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Scientists and others are being influenced by the higher beings for world transformation.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are the most lucky children because the Father Himself speaks to you personally.

Question: Which sanskars of the path of devotion can you children not have and why?

Answer: To whatever deity people on the path of devotion go, they ask that one for something or other. From one they would ask for wealth, and from another a son. You children must no longer have the sanskars of asking because it is now the confluence age when the Father has made you Kamdhenu (one who fulfils all desires). Like the Father, you fulfil everyone’s desires. You yourself cannot have any desires. You know that only the one Father, the Bestower, gives the fruit, and that you receive all attainments by remembering Him. This is why the sanskars of asking have ended.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Sweet Children,
God has explained this knowledge even in previous world cycle to the long lost and newly found children. Then, later based on this knowledge scriptures are created from copper age. By this knowledge you become the King of kings, I have come once again to teach you children Raja Yoga.
There is the world human tree where all the religions are shown. In this world human tree, the Seed – God is at the top, it is like an inverted tree. It is said, God has created human beings. Souls cry out for GodFather, they ask for wealth and knowledge in front of deities.
People ask for kids with world mother, they ask only wealth with Lakshmi. The world mother is shown at the bottom of the world human tree. She becomes Queen of queens in golden age. The foundation is laid at this time. You are known as the army of Pandav and Shaktis.
Children are asked to remember only One GodFather. Even if you worship deities, ultimately you receive reward only from the One GodFather. In devotion, you worship Sri Krishna, you wanted to live with Sri Krishna in golden age. Women desire to have children like Sri Krishna.
When you rule the golden age, there were all attainments. Lakshmi Narayan rule the kingdom in golden age. Sri Krishna never rules the kingdom. Sri Krishna becomes Narayan when he ascends the throne. Golden age is the vice-less world.  At this time, you are students, studying this knowledge to become Prince from a beggar.
All the wealth of this time will not exist at the end, every soul has to leave the body but you children carry good virtues with you when you leave the body. You will rule the kingdom in golden age. In golden age, souls live with 16celestial degree virtues.
The whole world human tree has become very old to be destroyed. You perform tapasya at the bottom of the world human tree – at the confluence age of iron and golden age. After iron age, certainly golden age has to come. GodFather teaches you Raja yoga at the confluence age of the world cycle. God appears at this confluence age of the world cycle, in scriptures, they mention that God comes at every ages.
God does not have a body of His own. Sri Krishna cannot give this knowledge. Sri Krishna comes only in golden age not in copper age. During devotion, souls get visions of Sri Krishna, and other deities through Me. Souls get impressed by the visions of deities. I help you in devotion because I am the Benefactor. You worship deities, but only I give you the fruit of devotion.
It is said, even the leaves never move without God. But God does not exist in leaves to move them. Whatever is said and happened in the world cycle, will repeat in every world cycle, even a small incidence will repeat as it is shot in this world movie.
There are five ages of Golden, silver, copper, iron and confluence, unlike the four. God is the Creator of heaven not any human beings. God teaches you the Raja yoga to go to the kingdom of Sri Krishna. You children have to make elevated spiritual effort to attain an elevated status.
You wanted child like Sri Krishna, husband like Sri Krishna. In fact you must ask for husband like Sri Narayan, because Sri Krishna is only a child. Even Narad wanted to marry a person like Sri Lakshmi not Sri Radhe. Sri Krishna exists in divine clan and Kans – demoniac human beings belong to the vicious world.
Bharat becomes heaven and Bharat –India becomes the hell. People say Sri Krishna and Sri Radha exist everywhere which is not true. Even Christians say Christ is the child of God, in fact every soul is a child of God. People keep doing devotion bowing in front of deities. The salvation you receive only from GodFather not from any deities.
People believe that they attain God by devotion but God says, I come only at the confluence at the right time. I make the Bharat heaven, once in every world cycle. People who belonged to the ancient deity religion call themselves as belonging to Hindu religion. Every incidence will repeat in every world cycle. Souls take maximum 84births in this world cycle.
Scientists and others are being influenced by the higher beings for world transformation. Souls transform themselves from thorns into flowers, some flowers fall down due to obstacles. God has said even in previous world cycle that souls listen to this knowledge, then leave this study and go away due to the obstacles-vices.
Whatever has happened in the past is repeated at this time. God comes and explains you the essence of all scriptures at this time through the Adam-Brahma. The religious scripture of ancient deity religion is this true Gita spoken by the God who does not have a body of His own. Now, you become the deities, you need not have to read any scriptures.
All scriptures are created from copper age, people create the scriptures based on this knowledge like in every world cycle. You sweet and long lost and now found children have to make good effort. Souls of the world have become confused when scriptures say the world cycle is of millions of years old, in fact world cycle is only of 5000years old.
You must remember GodFather while you prepare food instead of remembering your kids or husband. When you can remember human beings, why not you remember God to get rid of your sins and experience happiness?
Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to go to the land of Krishna, make very good effort. Transform your sanskars of a shudra and become a firm child of God.
2. Climb the ladder of remembrance with the power of the intellect. By climbing this ladder, you will experience infinite happiness.

Blessing: May you be a holy swan and increase your account of accumulation with powerful thoughts.
Just as swans separate stones and jewels, in the same way, you holy swans are those who discern between the powerful and the wasteful. Just as swans never pick up stones, but separate them and put them aside and do not pick them up, similarly, you holy swans put aside the wasteful and only imbibe powerful thoughts. You have been listening to, speaking of and doing wasteful things over a long time and, as a consequence of that, you lost everything. Now, you are not those who lose, but those who increase their accounts of accumulation.

Slogan: Tie the bracelet of Godly codes of conduct on yourself and all bondages will finish.

Avyakt Points: Become bodiless to gather power. Become aware of body to perform action and become soul conscious-detached, once the action is carried out, to empower yourself.

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