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By remembrance-love for God, the dirt of the soul will be removed.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to grant you such unlimited happiness that you will never need to ask for anything again. Simply conquer the five vices and you will become the masters of the world.

Question: Why are some children unable to imbibe knowledge even though the path is easy?
Answer: Because they are disobedient. The Father has the faith that all His children will glorify the name of the Divine clan, that they will help the Father to make Bharat into heaven. However, because children repeatedly disobey the Father, they’re unable to imbibe this knowledge and their status thereby decreases. Baba says: Children, the ladder is very steep. Therefore, continue to take shrimat at every step.

Song:     I have the fortune of great happiness (God).

Sweet Children,
The unlimited Father meets the children only once in the world cycle to give the unlimited happiness which you don’t receive from anyone. During devotion, you have desired things from saints and rishis. Now, you have received God and hence you receive your fortune through God. The highest elevated status is the status of king and queen of golden age.
There are subjects in golden age, but they have the elevated status unlike here. You receive the elevated status from GodFather which has to be understood. Only GodFather explains you about the world cycle. Every object becomes old from new. Similarly even Earth becomes old from new. At this time, it is the old world full of enmity. It is God’s role to remove all enmity and establish one religion.
I establish heaven by teaching knowledge through the body of Adam-Brahma. The Highest GodFather does not have a body of His own either physical or subtle. I am bodiless-incorporeal, the father of all souls. Every soul has a name for its body, even the deities have name for the subtle bodies. But GodFather has only name Shiv (Benefactor).
I come only once and give you the knowledge of world cycle. I make you souls Ocean of love. There is also subtle world and incorporeal world. There are four ages in the world cycle. In golden age, you were 16celestial degree virtuous and later come down to 14celestial degree virtuous  in silver age and 0 degree at iron age. God makes you virtuous to become the master of the world. It is God’s role to transform this world into heaven.
At the end, there will be many who will come to receive this knowledge. Here, people listen to the knowledge but they get confused about purity. They find it difficult to remain pure-virtuous being at household. People look at women as the door to hell. If you win over the five vices, you will become the master of the world.
In Bombay, there was a child who wanted to remain pure-virtuous against her family. She does not stop following the path of God in spite of obstacles created by her own family members.
Saints and rishis remain pure for one birth, it is not just about physical purity, the sins are created due to body consciousness in all actions. There is sorrow in hell and happiness in heaven. You have to become honest and receive inheritance from GodFather. Now, you children have to go back to your sweet home and hence you must remain pure-virtuous.
No one in the world knows about the mantra by which souls attain elevated status. The more you try to be away from bondages, the vices-situations will pull you towards them. Father can understand about every soul by just looking at them. If the soul leaves the Godly path and follow their own direction, the features change, they never speak knowledge. Even very good souls fall down by the vices-situations.
You have to check yourself if you are eligible to marry the deities of golden age. People come into body consciousness and hence not possible to follow the direction of GodFather. You must share this knowledge – message of God to every soul by which the eclipse of ignorance is removed.
God has come on earth to serve you children and even children have to give regard for the service of God. You must show the path to the blind-ignorant ones. If you do service, God gives regard for them. You must help in the task of transforming earth into heaven. If someone leaves the study and comes back, they can still continue following the Godly path.
There is no one in the world who are most fortunate like you children, your every step gives you multimillion fold fortunes.

Night Class:
When sweet children come here, they know that they come to GodFather. It is easy to share knowledge with others. You must be able to share the essence of knowledge with others.
Now, God is present with you. You children must not have any doubt. You listen to the GodFather personally. In worldly school, there are various teachers and subjects. Here, you have only one GodFather as Teacher and there is only one aim object. GodFather helps you-the children of world, in remembrance of GodFather (with love).
You transform the whole world into virtuous. God wants every soul to return to the sweet home – soul world of silence. GodFather remains unlimited. I come to make the whole world pure, I give current to the whole world. When you have love for God, you will know that God gives power to them. Children follow the path of God, your first subject is to become pure-virtuous. You become a trustee in the task of the transforming the world into virtuous-pure.
God cannot do this task alone. You children help in this task of making the whole world peaceful and rule it. You children have to make Bharat into heaven. You establish the heaven by the love of God, this is the spiritual service. Children understand that God makes you the master of heaven in every world cycle. People do not know how God transforms the world into heaven.
Only God explains you the Truth. You know the yoga of Bharat-India is very famous all over the world. Hatha Yogis cannot teach you the easy RajaYoga. You children understand about the Truth, about the soul world. The deities never need this knowledge. You children have the knowledge of the complete world cycle. You undergo the changes from sato, rajo to tamo. The deity dynasty is being established at this time. God establishes the Sun and Moon dynasty at this confluence age.
Religious founders never establish any dynasty but one GodFather. In fact, they cannot be called as gurus. You children have sins of bondages and hence you must have love for God constantly to get rid of the bondages. Children forget about GodFather but you must have love for God whilst doing all actions to get rid of sins.
Whilst taking food, while stitching, is it not possible to remember GodFather? By remembrance-love for God, the dirt of the soul will be removed. By doing any action, keep remembering GodFather, it is very easy. You know that the cycle of 5000years has come to an end, the world cycle keeps repeating and only God explains you about the world cycle. In golden age, there is only One God and One religion. There cannot be any differences between each other.
It is the game of vicious world and virtuous world, it is about the Bharat-India. God comes and transforms the vicious world into virtuous world. God explains you and you students listen with lot of attention without missing any points of knowledge. You must learn this study regularly not being absent.

Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual children
Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual God-Father

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t ever put shrimat aside by following the dictates of your own mind. Do not allow stones instead of jewels to emerge from your mouth.
2. Be concerned about doing the Father's service. Definitely make time to do Godly service. Show the path to the blind and become a worthy child.

Blessing: May you be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation who remains constantly free from the spinning of sorrow and who frees everyone else.
Children who are influenced by their physical senses say that they are deceived by their eyes, their mouth or their vision: to be deceived means to experience sorrow. People of the world say: I didn’t want to, but I got caught up in that spin. However, children who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation can never be caught up in any form of deception. They remain free from all spinning of sorrow and they free everyone else and enable them to perform actions as the masters of their physical senses.

Slogan: Be seated on the immortal throne and maintain your elevated honour (shaan) and you will never be distressed (par-e-shaan).

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