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Lightness and subtlety of the intellect is the most beautiful personality.

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Essence: Sweet children, you become sensible with this one great mantra of Manmanabhav. This is the mantra that liberates you from all sins.

Question: What is the essence of the entire knowledge? What are the signs of those who remain Manmanabhav?
Answer: The essence of the entire knowledge is that we now have to return home. This world is dirty; we have to renounce it and return to our home. Simply to remember this much is also to be Manmanabhav. The children who remain in the stage of Manmanabhav constantly churn the ocean of knowledge. They have sweet spiritual conversations with Baba.

Question: By coming under the influence of which habit is a soul not able to stay in remembrance of the Father?
Answer: If a soul has the habit of looking at dirty pictures or reading the dirty news, he is unable to stay in remembrance of the Father. The cinema too is a gateway to hell and it spoils your attitude.

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father teaches the spiritual children. The ignorant ones are being taught but you have become knowledge-full. You are taught about the GodFather and the world cycle. You know this is a dirty world. I come and relieve you from this vicious world.
You know that your GodFather is your Father, Supreme Teacher and Supreme Guide. You are explained about the world cycle. If you remember all these, it is known as Manmanabhav. Even if you don’t do anything, remember GodFather by doing all actions.
You know that you become the master of the world by this study. Even while travelling or doing any actions remember about the GodFather. You know God is your spiritual GodFather. If you remember Me, your sins of various births will be removed. You have been remembering God by various means.
Devotees perform rituals without knowing the truth about it. In golden age, devotional rituals never exist. You know that the unlimited GodFather does not have any father. He is the unlimited Teacher but He does not have any teacher. He is knowledge-full Himself, He is the Seed of the world human tree. He is the Ocean of knowledge. Being the Seed of the world human tree, He explains you about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
At the end, you will reach the karmateet stage – free from bondage of all actions. The world transformation happens at the end of the every world cycle. You know that you were the master of the world. God is your Teacher, gives you the knowledge. If you forget the Teacher, remember the Father. The situations – obstacles makes you forget that GodFather is teaching you. This knowledge is of unlimited unlike the limited worldly knowledge. God teaches you in every world cycle.
God is the unlimited Father and you belong to the unlimited GodFather. This knowledge is so wonderful that only you children of confluence age study this knowledge (not the deities of golden age and souls of silver, copper and iron ages).  If you don’t imbibe knowledge and don’t remember Godfather, souls never attain the elevated status. You must not give sorrow to anyone by thoughts, words and actions. Here, you do not read any books unlike the worldly knowledge.
Children must not become absent in this wonderful study. Never miss this study. The register must be maintained to be checked at any time. There are many who leave this study. This is a wonderful study. God comes at the end of every world cycle to teach you children. God explains, this world is a hell at this time. Especially the bioscope – films, newspapers spoil the mind-sanskars of the souls. Even  if you see beautiful pictures in the news paper, the mind is attracted towards it.
The whole world has to be transformed. You must remember only the God alone. By looking at dirty pictures, the intellect gets spoiled. Sweet children, the aim is very elevated, you must take care of yourself. Remain in the household and become pure. People waste lot of time doing devotional rituals. You have become so ignorant that you are very innocent of truth at this time.
The worldly gurus are respected a lot, how much regard do you have for the GodFather? GodFather is a point of light like any other soul which is a point of light. How you can weigh Him? God comes in an ordinary way to meet the children. Without the cooperative children how the heaven will be established. God loves the children who are co-operative in Godly task.
GodFather becomes very happy looking at the children. The relationship of GodFather and souls-children exist in every world cycle. God is your Father, Teacher and Supreme Guide and hence you must have unlimited happiness. God takes all the souls back home, God cannot be present everywhere and so He is not omnipresent. You establish the kingdom of golden age. You must share this knowledge with everyone.
Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. You are the children of the Bestower of Happiness, and you therefore have to give happiness to everyone. Never cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds.
2. Both the Teacher and the teachings are wonderful. Never be absent or miss such wonderful teachings.

Blessing: May you remain full of all attainments and thereby constantly free from labouring in spiritual life.

In this spiritual life, you become so full through your three relationships with the Bestower, the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings that you can stay in spiritual pleasure without making any effort. Remember the Father in the form of the Bestower and you will have the intoxication of your spiritual rights. Remember Him in the form of the Teacher and you will have the intoxication of being a Godly student and remember the Satguru who is making you move with blessings at every step. You have elevated directions for every action as blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Remain full of all attainments in this way and you will remain free from having to labour.

Slogan: Lightness and subtlety of the intellect is the most beautiful personality.

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