation of the serviceable children. Serve to make others similar to yourself.
2. We receive our fortune of the kingdom of the unlimited world from the unlimited Father. We will have a right over the earth, the sky, everything; maintain this happiness and intoxication. Remember the Father and the inheritance.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful by remaining free from all waste with the art of keeping your mind busy.
Just as, nowadays, those who have a high position in the world set their tasks according to the daily timetable, in the same way, you, who are images of support for the renewal of the world, the ones who are hero actors in the unlimited drama, the ones with a lives as valuable as a diamond, also have to set a programme to keep your minds and intellects stable in a powerful stage. Fully use the art of keeping your minds busy and you will become free from all waste and you will never become upset.

Slogan: Remain cheerful while seeing every scene of the drama and you will never be attracted to anything good or bad.

Avyakt points:
Being a trustee, you remain humble. Being humble, you get regard from everyone. So, to become humble, be a trustee whilst performing actions-service. When there is humility, there cannot be clash of sanskars with each other.

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