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Become very sweet in your nature like God, amongst each other.

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Avyakt Murli  18-01-13 - Hindi.

Avyakt Murli  18-01-13 - English.


Essence: Sweet children, this is the birth in which you have died alive. You are claiming an inheritance from God, the Father. You have won a huge lottery. Therefore, remain in limitless happiness.

Question: In order to put an end to all your worrying and to stop yourself from becoming angry, what should you tell yourself?
Answer: “I am a child of God. I have to become as sweet as the Father. Just as Baba explains in a sweet way and doesn’t get angry, in the same way, I must be very sweet with others and not become like salt water, because I understand that every second that passes is part of the drama. Therefore, what is there to worry about?” Talk to yourself in this way and your worrying will end and your anger will disappear.

Song: This spring time is the time to enjoy and forget the world.

Sweet Children,
Those Children who completely die alive from the old world (of vices) experience the unlimited happiness what you receive from the GodFather. By remembering God, God remembers you. With love for God, you receive love from God (and others).
God is known as the Innocent lord. Now, it is the world of vices, even kids troubles the parents a lot.
People say God is an unlimited light brighter than 1000 suns which is not true. In fact God is just a point of light. There is the world human tree and God is the seed of the world human tree.
In golden age, no one calls out for God for help. God is praised in an unlimited way, He is the Ocean of knowledge and hence certainly He would have given knowledge at some point of time. God is also the Ocean of bliss, peace and happiness.
When soul leaves the body, it carries the sanskars, but since the organs are small in children, they are not able to remember the sanskars of the past birth. God gives you the knowledge of the  complete world cycle because He is the Seed, certainly Seed will have the complete knowledge. This seed is at the top of the tree. He is the Sat, Chit and Anand. People have the knowledge of the scriptures but they don’t have the knowledge of God and the world cycle.
Gita is the mother of all scriptures. When people cannot understand by Gita, they would not understand even by any other scriptures. God makes you one with divine golden intellect from stone-like intellect. But people never realize they have the stone-like intellect at this time of iron age.
I am the Ocean of knowledge, happiness and peace which cannot be attributed to any souls of the world. The intellect undergoes transformation by this knowledge. You must become very sweet amongst each other. God never gets angry with anyone. Every second of this world drama repeats in every world cycle.
God is a bodiless one and hence you children also do not have a body. Souls take body on earth to play different roles. Souls take maximum 84births and minimum few numbers of births. Earlier, you thought that souls take birth in the body of animals, now you understand the world cycle of human souls.
You have to receive liberation in life and other souls will receive liberation and go to soul world. There will be natural calamites, tsunami to help the world transformation. All physical objects of this time will not exist in future.
I teach you the essence of all scriptures. Saints and rishis were saying neti neti that they don’t understand about God. People have the vices of lust, anger within them, even the intoxication of vices have the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. There are many who never get married and remain free from the responsibility of wife and children.
The most elevated stage is to lead a pure-virtuous life. Even sanyasis receive power by purity. Even Government is happy if people remain single as the population comes under control.
The most elevated clan is this divine clan. You souls have become elevated by this knowledge given by God through Adam-Brahma. You souls are becoming one with divine virtues, with features of deity. Sanyasis remain pure but they cannot give liberation to souls. Here, God says, I have come to take you souls with Me. Sanyasis take rebirth amongst family members and later they join the group of sanyasis due to their sanskars-nature of past birth.
You children will make spiritual effort like in every world cycle. You children have seen visions of golden age, how marriage takes place there. There, you don’t have any sign of sorrows, it is known as heaven. Here, people go into jungle, away from sorrows. There will be lot of sorrows due to violence in this iron age.
When you listen to this murli directly, it is No.1, listening to the tape is No.2, reading it is No.3.

Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Avyakt points: Become free from desires: The sign of those who are free from desires is they don’t have attachment as well as hatred. Those who have attachment are attracted towards others. Those who have hatred, due to desires, disturb the intellect. So, renounce even this bondage of karma.

Essence for dharna:
1. Glorify the Father’s name through your behaviour and divine virtues. Remove devilish defects.
2. Don’t have attachment to your old, decayed body. Remember your new body of the golden age and give incognito help by remaining pure.

Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of success and finish any consciousness of “I” by saying, “Baba, Baba” through your mouth and in your mind in every situation.

You children who are instruments to increase the zeal and enthusiasm of many other souls must never have the consciousness of “I”. Never think, “I did this”, because Baba made you an instrument. Instead of “I”, think, “My Baba”. Do not think, “I did this” or “I said this.” If you have the consciousness that Baba made you do it or that Baba made it happen, you will become an embodiment of success. You will be able to make many others belong to Baba to the extent that you say “Baba, Baba” through your lips. It should emerge through everyone’s mouth that you only have Baba on your lips and in your mind.

Slogan: To use your body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way at the confluence age and thereby increase all your treasures is to act sensibly.


Essence: Sweet children, make your nature very sweet and peaceful. Your way of speaking and behaving should be such that everyone says: You are like a deity.

Question: What interest should you have in order to make your heart pure?
Answer: In order to make your heart pure, there should be the interest to become and make others yogi. It is only with the power of yoga that the heart becomes pure and clean. If there is attachment to your body or body consciousness, then understand that your stage is very weak. Only children who are soul conscious become true diamonds. Therefore, as much as possible, practise being soul conscious and remember the Father.

Blessing: May you be a carefree emperor who is liberated from all worries by seeing the line of elevated fortune on your forehead.
The sovereignty of remaining carefree is more elevated than all other sovereignties. If someone wears a crown and sits on the throne and then continues to worry, is that a throne or a worry? God, the Bestower of Fortune, drew a line of elevated fortune on your forehead and so you became a carefree emperor. So, constantly continue to see the line of elevated fortune on your forehead. Wah my elevated Godly fortune! Maintain this spiritual intoxication and all worries will finish.

Slogan: Invoke spirits with the power of concentration and serve them spiritually: this is real service.

Om Shanti Divine Angels!!!
Points to Churn from the Murli of January 18, 2013

Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:

Knowledge: We, the souls, sit directly in front of the Father and learn raj Yoga, listen to the Gita, and perform the dance of knowledge...we are constantly happy and cheerful with smiling faces like the deities...
We study the Murli regularly and punctually very quietly, earn a huge income and become multi millionaires...we become wealthy for 21 births with limitless treasures...
We listen to the news of the incorporeal world, the subtle world and the corporeal world from the Father, who is the Master of the unlimited...we are the masters of heaven, who receive the gift of the unlimited world, that is, of heaven, from the Father, the Creator of the world...

Yoga : The Father says, be righteous in every situation...remember the One Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your final destination...
We, the souls, are true diamonds, who become soul conscious and remember the Father and the mastery (ownership) of the world...
By looking at the badge again and again, we remember the Father and the inheritance, and with remembrance we donate peace to the whole world...we are completely overwhelmed in the intoxication of remembrance and also become completely cool with that happiness...
We are trustees who have surrendered everything to the remembering Shiv Baba we become prosperous and give the blessings of light and might to the world with powerful amritvela...
We forget the land of sorrow, remove the yoga of our intellect from the old world and finish our attachment to it...we insure everything we have with the Father, look towards the land of happiness and remain steady, immovable and unshakeable like Angad...

Dharna: We, the souls, have a sweet and peaceful nature...our activities, behaviour, faces, characters and virtues are like those of deities...
By belonging to the Father, we follow shrimat at every step and become worthy to go to heaven...we are the beautiful fragrant flowers in full bloom in the garden of Allah...
We are Bestowers of happiness with unlimited intellects...we uplift those who defame us and remain in unlimited happiness...
By being loving and co-operative we make the fortress strong...we are double intense effort-makers who are all-rounders, who constantly say “Ha ji” and are constantly ever ready...

Service: We, the souls, have pure hearts ...we become yogis and have the interest of making others yogis...we are the Father’s right hand...we help the Father in creating masters of heaven...we are tireless and do service on our own...we use everything of ours for service in a worthwhile way...we benefit ourselves and others...
We are number one in service through the mind, service through words and service through deeds...
We make the atmosphere powerful with service through the mind...we make ourselves and our service centres free from obstacles...we are the instruments in the ascending stage who create a good quantity of good quality mikes, heirs and subjects...
We are the images of experience, who give others good wishes and pure feelings, take them beyond with our glance, change their attitudes through our own attitude, and make them powerful with our awareness...

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