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you have to make effort on imbibing knowledge-virtues and remember GodFather with lot of love and sweetness.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to become firm unlimited sannyasis. You shouldn’t have an attitude of greed for anything.

 Question: What is the best action you children perform through which you attain strength from the Father?
 Answer: The best action of all is to surrender everything (by the intellect being a trustee) you have, that is, your mind, body and wealth, to the Father. When you surrender everything, the Father gives you so much strength in return that you are able to rule the world of eternal unbroken, constant peace and happiness.

 Question: What service which no human being can teach has the Father taught you children?
 Answer: Spiritual service. You inject souls with the injection of knowledge to cure them of the sickness of the vices. You are spiritual social workers. People can do physical service but they cannot give souls the injection of knowledge and make them constantly ignited lights. Only the Father teaches you children this service.

Sweet Children,
God teaches you that human beings cannot be called as God. God is the eternal father of the souls. There is physical perishable father for the physical body. Who makes you soul conscious? Soul understands that soul resides in soul world. The eternal father of souls who does not have beginning, middle and end, makes you soul conscious.

The Souls and the Supreme Soul are called eternal. They exist for ever. Souls call themselves as charitable and sinful soul. The sinful souls praise the charitable soul. Souls leave one body and take another. God’s direction is to remember God by doing all actions. You were worshippers, now the Master is making you worship-worthy. Those who are worship-worthy never bow down in front of others. You need not have to worship anyone. You have to become the master of the world.
You have to remember the Only One. He is the eternal One, the Death of all deaths. You defame God by saying He is present everywhere.  Soul says, I am a soul, this is my body. Like soul is a point of light, Supreme soul is also a point of light. I come in an ordinary body to serve you children being an obedient servant. I teach you how to perform the spiritual service. All others teach you about the physical service.

God gives the injection of knowledge to all souls to make them virtuous. Souls become vicious not the body. This injection of knowledge, only God can give and none else. Soul has become seriously ill with the five vices. God comes and speaks to the soul that you souls were of conscious alert lights of knowledge. God comes in an ordinary body and very few understand God.
The birth of Shiv and Krishna are different. Shiv-Benefactor God does not have a body but Sri Krishna has a body. God comes and makes the Bharat-India in to heaven where virtuous deities live. It is written that God transforms the world into heaven through Adam-Brahma. Now, the people rule over the people, kingdom never exists, now it is the land of graveyard.

Now, you must forget the body and all bodily relations (looking at self as a soul and others as souls) and remember one GodFather. You must perform action for the maintenance of body but other times, you have to remember one GodFather. You can have easy remembrance of God during early morning hours when the atmosphere is silent, free from vicious thoughts.
Let the past is past, the devotion has come to an end, now, it is your final birth. You cannot ask how the population increases, it increases on its own, the soul from soul world will keep coming on earth and when all the souls appear on earth, the world transformation will take place.

God is known as the One who purifies the souls. You serve Bharat-India by your mind, body and wealth. The kingdom of vicious kings has come to an end according to the predestined drama. Only God can give you the inheritance of heaven, these are not mentioned in any scriptures. God establishes heaven once again like in every world cycle. You children must have unlimited happiness, now the world drama is coming to an end.
You souls and Supreme soul reside in the sweet home-soul world. Only God gives salvation to every soul. God cannot see any soul suffering in the world. He takes every soul either to the land of happiness or to the land of silence. At this time, the souls, the nature-elements have become vicious. God comes to transform the souls and nature pure-virtuous. Sri Krishna attracts everyone because of the purity.

God is present in the eternal throne. He cannot exist everywhere in stones and animals. Souls know about God only through God. This spiritual life is of pure household. In golden age, only pure household existed, at this time, it is of vicious household. The kingdom and rulers never have the power, people rule over the people at this time. You perform elevated actions to receive power to rule over the world. You imbibe power from God to rule the eternal, stable kingdom of golden age.
If you offer wealth, you take birth in the wealthy family. You know that by surrendering your body, mind and wealth (being a trustee by intellect), you attain the kingdom of heaven. The various religions appear in the world human tree, the most important is the ancient deity religion. The most beneficial is the time when God appears on earth at this confluence age.

In golden age, souls never worship God because they never undergo sorrow. Here, because of vices, people fight against each other by anger, give sorrows to each other. People speak about brother-hood, in fact all souls are brothers amongst each other, children of One GodFather. Now, God comes and teaches you such virtues by which the ancient deity religion comes into existence. After that the religion of Islam appears and later other religions come into existence.
God explains you the details of the unlimited world drama. You must remember God and the inheritance, need not have to go much into details. To attain elevated status, you have to make the spiritual effort. Whatever God teaches, you souls churn about them throughout the day, you never spend time on scriptures. You must remember God with lot of love and sweetness. God praises you children that you have received the Godly lottery.

Now, you have to make effort on imbibing knowledge-virtues and remember GodFather. God makes you perform constant spiritual effort.

Good morning and Namaste to the sweet sweet spiritual children by the Mother and Father, spiritual God Father.
Essence for dharna:

1. Wake up in the early morning hours of nectar, at the pure and peaceful time, and remember the Father. Practise forgetting everything including the consciousness of the body.
 2. Let the past be the past and give the help of purity to the Father in this last birth. Keep yourself busy with your body, mind and wealth in the service of making Bharat into heaven.

Blessing: May you stay seated on BapDada’s heart-throne and remain fearless and carefree by constantly being in that place of safety.
 BapDada’s heart-throne is the most elevated place. Those who remain constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne remain safe; Maya cannot come to them. Such souls who are seated on the heart-throne are fearless and carefree and this is guaranteed and fixed. So, sit on the heart-throne. Maintain the intoxication that, you are seated on BapDada’s heart-throne in this birth and you will be seated on the throne of the kingdom in that many future births. By maintaining this spiritual intoxication, you cannot experience any waves of sorrow.

 Slogan: Let there be no type of burden on the intellect for only then will you be said to be a double-light angel.

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