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The means to confront any type of situation is the power of your own original,natural stage.

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Essence: Sweet children, here, you have to tolerate happiness and sorrow, respect and disrespect. Remove the happiness of the old world from your intellect. Don’t follow the dictates of your own mind.

Question: How is this birth even better than a deity birth?
Answer: At this time you children are eating from God’s treasure store. Here, you earn a lot of income. You have taken refuge with the Father. It is in this birth that you make yourself happy in this world (lok) and in (parlok) the world beyond. You give two handfuls of rice like Sudama and claim sovereignty for 21 births.

Song:     Whether you are near or far, you are the image of my dreams

Sweet Children,
You children make spiritual effort at this time to go to the golden age. You have to check yourself if your intellect is detached from all directions. Even whilst engaged in day to day action, the intellect must rest on God.
Children must have the power of yoga. Those who have love for God are saved by God. Even if enemies come towards you God’s children are saved by making the other have a fearful vision. Here, you children have to be patient in experiencing, happiness, sorrow, fame and defame. You have to follow the direction of GodFather in your every step.
Check yourself, if you are not spoiling by yourself doing sinful vicious actions. Whatever you are listening, think that God is speaking to you directly and God takes responsibility for every words spoken by Adam-Brahma. Let you have the awareness that you are the master of the Brahmand-soul world. God Himself is teaching you directly this rajayoga which cannot be taught by any Sanyasis because the One who gives liberation and liberation in life is only One GodFather. Sanyasis make effort to merge in the light, they think there is only sorrow in this world. Human beings have various ideas.
Now, since God has come and even now if you don’t make elevated spiritual effort, it may not be possible in every world cycle. Here, there is nothing of sorrow (when you belong to GodFather). In golden age, there is nothing of any sorrow. You earn a great income from the treasure store of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). There is the example of Sudama who earns palace by a handful of grains.
You children ask for quick world transformation to go to the golden age. But you must receive a lot of knowledge from GodFather. God is the Highest on High. God’s praise is unlimited. The most important of spiritual effort is to remember GodFather (with love for God) all the time, everywhere, doing all actions. Keep talking to GodFather. GodFather gives you unlimited knowledge.
The knowledge of human beings and God has the difference of night and day. Now, you children have the knowledge about the God and the world cycle.

The second Murli:
God looks at the children. Those who do service become fragrant flowers. When you belong to the GodFather, you become the owner of the God’s property. The more you do service, that much property you receive. Everyone cannot attain the same status.
You have the knowledge of world cycle in your intellect. God gives you the complete knowledge whatever He has. The ones who made themselves elevated in previous world cycle will come again to become elevated. There are many children, but those who make spiritual effort attain the status according to their effort.
People have defamed God saying God is present in stones and dirt. You children are also defamed by the people of the world. You find difficult to make people understand the truth. In the world, those who study well attain an elevated status and receive regard and high income. Here, also it depends upon the knowledge and spiritual effort and many receive fortune for so many births and there are others who become poor for various births.
Everything happens like whatever is predestined in this world drama.  There are many souls- children who have more bondages, still they make an elevated spiritual effort. To make yourself elevated, do a very good service. If you don’t do service, you don’t receive an elevated status. You also have to visit many places for service.
You children have the knowledge of the world cycle which has to be churned by the intellect. Without GodFather, no one can give liberation or liberation in life to any human beings. You have the aim object of Lakshmi and Narayan – virtuous human beings to make others understand the knowledge easily. God comes and teaches you this RajaYoga which has to be explained to souls of the world.

Good morning, love, remembrance and Namaste to the long lost, now found spiritual Children. Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            This play is now coming to an end. Therefore, remain beyond this old world. Make your fortune elevated by following shrimat. Never perform wrong actions.
2.            Earn and inspire others to earn an income of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Stay in remembrance of the one Father, become a worthy child and show the path to many others.

Blessing: May you be a true server who becomes a destroyer of obstacles through the atmosphere of renunciation and tapasya.
The greatest title of the Father is of being a World Servant. In the same way, children are also world servants, that is, servers. A server means a renunciate and a tapaswi. Where there is renunciation and tapasya, fortune definitely comes in front of them like a maid. Servers are those who give, not those who take, and this is why they constantly remain free from obstacles. So, by considering yourself to be a server and creating an atmosphere of renunciation and tapasya, you will constantly remain a destroyer of obstacles.

Slogan: The means to confront any type of situation is the power of your own original stage.

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