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You attain the elevated status by the practice of RajaYoga – love for God.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have received knowledge of the Father’s activity and of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world drama from the Father. You know that this drama is now coming to an end and that we are to return home.

Question: Which rules do you have to obey in order to register yourself with the Father?
Answer: In order to register yourself with the Father: 1) Sacrifice yourself (by intellect) completely to the Father. 2) Use everything you have in the service of making Bharat into heaven. 3) Make a vow to become completely viceless and give the proof of that by living in this way practically. The names of such children are registered in the register of the Almighty Government. They have the intoxication that they are making Bharat-India into heaven, that is, into the land of kings. We are sacrificing ourselves to the Father for the service of Bharat.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor)...

Sweet Children,
GodFather says, it is the Benefactor who explains the greatness of Creations. Those who are virtuous – hero actors are praised a lot. God’s qualities are unique. People celebrate the birthday of Shiv (Benefactor). You Children know about the role of GodFather, the roles are known as game or play.
You children know about the GodFather and the world cycle. But the people of the world do not know about the truth. Now, this world drama is about to end, even people realize about this. At this time, the souls of the world cry out for God to relieve them from sorrows. Day by day the sufferings keep increasing.
Since God is teaching you and you receive the inheritance from GodFather,you must have lot of happiness. Residents of Bharat-India remember God in particular, Sri Krishna ruled the kingdom of heaven and he will appear again once the iron age comes to an end. You know that you souls are the children of God and God has created the New World through the body of Adam-Brahma at this most benefitting confluence age.
You also make every soul belong to God, there is nothing of blind faith in this knowledge. People were worshipping the deities-idols especially in Bharat-India. They show more hands to deities which is not true. In fact the more hands represent people those who are connected – come in relation with them.
People make lot of plans. Here GodFather has only one plan to establish heaven in Bharat-India. Whoever makes others virtuous, they become more elevated. Maya-vices give pain to souls and God shows mercy to souls. God gives the knowledge of the world cycle and makes you knowledge-full. You can explain this knowledge to everyone.
You children believe in Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather. This Bharat-India was heaven, where every soul remains completely 16 celestial degrees virtuous. God is the Ocean of knowledge, peace, love. Being knowledge-full God explains about the world cycle. There is nothing of blind faith here. You children belong to this Godly family, in fact all souls belong to One God and One world family.
God appears in the physical body of Adam-Brahma at this time. It is mentioned in scriptures that Creations are created through Adam-Brahma. You are now at this old world. Unless you belong to God, you don’t receive inheritance of God. This knowledge is given to you directly from GodFather through Adam-Brahma. You children learn RajaYoga from God Himself.
Adam-Brahma, when he leaves the physical body, he lives in subtle world with subtle body of light. You see the subtle world in trance. During devotion, it is God alone who fulfils the wishes of all the souls. Saints and gurus never fulfill the desires but God. There is limited happiness and here you receive unlimited happiness.
At this time every soul is influenced by vices, you must explain this knowledge to the souls of the world. Whatever effort you make at this time, you receive the reward in golden age where the vices never exist. Now, God makes you Trikaldarshi (one who knows past, present and future), Trilokinath – the master of soul world, physical world and subtle world. God is praised more than the children. You never have any father in this world like the GodFather who puts lot of effort to make the children virtuous.
God gives you the inheritance of heaven and you children will rule the kingdom,God never comes in heaven. But the key for the divine visions are not given to the children, God gives visions of deities to the devotees in devotion. This key for divine visions is not given to the children. I make the souls visualize the future golden age prince and princess. Those who follow the direction of GodFather become the prince and princess of golden age and silver age. You attain an elevated status based on the spiritual effort not by the visions of golden and silver ages.
You attain the elevated status by the practice of RajaYoga – love for God. Every time, God explains you clearly, there is nothing of blind faith here. You all souls belong to the Godly family. You children are in confluence age but the people of the world are in iron age known as hell. You children receive the inheritance of heaven. You need to make effort to explain to souls of the world. Those who have it in the fortune will understand this knowledge.
God says, I come in a very ordinary way. Every soul will know about the GodFather at the end. You serve the Bharat-India by your body, mind and wealth. There is no other better philanthropist like you. Every physical object will be destroyed at the end, you have to make use of everything in this Godly path. All souls are the children of the Almighty Authority, you got registered with the GodFather with lot of effort.
When you promise to remain completely virtuous and do it practically, you get registered with the GodFather. Children must have lot of intoxication that you transform Bharat into heaven, to rule the kingdom of golden age, and to experience unlimited happiness.

Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual children
Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual God-Father

Essence for dharna:
1.            We are the children of God, the family of the one God. We are now receiving God’s directions. Stay in this spiritual intoxication. Don’t follow wrong directions.
2.            In order to serve Bharat, sacrifice yourself (by the intellect) completely like Adam - Brahma Baba. Make good use of your body, mind and wealth to change Bharat into heaven. Become a complete philanthropist.

Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of success in your efforts and in service with the balance of being a child and a master.
Always have the intoxication that you are a child and a master of the unlimited Father’s unlimited inheritance. However, when you have to give any advice or think of a plan or carry out any task, then do that as a master but when a situation is being finalised by the majority or by the instrument souls, then become a child at that time. Learn the method of when you have to be an adviser and when you have to become one who takes advice and you will remain successful in your efforts and in service.

Slogan: In order to become a humble instrument, surrender your mind and intellect to God.

Avyakt points: Remain detached and free from attractions like Adam-Brahma Baba. To experience the completeness, remain detached and be an observer. Be detached from the my body, my sanskar, my mind. Where there is mine, there you remember the Godly directions.

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