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The Best actor of this world drama is the Supreme Soul Supreme Father.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are the swans who pick up pearls. Yours is the group of swans (hans mandli). You are lucky stars because the Father, the Sun of Knowledge Himself is personally teaching you.

Question: What enlightenment has the Father given all of you children through which your efforts have become intense?
Answer: The Father has given you this enlightenment: Children, it is now the end of this drama. You have to go to the new world. Don’t think that you will receive whatever you are to receive. First there has to be effort. To become pure and purify others is very great service. As soon as you children received this enlightenment your efforts became intense.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Sweet Children,
Children know that the unlimited Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, Bliss and Peace is teaching you directly. God teaches you to look at only virtues not vices. You souls identify each other in this confluence age, you souls are brothers amongst each other, you also know about the spiritual father and mother of mankind. You souls-children of God have met each other in the same name and form, in every world cycle. You identify the God and the children and you meet each other now at this confluence age.
In golden age, the deities never identify each other, they never remember about the world cycle. Only you children know about this. Earlier, you did not know about anything, only I come and give you introduction about Me. Only I can give you this knowledge. This confluence age is the most elevated and beneficial. The golden age and iron age cannot be called as beneficial age.
At present your life is more valuable wherein you become diamond-like from  shell-like. You children follow the God and you are known as the Godly salvation army. God comes and liberates you souls and the souls of the world in general, from the chain of vices. Whoever plays a very good role, receives the reward. The Best actor of this world drama is the Supreme Soul Supreme Father.
At this time, the sinful souls have lot of bondages of actions. God comes and liberates you from the burden of sinful bondages. In golden age, very few souls exist. God says:I am also bound by this world drama, I come according to the world drama when there is degeneration of religion. People defame even deities and God, to become more vicious souls. As per the world drama, souls have to undergo stages of sato, rajo and tamo.
God comes and gives you the light of knowledge, it is the end of the world drama. You have to make effort to attain elevated status in this world drama. It is not that you will attain as per the destiny. Everything depends upon purity-virtues. People worship deities, because they were virtuous. Those who make many souls pure, they are worshipped a lot. By remembering Ever Pure GodFather, you become pure-virtuous. Whatever state of mind you maintain at the end, you will attain elevated status accordingly, attain God by remembrance-love for God.
People go on pilgrimages, but you go to the golden age. It is easy to understand about the world drama but the most important is to consider yourself as a soul and remember the God and the inheritance of golden age. When soul leaves the body, it is said that they reached heaven. If you leave the body in remembrance of God, you go to the golden age.
People ask to remember GodFather. Here you call God as Supreme Father Supreme Soul. God is the father of all fathers. If everyone is the (God) father, why people call out for GodFather (in particular)? People are body conscious but it is the soul who remembers the Supreme Soul. In devotion also, only souls remember the Supreme Soul to liberate them from sorrows.
By remembering GodFather, you receive unlimited happiness.  This is the study, there is the aim object to become the elevated virtuous humanbeings – deities. Like the limited drama, even this unlimited world drama keeps repeating.
The vices – Ravan is the enemy of you souls. This world game is about the victory and defeat of the mind. Here, the victory and defeat, both are subtle. This world drama is a predestined one. People do not know about the Creator GodFather. All souls are creations. The Creator gives inheritance to the creations. People have forgotten the Creator and hence they have become sorrowful.
By saying God is omnipresent, calling themselves as we are vaishnavs, people praise themselves to become stone-like intellect. The elevated virtuous deities of golden age are known as true vaishnavs. In golden age, the vaishnavs clan were pure-virtuous unlike the vaishnavs of iron age. Now, you souls have become the children of GodFather. There is also the father of humankind known as Adam-Brahma. God adopts you children through the Adam-Brahma.
It is the role of you children to benefit every souls, you must have good wishes and good feelings towards every soul. You call yourselves as the children of God. You have to practice churning this Godly knowledge. If you do this, you will not even find time to sleep but never get tired. You have to do the spiritual service for souls along with the physical service by mind and body. The mothers can do a very good spiritual service, teaching the workers, sellers. There must be honest heart whilst doing service, in remembrance-love of GodFather.
God creates the golden age through the Adam-Brahma. The sacrificial fire of this Godly knowledge is created by God Himself, not by Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna is the first prince of golden age and he will play his role once again in golden age.


Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children. Good morning and Namaste to the Spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become true helpers of God, that is, become the Godly Salvation Army and liberate everyone from Maya. Become like a diamond from a shell in this life and also make others the same.
2. Just as Baba churns the ocean of knowledge, so churn the knowledge in the same way. Become benevolent and remain occupied in spiritual service. Serve with honesty in your heart.

Blessing: May you be ignorant of the knowledge of desire and remain constantly content in this life of having died alive.
You children have died alive in order to remain constantly content. Where there is contentment, there are all virtues and all powers because you have made the Creator belong to you. Having found the Father, you found everything. Even if you put all your desires together, you have received multimillion-fold more than that. Compared to that, desires are like a lamp in front of the sun. Put aside the question of having desires. There cannot even be the question that there is such a thing as desires. You are full of all attainments and this is why you are ignorant of the knowledge of desires and are constant jewels of contentment.

Slogan: Those whose sanskars are easy are able to mould themselves to any type of situation.

Avyakt points:
The more you experience the bodiless stage, you can understand the thoughts and feelings of others through their eyes, without the need to hear them by words.
Being humble and being a trustee, you can have good wishes and good feelings for everyone.

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