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Love for GodFather makes you bodiless,pure,healthy and courageous to face the world transformation.

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Essence: Sweet children, anger causes a lot of sorrow. It causes pain to yourself and also to others. Therefore, conquer this evil spirit by following shrimat.

Question: Which children have a flaw in them every cycle, and what will be their destination?
Answer: Those who consider themselves to be very clever and do not follow shrimat completely. One vice or another remains in them in either an incognito way or in a visible form. They do not remove it. Maya continues to surround the soul. There is a flaw in such children for every cycle. They will have to repent a great deal at the end. They make a great loss.

Song:     Human beings of today are in darkness.

Sweet Children,
You children know that the unlimited Father is the father of all souls. He explains to the children personally. He looks at the children through the eyes of Adam-Brahma. I have come from soul world to teach you children. You souls have also come from soul world to play different roles on earth. I teach you children personally.
The unlimited God Father relieves you from the chain of difficult devotion. God explains how He creates the heaven. Without Mother and Father, the world creations cannot be created. God is the mother and father who creates the world-heaven and make the children worthy to live in heaven.
Christians call God as the Father, they call Mother Mary as the mother. God has to be the Mother and Father. The new soul of Christ appeared in the body of Jesus and christianism got established. When the new pure-virtuous soul comes, it does not carry any sinful karmic bondages to experience sorrow. Like When Supreme Soul comes, He cannot experience sorrow. The difficulties are experienced by the soul who already exists on earth like Jesus and Adam-Brahma. The pure souls cannot experience sorrow.
As in  christianism, It is not possible to give birth to child without a father, they have copied it from the scriptures : the child of Kunti is shown as born without a father. The father of Christian religion is Christ, and the founder of ancient  deity religion of golden age is Supreme Soul Supreme Father, who establishes through Adam-Brahma.
The Unlimited Father establishes the ancient deity religion at this time. The ancient virtuous human beings were 100% pure vegetarian.3000years before Christ, there existed the kingdom of pure vegetarian of gods and goddesses which is being established once again.
You receive the kingdom of heaven at this time from the GodFather. Even Adam-Brahma receives direction only from GodFather. GodFather cares for the Children a lot, wants you to attain elevated status in golden age. GodFather wants to make the Bharat-India a land of virtuous deities. God does not take anyone’s wealth in the task of establishment of heaven but you children do it yourself for your own well being.
If Adam-Brahma appears in the world in the form of Sri Krishna, people will throng him, they cannot remain at home. You must remember that you belong to the Godly clan. GodFather wants you children to receive the complete inheritance. God gives direction to follow the Godly directions.
The Night class:
By revising the past, the weakness of the heart also gets revised. Hence God wants you to apply full stop to the past. The more important is the love for God. By love for God, the sorrows finish and you experience happiness. Now, the role of teaching is going on, later this role will come to an end. Then God will rest in the land of peace and you children will go to reap the rewards in golden age to begin the New world cycle. The role of giving and receiving knowledge will come to an end. The role of Father and children will come to an end.
God gives the complete knowledge to the GodFather and nothing remains with GodFather, both remain equally full of knowledge. This has to be churned. The most important is about making spiritual effort. In reality, the soul is a very subtle point of light like a star. The world cycle is an eternal one, the souls have their roles recorded in It. You children understand the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. God remains full and you children also become knowledge-full.
You experience very little happiness by divine vision of soul and deities but the real effort is about love for God. The more you have love for God, that much your sins of so many births will be dissolved. After some time, the role of sharing knowledge will come to an end, you must attain elevated status by the knowledge you receive at this time.
At the end, soul and Supreme soul will remain at the soul world, later you children appear on earth to play your roles. Every soul has to go back to soul world. The whole world will be transformed, you must be fearless to see the world transformation, there must not be any feeling of body. You children have to  become equal like GodFather in divine qualities. You make others equal like you. You must make others remember GodFather. Only very little time is left out. If you don’t have the practice of being fearless-bodiless, at the end, you will not have courage to face the difficulties.
Only those who remain in yoga (love for God) can remain stable looking at the various scenes of the world. With love for GodFather, you become pure and healthy. The deities remain healthy all the time. Whatever GodFather teaches you is known as RajaYoga. Only One GodFather gives you the true knowledge. GodFather takes you to the golden age making you completely pure-virtuous and elevated. You have the faith that you meet the GodFather in every world cycle.
You know that by devotion you have been falling down, now, God Father comes and teaches you how to earn a true income which is not taught by any physical father. By these knowledge and understanding remain in happiness all the time.
Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual children
Good Morning and Namaste to the spiritual God-Father

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become serviceable, remove any trace of vice. Have a lot of enthusiasm for doing service.
2. We are the children of God. On the basis of shrimat, we are changing Bharat into the land of virtuous human beings where everyone will be firm Vaishnavs (pure vegetarians). Maintain this intoxication.

Blessing: May you have an elevated character and remain powerful by finishing the burden of being obedient to trivial things.
1)You have the order to get up and sit for amrit vela and so you do that yet you do not attain the success of using the right method; the silence of sleep becomes mixed with sweet silence. 2) The Father’s order is: Do not cause sorrow for anyone, do not take sorrow from anyone. In this, you do not cause sorrow, but you do take sorrow. 3) You do not become angry, but you do become bossy. Obedience to such trivial things makes your mind heavy. Now, finish these and create an image of a character of obedience for only then would you be said to be a soul with a constantly powerful character.

Slogan: Instead of asking for respect, give respect to everyone and you will continue to receive respect from everyone.

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