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When there is purity-virtues, there is also peace and happiness.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are Raj Rishis. The Father is teaching you to renounce the whole of the old world. By doing this you become able to claim a royal status.

Question: Why can none of the acts human beings perform at this time be neutral action (not vicious)?
Answer: Because Maya’s kingdom is over the whole world. The five vices have entered everyone and this is why the acts they perform are sinful. Maya doesn’t exist in the golden age, and so the acts that human beings perform there are neutral (due to soul conscious).

Question: Which children receive a very good prize?
Answer: Those who become pure on the basis of shrimat and become sticks for the blind, and those who are never influenced by the five vices and do not defame the clan’s name receive a very good prize. The passports of those who are repeatedly defeated by Maya get cancelled.

Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)

Sweet Children,
Soul experiences sorrow and happiness, now, it is the old world. God has come now to make it new. The old world was new once upon a time and now has become old. You children are Rajrishis make effort to attain the kingdom of golden age. Golden age is the kingdom of Sri Krishna. Souls perform only sinful actions in this iron aged hell. This Bharat-India becomes heaven and it is a hell at this time.
The unlimited Father makes you renounce the old world-hell to make you a resident of golden age-heaven. I have come to take every soul back home. You souls never know about the previous births. According to the sanskars, souls take rebirth. If souls have constructed hospitals, they would receive a healthy body. If they have given knowledge, they would become knowledge-full.
In this vicious world, whatever charity you do, it only incurs sins. Sanyasis live in jungle, but their actions never become akarma but vikarma-sinful actions due to body consciousness. In golden age, there cannot be any vicious actions due to soul consciousness.
You have been wandering for so many births. Souls don’t attain God by scriptures and tapasya. In golden age, people have all attainments, here people undergo suffering. I have come to create heaven on earth. There is the cycle of 84births. People have named Ashok Chakra. When you know about the cycle-chakra of 84births you become Ashok (free from sorrows) and King of kings.
God sits and explains here. It is the final birth for all of you souls, the world cycle has come to an end at this time. This is a dirty world – graveyard, your mind must not be attracted to it. If you remember the GodFather at the end, you become a virtuous human being in golden age. It is God who teaches you here. He is praised a lot.
When you become a child of GodFather, you receive inheritance of GodFather. You follow the direction of God at this time, not the direction of human beings. By following the direction of human beings, the whole world has become a hell. If you want to attain all attainments,become pure-virtuous, a resident of golden age. Here, there are people who are violent in nature unlike the golden age.
In golden age, Sri Krishna appears in a palace like womb unlike here. Souls are residents of soul world, soul is present in the middle of forehead. It is a wonder that the role of 84births is recorded in the tiny star like soul. Every second of this world drama is ever new. The soul repeats the same exact role in every world cycle. God explains you how souls become virtuous deities from human beings.
Maya-vices are not created by God but by human beings. God creates the heaven not the maya. Soul is an embodiment of peace, lives in soul world. God is the Ocean of knowledge and Ocean of peace but not the souls. God comes only once in the world cycle to give you the inheritance of heaven where the purity, peace, love and happiness existed all the time.
When there is purity-virtues, there is also peace and happiness. You souls lived in golden age, then come in silver age, copper age, iron age and confluence age to go back to golden age once again.
Now, you souls are present in the lap of GodFather. God explains you very clearly. By knowing about the world cycle, you know about everything. Golden age is the pure world. You battle against the vices not against any enemies. God creates heaven, how can He ask you to fight any battle. There cannot be five husbands for Draupadi. Now, you have become vice-less from being vicious, to come in golden age.
In golden age, every soul remains in happiness. At this time, this world is a hell, everyone remains in shok-sorrow and remembers the GodFather, for happiness. When souls attain the karmateet stage-free from bondages of all actions, become virtuous, the kingdom of heaven will be established. The more you become pure-virtuous, remember GodFather, become stick for the blind, you attain elevated status in golden age.
God says, children don’t spoil yourself becoming vicious. I make you the master of the golden age certainly.
Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become one hundred times fortunate, promise the Father that you will remain pure-virtuous. Do not attach your heart to this dirty, impure world.
2. Never be defeated by Maya. You must not become those who defame the clan’s name. Become worthy to claim your passport to heaven from the Father.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who burns the rubbish of the world with the fire of yoga.
You can burn the rubbish of impurity with the fire of yoga, that is, with the power of elevated thoughts or the fire of love (for God). In the memorial of the goddesses, it is shown that they burnt the devilish powers with fire. This memorial is of the present time. So, first of all, become the form of intense fire and burn the devilish sanskars and nature and become completely pure, for only then will you be able to burn the rubbish of the world and become an instrument for world transformation.

Slogan: An obedient person is one who remains free from the dictates of the self and others and who constantly follows shrimat-Godly directions.

Avyakt Points: Trustee and Humble: Being humble is the secret of success. Being a trustee and humble, you can experience bodiless, egoless and vice-less in all actions, very naturally.
The waste thoughts, when the intellect is not clean and clear, you cannot remain in the soul conscious stage. The more you remain in soul conscious-avyakt stage, you will swing in the swing of happiness.

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